The first year I went to CPAC I skipped Mass. When I got home I went to confession and confessed it matter of factly. I figured it was a small sin because I was so busy doing work etc, I never forgot what Father told me:

“You had 5 days to do other things and couldn’t spare one hour for God?”

That stung me and since then I make it a point to never miss Mass when I’m on a trip.

I got in at Smitty’s at 1 a.m. (Much thanks to Smitty’s classmate who gave me a lift in the snow) I fell asleep near 2 a.m. with the computer still up trying to upload.

Smitty got me up at 5:45 so I could make it to Mass on time and we were off:

Even from a distance the dome of the Basilica is an impressive site:

And close up it’s really something too:

Smitty dropped me off 15 min before mass but had to leave so I brought in my stuff and quickly filmed the walk in

I was hauling some heavy bags and was very tired hence the huffing and puffing but I was very confused. Where was everyone if mass starts in 10 minutes. I didn’t see anyone in the side areas readying a smaller mass?

About 15 min later an usher told me that mass was downstairs in the crypt. I found my friend there and headed down getting there in time for the 2nd reading.

When the mass was done I did a quick film of the Crypt chapel

And my friend and I had breakfast in the cafeteria, one of the best meals around at a price you can’t beat.

I was disappointed that we couldn’t get my CPAC crowed to the same mass but I talked to this gentleman.

It appears that one can reserve a side chapel for a mass if a priest is provided. I think that a CPAC group should consider having an evening mass after the keynote or perhaps if one of the great blogging priests chooses to go to CPAC one year he might be willing to have a post keynote 6:45 mass.

Of course maybe a late Sunday Mass might be better, post party confession you know….

There are many important people in my life, I’d like you to meet two of them:

This is Ellen and Jimmy. 18 hours ago I had never met them. They live 1000 miles from me and it was only by accident that I encountered them at all, but without them I would be in dire straights.

You see they are readers like yourself. They were very happy to meet me and told me how much they enjoyed my work.

They represent the tens of thousands of you who I have never met who have also done so. I was proud to spend some time with them and introduce them to friends of mine such as Mike Rogers from Granite Grok and Stacy McCain.

Without them and people like them, my work to make a living via the blog and the radio show would be futile. With you at my side amazing things have happened in my life and even more amazing things will come.

On behalf of all of you that I may not be fortunate enough to meet thank you so much. I’ll not forget this great service you have done for me.

Update: Should have been without instead of with , corrected.