MSM: “Why doesn’t MItt Romney like us?”

There are some pronouncement that are just so nonsensical that one can’t believe that they are being expressed by an intelligent person.

Today on Morning Joe they talked about Mitt Romney’s frosty relationship with the press. The panel noted that it’s a very bad idea for Romney to avoid cultivating the press.

Mitt Romney might have a lot of problems as a candidate, but he should cozy up to the media, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

the media that wouldn’t vet Barack Obama?

the media that tried to blame Sarah Palin for the Gabby Giffords shooting?

the media that lionized the Occupy movement and refused to report on the crime, including rape within?

the media that still misrepresent Andrew Breitbart and the Shirley Sherrod business

and his $100,000 challenge

the media that ignored and/or celebrated the snuff stuff on George Bush

the media that STILL doesn’t report on Molly Norris for fear of offending islam

the media that has attacked Rush for a week but didn’t find new Afghan “guidelines” newsworthy

or the journo-list scandal

or fast and furious

or Pigford

the media that misrepresented the tea party at every chance they got

the media that ignored the global warming scandals

I could go on for a very long time.

Now I’ll make one caveat here. Joe Scarborough and Mika openly express their opinions, a person who talks to them knows where they are coming from so it changes the dynamic, but they are not the people following the candidates around.

There are only two types of republicans that the MSM approve of: those who will attack the GOP and those who are safely dead.

Romney may have a lot of faults, but to suggest that a bad relationship with the MSM is one of them is nonsense. He is smart enough to know that once the more conservatives candidates are finally eliminated anything resembling friendly or unbiased coverage will cease and the MSM will be full tilt for Barack Obama.

The sooner a GOP candidate acknowledges that reality the sooner they can adjust their campaign to deal with it.