Just past Newark NJ 4:41 AM

Woke up as the bus shook its way toward the tolls near exit 18 as we work out way south toward Washington.

About 20 to 25 of us boarded the bus in Auburn MA.

I was very tired and crashed almost at once, so I wasn’t awake to see how many people boarded on the two stops in Connecticut to pick up additional passengers so I don’t have a count of the numbers currently on-board but a count in the dark makes it about 40.

This is one of several buses leaving from various states that will converge on DC. The base plan is a meeting with Scott Brown’s staff, followed by the main protest near the Supreme Court building.

As this is the middle of a workweek I’m not sure how many people can be mustered to drop everything for a 28 hour loop from home to protest and back, but if you can get working people to give up a day for such a trip or retired folk to do the same on what was at the time of departure a rather chilly evening that means something.

Paused to do a live update for the WCRN morning show as we cross into Maryland. The sun is still down but we’ve been informed of the basic plan. We are to meet with Scott Brown’s team in DC on the repeal of Obamacare (I presume the Connecticut folks are meeting with their own people). From there we join the DC protests near the Supreme Court.

My own plan is to get as many interviews with people at the scene as I can while interviewing folks on the bus on the way home. The Bus has wi-fi but uploads are slow and I’m still finding my way around this new laptop came which arrived at the house literally less than an hour before I left (my thanks to all of you who kicked into the bleg still $1305 from the goal if you’d like to help) Had to leave so fast didn’t get a chance to set up my e-mail so I might be hard to reach until Wednesday.

The Bus leaves for home promptly at 5 p.m. so there will be a scramble to get as much as I can recorded and uploaded. For the first time in a while I don’t have space worries so updates will all come down to net access although I have several post already scheduled for the day just in case.

Closing thought, if people are this energized now what are we going to see in November?