Now that’s what I call a proof of the existance of God

Roxeanne DeLuca is going to have mixed feeling on this one

This will help people understand that contraception is for women and men, because men enjoy the benefit of women making their own choices about when and if they want to get pregnant.

Once congress and insurance agencies agree to cover contraception, we will then resume having sex. Until then men will have to be content with their left hand.

Via Glenn where a reader asks:

“Aren’t they just employing the aspirin joke?”

My first thought being my age is the old SNL Weekend update bit with Jane Curtain and Bill Murray. Curtain made the same pitch (concerning a particular type of sex) for the ERA and Murray reminded her that it goes both ways and the look on Curtain’s face was classic.

But the real irony is this. All of this came from a single 30 something trying to force a Catholic College to cover contraception and their endgame is to not have sex?

I’m sure the prospect of single women choosing not to have sex is really going to upset Catholic institutions and Catholic Bishops to no end.

When they said the Lord works in mysterious ways, they weren’t kidding!