Tonight I attended a local GOP event in Hollis NH

Al Chase ran the initial meeting where the primary topic was local issues.

Several candidates spoke

Cliff Hurst running for NH State party Vice Chairman

Diane Bitter who is running for Assistant Secretary of the NH GOP

And Raul Blanche a former Cuban refugee running for the town budget committee.

Funny how many Cuban refugees are so successful in the US isn’t it?

After the meeting Mike Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center (who was in NH for another event) arrived

And spoke

One might say, “Why cover local events like this?” the point being that local events like this build the farm team that allows a state like NH to advance and a city like Hollis to thrive as opposed to my State of Massachusetts that overspends and my city of Fitchburg that can’t even afford to have their street lights on.

This beyond anything else is the reason why you have to get involved, as I’ve said before about all this: If not you? Who?

For reasons I still can’t understand Stan Musial somehow doesn’t seem to get the respect among the greats of Baseball.

You don’t hear people speaking about his greatness outside of St. Louis. They don’t talk about his longevity, his hitting, his work ethic and the killer numbers he put up year after year.

(This might be sacrilege for a person in Massachusetts, but Stan Musial was superior to Ted Williams in every aspect of the game except pure hitting and Musial as noted by Bill James, “could hit a little too”)

I think the lack of respect speaks very poorly about baseball in general so I was delighted to see this story about Albert Pujois:

ALBERT PUJOLS is the man for realizing he’s not The Man.

According to Pujols, that designation is reserved for Stan “The Man” Musial, who crafted a Hall of Fame career in 22 years with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Which is why Pujols wants his current team, the Angels, to take down billboards in and around the Los Angeles area that refer to him as “El Hombre,” Spanish for “The Man.”

I was indifferent to Pujols before, not anymore. This was a class act.

Oh and if you aren’t familiar with Musial’s stats, they’re here and they’re incredible.