Well Ron Paul decided that he was more interested in investing in Maine vs investing in a CPAC straw poll, but Mitt Romney managed to get a win instead.

I would be VERY interested in knowing how many registrations came after the results in Colorado.

What do I think? I think that Romney is so worried about the Santorum surge that he decided that it was worth investing in a CPAC win to give him momentum before Tuesday. It was a logical step, the mechanical step but consider, assuming I am right, what state must the Romney campaign be in if they are reduced to buying a straw poll?

I have a feeling that this is the day Romney lost the nomination and is revealed as a straw man.

Or to put it another way, I suspect the occupods aren’t the only ones who swelled their numbers for $60 each

Now on the plus side Mitt Romney won Maine over Ron Paul:

Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster said Mitt Romney has won the Maine caucuses by a slim margin, giving him a much needed boost following losses in three other contests in the past week.

…with the caveat

Some Maine communities have yet to hold their caucuses, though party leaders say they don’t plan to count those votes.

What did they do, ship the Iowa counting people to Maine?

Update: You know the more I think about Mitt and CPAC I think I might be giving him a raw deal.

He was in a no win situation. If he loses CPAC to Santorum then it overshadows Maine or complements Maine (if Paul wins). If he wins CPAC he is hit in the way I hit him.

On reflection I think he did the right thing, at least it demonstrates organization since any move hurts you might as well demonstrate your strengths.

Today we are broadcasting LIVE from the bloggers lounge at CPAC with an inexhaustible supplies of great guests available.

As it involved prepwork to set up the Mikes etc I couldn’t hit a local diner but there is a spread all set out for us, That is my Saturday Diner

We will have an array of bloggers and other guests today at CPAC while Joe from Out with Joe the sponsor of our Saturday Diners handles things in the studio.

As always you can listen LIVE at wcrnradio.com you can tweet us at #wcrn or call in at 508-438-0965 or 888-9-fedora.

Hope to have you with us

Today around noon things had calmed down a bit so I decided to see if I could grab a quick shower and then get back to work. As I missed the METRO to Smitty’s again I was able to be accommodated by my friends at four tier since that’s where my suitcase was.

As I came down heading for blogger row I noticed a friend of mine talking to security. He is a fellow who is in the know and on top of this stuff so I walked over. He informed me that 2 busses had just showed up dumping union types.

I immediately ran outside appreciating the irony that I had only just showered before meeting the occupods and saw a union line start to develop, I started filming and began calling bloggers so they would come.

Unfortunately at this point my camera gave the “Battery Dying” signal and because I had been coming back from a shower I had no extras so for a while I just mixed.

I was rather shocked at the small size of the union crowd, usually stewards will make guys come and I figured in the area they would draw more. I kept calling people from Stacy McCain, to Granite Grok to Breitbart, to Dan Riehl and more to try to get more coverage but the only person I got was the Grok who managed to get Stacy.

But reason and the daily caller along with Stranaham and Darby were outside in a sec and went right to work.

A police man got on Stacy’s case over a beer he had, I thought it hilarious since he was in fact not behind a wheel and the police where talking about possible arrest.

The police were there in force but eventually a group tried to push its way up the driveway but not before Michelle Fields managed to establish that some of these guys were getting paid.

I did talk to an elderly lady who said that she had worked at the social security office for 42 years, she talked about changes and making do with less which is a common theme I’ve heard from gov workers all over.

I decided I should go and get my batteries at this point

By this time I finally had batteries and went back outside to film again I was told by someone who we were not allowed to mix and might get arrested for it so of course we took a shot. I wanted a picture of Verum Serum and the occupods

as they helped him win the bloggers awards

Ironically we were interviewed by the huffpo at this time only one line from Verum Serum was quoted,

not surprising as we were both unimpressed, particularly with the chanting that sounds like something out of life of Brian.

At this point I decided to dive into the occupod crowd.

One thing you can really find is that there are some interesting folks there, and Krusier was there and he goes right after them.

What was even more amazing what a real…..interesting fellow who could be Dan Riehl’s unwashed brother insisting that 2/3’s of all children of vets had issues due to depleted uranium. It’s when they talked Komen and abortion that I went on the offensive

these guys don’t like to lose arguments, their science was non-existent and the proposition that it would be ok to abort kids based on sex or sexual orientation was interesting, but consistent.

A lot of what happened outside in my opinion was to distract resources from what they tried inside. The unions and the financial backers of the occupods didn’t’ get their monies worth although I suspect the msm tried to help them do so.

Update: For the other side’s view there is a long post with some excellent photos from this site called Center City Local out of Philly, it’s worth reading. I note this particular passage:

The plan was to meet with similar community action groups from around the Northeast, and hold demonstrations against the festivities. We left at Philly around 7 a.m., and when I woke up, the bus was already crawling through Capitol traffic.

Am I to understand that the occupy crowd that was at CPAC came from all over the northeast?

We were sitting in one of the most democratic cities in the country, bordered by two states that the president won in 2008 and that size crowd was all that could be managed? How is that possible? How is it that they didn’t manage 5,000 at least?

That alone should tell you an awful lot about this movement, however I give the writer 10 out of 10 for linking to this post for the full 6 videos so you can make up your own mind.