Guess who’s too busy for the next presidential debate:

GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney will skip a March 1 debate in Atlanta sponsored by CNN and the Georgia Republican Party, CBS News/National Journal has learned.

“With eight other states voting on March 6th, we will be campaigning in other parts of the country and unable to schedule the CNN Georgia debate,” Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said. “We have participated in 20 debates, including 8 from CNN.”

On a tactical level it makes sense, use Newt and Paul attack Santorum and not be associated with “negative” campaigning.

On a strategic level it is a cataclysmic blunder. It creates the image of Romney as afraid and/or desperate.

Let me give Mitt Romney the advice I once gave to Herman Cain: HIRE JIMMIE BISE. At least you will have one adviser who knows how this stuff looks to real people.

Meanwhile while Romney ducks Santorum engages:

Rick’s not afraid to go 12 min with Hotair. If I’m the Romney Camp, i’d be very afraid

Apparently Santorum is now skipping the debate as well, the question is, did he decline before or after Romney? If before the Romney critique can be justly applied, if after then it’s a smart counter to keep from attack but it gives Newt an opening and that might also not be a good move.

update 2: It’s the same story updated to reflect Santorum too, that suggest that the Santorum decision came after the Romney one

Skipper: “…We even missed the mini skirts!”

Gillian: “What are mini-skirts?”

Skipper: “You remember when we left women’s skirts were clear down to here, (indicates the knee) while we were gone they came up to here (indicates WAY up the leg), now they’re back down to here again. Gilligan, we missed from here to here!”

Rescue from Gilligan’s Island 1978

It is an invariable truth of CPAC that there is, every year, an inordinate number of incredible looking women dressed in a rather noticeable way.

As a man who is married, but not dead…this is not a fact that goes unnoticed.

This year at CPAC the skirts seemed to get higher MUCH higher to the point where I mentioned in passing: “Why bother even wearing a skirt? Just wear a bathing suit and be done with it.”

What really surprised me was all the debate that has come of this from Melissa Clothier, then Erick Erickson Robert Stacy McCain (twice), Dan Riehl Daily pundit, insty, Little Miss Attila, Lisa Graas and more.

There are three simple ways to look at this and I’m going to say them:

As a man: If women beautiful women choose to dress in a way that shows off their various assets I will notice them.

As a father: I suggest that if you are a college age woman at CPAC networking is good, but it might not be healthy to be hooking up with strangers at a national conference, no matter what their political affiliation.

As a person trying to carry himself as a gentleman:
I will do my best to not allow noticing a beautiful woman to override my dealings with her as a person or a blogger or a subject of an interview.

My advice to men is this: If a woman is so attractive as to be a distraction compliment the women on it right way and get it out-of-the-way, that way it won’t be on the back of your mind when doing other things.

My advice to women is this:
It’s not for me to tell you how to dress, but if you choose to dress in a way that makes men notice then 1. Don’t be surprised if men notice you. 2. Don’t be offended if they compliment you.

Oh and for the record, I know who Tina Korbe is and met her in passing but I don’t know really know her socially. I didn’t have time for the Santorum interview and didn’t even notice the length of her skirt one way or the other until it was pointed out to me. That she is an attractive woman is self-evident, that she is a fine writer has been amply proven from her work at Hotair and that’s really all that counts in this context.

In closing I’d like to congratulate her on her engagement may she and her future husband enjoy a lifetime of happy years together.

Update 2: Instalanche, and ponder this. I’ve posted a ton of stuff on CPAC, shot a bunch of interviews and dived into the middle of the occupods to provide useful content. And the most popular post on CPAC that I’ve written is this one…and it’s not even close.

Update 3: I see Stacy is getting some grief over his post. As a friend of his let me assure you that he does not believe Tina Korbe has done anything indecorous and had absolutely no intent to embarrass her in any way. I will personally vouch for Stacy’s good intentions here till the cows come home and then even after they’ve settled down in the barn for a light lunch.

You might wonder why people still fall for Nigerian E-mail scams, it’s because of a simple fact of human nature. There is no limit to what you can convince people of if they want to believe it.

This comes to mind when I saw the headline:

“Liberal Catholics challenge Bishops of contraception”

Yup those liberals who call themselves “Catholics” but aren’t big on Mass, the sacraments, the teachings of the church and all those things that make catholics “Catholic”. But I clicked over nevertheless to see what CNN was saying.

When I read the piece that accompanies it I had to laugh, it was not much more than a press release for “Catholic’s United” a fringe “Catholic” group that exists to provide press releases for democratic candidates who oppose Church teaching and to provide a group that says “Catholic” on it as a counterpoint to actual church teaching.

The really funny line is this one:

“The Catholic bishops and their allies in the Republican Party are increasingly isolated,” James Salt, executive director of a liberal group called Catholics United, said in a statement over the weekend supporting the White House’s contraception rule.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

The entire set of Bishops representing every diocese in the county speaks against something and a “Catholic” fringe group of dissenters that consists of a PR machine for the left says they are fringe?

Tell me what services does Catholics united provide, what soup kitchens do they run, what services for the poor do they provide, what prisoners in jail do they visit? How many millions of dollars and volunteers do they have providing these services?

The next sentence of the CNN bit is even funnier:

Another Washington-based Catholic operative, John Gehring, e-mailed reporters over the weekend to knock the bishops for criticizing President Barack Obama,

Note what we have here, not even a group or an organization a “Catholic operative” a single operative. That’s what CNN quoting to show how isolated the Orthodox Catholic position is?

Meanwhile against them what do we have lets take a peek:

Of the 183 dioceses (by my count) in the U.S. who have a bishop currently serving as its head, 178 of them have issued statements. I can only find 3 Roman Catholic bishops who have yet to issue statements. So almost 100% of bishops who head dioceses have spoken out against the Obama/HHS mandate.

(And one of those three bishops has commended the mandate in print).

Meanwhile there is a list of 28 Catholic organizations (so far) who have condemned the mandate (full disclosure, one of these groups is the Knights of Columbus of which I’m a member) and 9 protestant groups as well.

and that doesn’t even count the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops of North America (the Greek Orthodox church).

Yet here is the MSM trumpeting a group who’s only credibility is with Pro-Abortion democrats looking for cover.

Only those totally ignorant of the church or opposed to their teachings would fall for this….which explains why it’s on CNN

Update: A clarification, it isn’t CNN MSNBC, ABC, CBS etc etc etc who are falling for the scam, they know that Catholics United is basically a fax machine. It is their readers, those who hate the Church and it’s teachings, and those Catholics who want to convince themselves that their support for Abortion and other grave sins isn’t actually wrong are the targets. They are being sold the scam and are buying it readily because it is so much easier than dealing with actual reality.

Update 2: Now 100% of the Bishops and 30 lay organizations have spoken out, but what’s that compared to Catholic’s United!