This post comes via the kindness of Don…(Can you give a hand?)

…who has delayed the expenditure for either a new laptop or a laptop repair by at least 30 days by giving me this old windows xp laptop that was playing dust collector at the house.

It doesn’t have a working battery, (not a big deal since I rarely used my machine not plugged in) the hard drive is kinda small and the card slot isn’t compatible with my camera. On the plus side I was able to fix the driver issues fairly easily, it has more usb slots than my machine a larger and brighter screen a working touchpad and most importantly it works and give me portability again, and will provide me an excellent emergency posting machine once another one comes into the house.

So before all else Don I owe you a debt of gratitude for getting me up and running and coming through

As for the long-term prospects, between the new washing machine that comes Wednesday (the old one finally died) , a repair to my oil whistle and an oil delivery at nearly $4 a gallon (Thanks president Obama!) and this month’s mortgage that will take up the entire paycheck of the month for the wife without dealing with the trivialities of stuff like groceries gas and stuff like that. Any amount of time that I can delay either a repair or a replacement of the machine is valuable.

There is going to be a huge deficit this month, between the nearly $1200 of extra repairs and expenses this month (not counting the oil) a tax bill on the way for another $500 and the need to either repair or replace the other laptop (Repair maybe $200, Replace $350-$700) it’s going to take $2000-2400 to tread water assuming that none of the cars, (minimum age 13 years) doesn’t die.

Stacy McCain has always insisted that the full-time blog work is a product worth paying for, and to the paying subscribers I offer my thanks, gratitude and my effort.

To everyone else: I really could use a hand right now I’m going to set a fund drive target at $2200. That figure should ensure that the bills of the house keep getting paid.

If 10% of last month’s readers give $6 bucks each this will be no problem, If you are a regular reader and can spare the $8 a month for the beanie level subscription or higher that will greatly decrease the necessity of these kinds of appeals in the future.

So guys as always if you can give me a hand, I’d appreciate it greatly, either way I’ll continue to do my best to provide quality content on a daily basis to keep you informed.