I’m referring to a particular gentlemen who made a loud unscheduled entrance to the bloggers lounge on the last day of CPAC.

As I’m losing my tolerance for bluster I ignored him but later discovered that a rather nice volunteer who tried to enforce security rules during this time was berated by him/his people for doing so.

This is unacceptable, this lady was very kind during CPAC and deserved better treatment, then again as a general rule a lady should not be so treated period!

For this reason this gentleman, his name, his party and his image shall not be seen on this blog again If he calls into my radio show he will not be let on the air. This will continue until and unless I am informed by said lady that he has apologized to her satisfaction.

Until I am so informed this is the last time I will even obliquely refer to this man on this site.

I understand that self-promotion is what this person does for a living these days but I’ll be damned if it will be done at the expense of people I like.

Going to be very busy today so here is DaTechGuy on DaRadio live from CPAC to tide you over.

Pardon the sound quality, the equipment is good but all I can currently afford is a trac phone, hopefully by next year I’ll be doing better.

It’s Valentine’s day so I have some advice for you.

1. Go to your local gaming store and purchase a D30 (30 sided die) or if they don’t have one a d10 and a d4

2. Go home and roll those dice and generate a number from 1-30

3. On that number day generated in March go to a local flower shop and spend $5-$10 on a few flowers, nothing fancy

4. Repeat each month for a year.

You will spend less than you did on Valentine’s day and the wife will know that you care every month. Like the Jerkstopper it is the cheapest Marriage insurance you can buy, only it’s for marriage.

If there is one constant at CPAC for me year after year it is that the event I least wish to miss is my friend Pam Geller’s.

This year was no exception but I found myself running late and literally running up the hill to try and get there on time. When I finally figured out where the McKinney Room was I had to talk my way into it because there was simply no room and I only come in wide body.

As usual the speakers were incredible,

(memo to self, BUY A MONOPOD ASAP)

My plan was actually to film the speaker but Robert was making such important points that it was important not to miss them

One thing about this video, I point out that when this case was won, it was won before a Dearborn jury. That is a very hopeful sign (yes I still have hope).

Because I didn’t have my laptop I couldn’t switch out my video card so I had only limited video capability. But I was able to interview some of the other speakers at different times such as J. Christian Adams:

Who I interviewed with his wife the next day in the bloggers lounge:

There was a Q & A afterwards and a rather spectacular looking woman told a story of an interesting encounter at CPAC, I ran into her later in the day and only then found out that she Ann Marie Murrell and associated with Victoria Jackson and a new group called Politichicks.

May I be so bold as to suggest that Roxeanne De Luca would be an incredible addition to “Politichicks” but I digress.

At the end of the Q & A I was able to bring up Molly Norris and was surprised at how many there didn’t know her story.

If you want to seem my posts on it (the Molly Norris Story) they are here here here here here and here oh and here.

It seemed to impress some people because a woman from Sun TV Canada pulled me aside and interviewed me on camera, (still looking for the video). The publicity for me is good to make a living but I’ll trade it for a story on that network about Molly Norris 6 days a week and twice on Sunday.

There is more coverage of Pam’s event at her site and also here and here

I include the photos I took after the jump:
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