As predicted by Glenn Reynolds the Marriott isn’t big enough anymore for CPAC:

CPAC, which now takes place at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, will meet next year at the Gaylord National Resort Hotel and Convention Center at National Harbor in Prince George’s County, Md. The Gaylord bills itself as the largest hotel and convention center on the East Coast.

And we all know whose fault this is, don’t we?

…that person in the late 20’s, with a fine writer as a mother. In my imagination I can see the same eyes and hear the sound of the laugh. I can imagine sparing back and forth over various issues, me with an east coast old-fashioned Catholic perspective, they with a west coast LA one.

I can see a different blog written from the perspective of someone raised (perhaps) by a single mother, I can see the arguments made, the cross posts and watching the mother and child alternately ganging up on or agreeing with Stacy McCain depending on his point of the day.

I can see greeting them in the CPAC lounge and imagining where the years have gone, I can picture them being facebook friends with my oldest and giving writing tips. I can see my son going west to stay a week with him friend and my friends child crashing here while traveling New England as well.

I can see my friend’s child, a child no longer and marrying. I can see the photos of grandchildren shown to me with a pride and a pleasure when we meet at various events nationwide.

I think of all these things, and I find myself crying because no matter how hard it was to get there, these would have been good things and fine memories for both me and my friend to take with us to old age 3000 miles apart.

But it was not to be, her boyfriend pressured her into an abortion and being a young woman without the experience or the foreknowledge of today she complied

I am ethically and religiously compelled to oppose abortion as an intrinsic evil by the simple knowledge that it kills an innocent for the convenience of others, but when I think of what might be I realize that I also oppose abortion for a slightly selfish reason.

I think of all the millions of lives like this one that have been lost and the millions of good memories that my friend and other young women has been robbed of and the good for society that could have been done by the millions who were not here to do that good, and it burns me.

The potential of the young is the only real currency we leave behind; abortion robbed my friend of that currency, it robbed me of those memories and it robbed society of all that could have been.