Ok Here’s where we stand

Right now the laptop that you dear readers purchased for me has decided that its time may have come.

And Murphy being Murphy it has made this decision to do so at 6 p.m. on a Saturday Evening, I’m currently across the street typing at my neighbor Daves house while I re-backup my harddrive to an external drive through a portable enclosure to my 2nd backup drive so I can use my home pc to function for a day or two.

The question becomes this: Do I get the laptop repaired or do I purchase a new one?

As you might recall the last time I was in this position you kindly came through and I was able to purchase the Acer that I know have for $350. At the time it was a bottom of the line machine but much better than what I had. For that amount of money I could likely do the same, a bottom of the line machine would not likely cost any more than $350-400 and as long as it had a card reader compatible with my Camera’s card I would be golden.

Not knowing for sure what the issue is with the machine, it’s likely that a repair will cost maybe $200 but maybe more.

Of course I could go for a bigger machine, but Blogcon is next month and it is unclear where the money for that is coming from either.

So if you are in a position to give a hand it would be most welcome, if not, times are tough I understand.

Oh and to the folks at the cozy corner looking for my review, the review is all written but the photos are on the hard drive that I’m trying to access and windows is being rather particular about letting me access them so it might be a little time before I can get it done.

(as you might guess blogging will be a bit sporadic until I resolve this issue.)