Everybody will be looking at Rush today

Today is going to be a very interesting day in terms of media.

Over the weekend the press continued to go all out on Rush Limbaugh, since his apology the attacks have not abated in the least.

Today after a weekend of unbridled attacks Rush comes back on the air. I submit that like the last time the White House and the MSM decided to take on Mr. Limbaugh they will regret it.

Consider: Rush normally draws 20 million listeners, an incredible number. With all the publicity it is very likely that he will draw considerably more this week but the single moment that will draw the most will be the first half hour of that first show this week.

That means that his argument, particularly in the first half hour is going to be heard by an awful lot of people who have never heard his argument before.

Rush is never better than when his audience is the biggest. I suspect he is going to make a memorable case to an expanded audience that the left with highly regret providing him this afternoon

Speaking of regrets some of Rush’s former advertisers are also likely to have some regrets after their decisions this week.

At the Black Sphere Kevin Jackson points out that companies such as Carbonite and Legal Zoom were supporters of Barack Obama suggesting that this is why they pulled out of Rush show, he gets the data right, but misses the true significance of the story:

Companies run by liberals who support Obama concluded that it was worth spending what Rush himself refers to as “confiscatory advertising rates” in order to give their business’ access to his audience base.

This is the fact that trumps all others. These businessmen knew the value of Rush’s audience and that knowledge trumped any political consideration they might have had against him, until this weekend.

Rush has been on the radio now since the late 80’s. People who were listening to him now have children who are listening to him. This is a vast and self-sustaining audience base and nothing he said or the media did will cause that base to abandon him. He will be drawing huge radio numbers long after Sandra fluke is a media footnote. There are many talk radio shows out there but there is only one Rush Limbaugh.

However for Sleep Number, Legal Zoom, Carbonate and pro-flowers and the rest, it’s a different story.

There are many alternatives to all of these companies and all of them are merely a click or two away.

For all the bluster of the left for all the tweets and facebook posts and MSM stories the real pressure these companies will feel is on their bottom line. It will come from the orders unplaced, the subscriptions unrenewed and the business that will flow to their competitors by Rush’s listeners looking for alternatives to the companies that dropped him.

These companies married the left in haste, they will repent at leisure, if they last that long.

Update: Both Legal Insurrection and Althouse blogged Rush, here is the key quote:

As to advertisers, he said “they did very well due to their access to you, my audience… they have chosen to deny themselves that access … they have decided they don’t want you or your business, so be it.”

“This show is about you, it’s not about the advertisers…. I knew the political implications of these advertisers and I didn’t care … No radio broadcast will succeed by putting its business needs ahead of its audience.”

“I reject millions of dollars of advertising a year, much to the chagrin of my sales force, including General Motors…. I made the decision not to accept that because you the audience come first…. I understand my successes come from you.”

“What we’re going to do is replace those that leave … Only the leftists try to use extortion, pressure, threats to silence opposing voices…. So as you’ve always done, you make your own business decisions as to what products you buy.”