Rush Breitbarts the MSM and Under the Fedora

DaTechGuy blog March 3rd:

On further reaction I think Rush is about to Breitbart the MSM, and the left. They will not accept his apology and he will open his show noting the similarities in the reaction to his apology by the left and the reaction of Afghans to Obama’s apology.

Well I was wrong that he would be playing the differences on apologies but it looks like Rush has in fact Breitbarted the MSM in a serious way.

Then I started to think. Did Limbaugh just Breitbart everyone? Did he do this on purpose? Did he take one for the team knowing that the howls of self-righteous outrage by the left could be turned against them? Operation Chaos 2.0? He seems to have played them equally as well as I originally thought they had played him.

We have reached a point where Democratic congresswomen are asked on camera to condemn misogynistic statements by Bill Maher and choose not to…for a million reasons.

Meanwhile while Obama’s numbers continue to plummet, (he is now trailing Santorum? I thought discussions of Social issues hurt the GOP?) the left continues to play the false, GOP anti-women business supported by such voices as Jane Fonda, favorite of vets everywhere, and is claiming and crowing this morning over a claimed victory. Dan Riehl is suspicious as one should always be on claims by the left, but lets consider for a moment:

Let’s make the assumption that this is correct, let’s assume that large advertisers decide to avoid talk radio. What would the effect be?

We have already seen Louis CK have to cut and run over his own statements. Imagine this on a larger scale, think of the Hollywood left, the music industry and the movie industry, the television industry. Think of all of these business’ and the money they give to the left. Think of these businesses that are totally dependent on large advertisers or corporate sponsorships.

Now the audience of Talk radio, the business owners, the workers, the people not demanding government bailouts, the people who have not gone anywhere. Consider Rush’s 20 million listener base with the listener bases of other conservative talkers approaching these same companies, with video and audio of statements said on TV on tours and in music, imagine groups such as ShePac and Smart Girl Politics confronting them along the same lines that the left hits Rush?

What do you think these corporations when being pressured not by liberal interest groups that are all wind, but 20 millions plus of actual measurable consumers asking: “You are either withdrawing ads or not advertising on conservative talk radio because of X, but you are advertising on Y & Z that says this:

This is not somewhere that the left wants to go and if it has the results I think it will have, the Breitbarting of the media will be complete.

Also Friday’s “Under the Fedora” column is up and it touches on this:

Okay, that’s more polite than “get stuffed,” but consider: they had ( Sleep Train ) advertised with him for 25 years, and folded like a cheap blanket. After hearing from that 20-million listener base they not only wanted him back, but asked for a voiced endorsement, meaning that they wanted Rush himself to narrate their ads, which fetches a premium price. Yet it was apparently not enough to buy Rush.

I guess stories of the impending doom of Rush’s show are greatly exaggerated.

Head on down and read the whole thing.