And press we must have press

In the movie the Verdict in a scene just before the case goes to trial where Ed Concannon (James Mason) lawyer for two doctors in the malpractice case meets with his legal team.

He talks about making sure they had press they want before the trial. His people arrange for stories in the papers & WGBH lionizing the hospital and the doctors. I thought of this when I saw Stacy’s piece Santorum yesterday.

Like Stacy, yesterday I ignored the “Santorum Porn” nonsense on the net, not thinking the idea that a person declaring they would enforce federal law if chosen to head the executive branch was all that newsworthy, but Stacy McCain’s article on the subject struck me as an interesting commentary on what a campaign that is scared does:

“If you find a turtle on top of a fence post, you know it didn’t crawl up there by itself,” and this particular turtle seems mighty damned suspicious to me.

Let me speculate a bit on this particular turtle.

Mitt Romney’s campaign made fools of themselves earlier this week when in the space of under 24 hours built up and had to tear down their expectations of taking a state in the south. The MSM that despises Rick Santorum and considered Mitt their best chance to keep Obama in the White House happily went along and were crushed when Santorum took both Alabama & Mississippi forcing a narrative on the virtues of Hawaii and American Samoa.

The only thing that has driven Romney’s campaign since day one was the inevitability argument. We heard it after Iowa, we heard it after NH, we heard it after Florida how there was no chance of stopping Mitt.

Unfortunately for Romney and the GOP establishment that likes the base only in even-numbered years, they can’t put Rick Santorum away. He keeps on winning or forcing Mitt to spend inordinate amounts of money for close shaves in States like Michigan and Ohio.

The Romney campaign has apparently decided that if they can’t restore their own argument of inevitability though not from lack of trying, they can try to create an aura of unelectability over Santorum to a GOP desperate to win.

Today on Morning Joe we saw them pushing a poll saying 1-5 Romney voters would not vote for Santorum in November but such a pitch on MSNBC isn’t about to move the GOP.

And that brings us to both my fundraiser and the Daily caller piece and some more speculation on my part.

You might recall that the Caller started up with millions of seed money, you might also recall Stacy’s piece just a few days ago concerning the relative price of writing

The phrase “dining in indirectly lit luxury” in combination with “Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism” might suggest that Mr. MacArthur is a snob who enjoys the finer things in life, and if you suspect that he’s basically whining about how New Media makes it hard for snobs to make money, you’re right.

Nobody has to tell a guy like Stacy, who makes his money off the net and a few independent freelance pieces or me, a fellow who is asking his readers to help pony up for a replacement laptop & washer along with some basic bills just to keep things going.

I’ve now spent nearly a week trying to raise $2200 dollars and it’s taken up a fair amount of time and effort. (I’m still $1515 dollars shy, feel free to kick in here.) When Stacy wants to go and cover an event it is necessary to give his tip jar a mighty shake.

We are just two individuals trying to make a living, now imagine for a moment a site like the Daily Caller with actual staff to pay and support, real overhead to deal with. I might be able to get by in a pinch with a couple of grand of tip jar hits every quarter until the radio show pans out financially but picture having to do that on a regular basis on internet ads with staff and expenses behind you?

It can’t be easy, that millions in seed money starts to go quickly and internet ads aren’t all that lucrative.

What’s really needed is a customer with nearly unlimited amounts of money to spend or invest, a customer with friends to whom $10,000 is like a trip to McDonalds with an urgency to spend money on the message such a site can provide.

Near the end of the movie Ed Concannon meets with a person he has paid for some work of questionable ethics on the case and gives this speech:

I know how you feel. You don’t believe me, but I do know. I’m going to tell you something that I learned when I was your age. I’d prepared a case and old man White said to me, “How did you do?” And, uh, I said, “Did my best.” And he said, “You’re not paid to do your best. You’re paid to win.” And that’s what pays for this office… pays for the pro bono work that we do for the poor… pays for the type of law that you want to practice… pays for my whiskey… pays for your clothes… pays for the leisure we have to sit back and discuss philosophy as we’re doing tonight. We’re paid to win the case.

Stacy asks the question:

Exactly why the Daily Caller saw fit to assign its associate editor to write a 700-word “news” article, soliciting opinions from Eugene Volokh and Jonathan Turley, I don’t know. Why this cheap political “gotcha” hit-job deserved headline treatment at the Drudge Report, I don’t know.

I don’t claim to know the answer to that question, but I sure don’t wonder one bit hoow that Turtle got on that fence.

Update: For some reason the end of the last sentence was cut off when posting. Fixed