Show of hands, who is surprised by the Romney Etch-a-sketch bit?

I’ve been very busy so I didn’t have a chance to do more than a single re-tweet or two concerning the Romney Etch-a-sketch business, a few thoughts.

When they say that a gaffe is when a pol or his adviser speaks the truth, that is the perfect description for what Mr. Eric Fehrnstrom did.

The worst part of this is that Greg “please tell me what to write Mr. Brock” Sargent didn’t even have to ask Media Matters for this one, he just had to play the tape.

There is no way this mistake takes place if Romney isn’t sure he is getting the nomination.

Eric Erickson
timing continues to be excellent when it comes to picking candidates. (Howdy thank you Erick!)

Stacy McCain says this:

Dude. How much is that quote worth to Rick Santorum? At least a million dollars in the next 48 hours, I’d say, and maybe an extra 10 percent of the vote in upcoming primaries, if the Santorum campaign can turn that quote into a 30-second ad PDQ.

During my wee-hours discussions over off-the-record beers, I made note of the Neutral Objective Fact that all Santorum needed was for Romney to stumble, then pounce on it as hard as they can and it might shift the whole direction of the campaign. Well, if this isn’t a “stumble,” what is?

Team Romney said it would take “an act of God” to keep Mitt from winning the nomination. Or maybe a quote from Eric Ferhnstrom.

This is why the election isn’t over till it is over.

Philip Klein puts it very succinctly:

An even scarier thought for conservatives: if the Romney campaign is willing to take them for granted before even clinching the nomination, imagine how quickly Romney would abandon conservatives if he ever made it to the White House.

Hotair demonstrates how a master handles this situation.

The Obama campaign will be using this as a prop till November. They will be giving out etch-a-sketches at every school they stop at. The DNC will be donating Etch-a-sketches to children’s charities in every city that the president visits, democratic candidates for congress will be holding them and questioning their republican counterparts over it, This actually has to potential to turn the general election around. Of course lucky for Romney if he wins the nomination he will still be facing Obama.

This is going to be poison in the general election, it is something that can be remembered understood by people who don’t follow politics and is perfect late night fodder.

This is a huge mistake but that doesn’t change the fact that Eric is a pretty good political guy who did wonders during the Scott Brown campaign.

The only way this statement should surprise anyone is if they haven’t paid attention to Romney in Massachusetts or to this campaign at all.

That being said I can’t think of anything more likely to keep activists home after the convention than this.