As you might know Grover Norquist and Pam Geller are not what you would call “buddies”. They are on opposite sides of the debate on Jihad. (Pam of course being on the right side of the argument)

However on Taxes and spending Norquist is usually spot on, so I was surprised when I saw this post at Granite Grok:

I got an email – below – from Grover Norquist at ATR requesting the recipients take action and sign a petition to free up spectrum for wireless expansion. All well and good, but the thinly veiled subplot was to demand that Congress force the FCC to permit Obama cronies Lightsquared to use spectrum adjacent to the GPS band, regardless of interference to GPS, in order to prop up the shaky company, in which Obama and crooked cronies had invested.

Grover is shilling for an Obama crony here and should be ashamed.

Check the site and read the whole thing

Today’s Saturday Diner is the Ugly Omelet in Lunenburg Mass.

You don’t think of a diner as a place that delivers but they do

It’s a small place maybe seven tables plus a small counter

But there is nothing small about the breakfast

Eat this massive meal in 14 minutes and it's free

My meal? a mug of tea, two eggs toast and BACON!

The Bacon was simply the best Bacon I’ve had. I interviewed the owner about it:

He also roasts his own beef for sandwiches rather than buying it, just like Romano’s

Frankly this place is worth hitting for the Bacon alone.

Directions are at their website here.

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