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Have you ever wondered why the left always seemed to take the side of the totalitarian states during the cold war. Well look at what’s happening on twitter and wonder no more:

Last night Twitchy reported that liberals had launched an assault on conservative Twitter users, reporting them as spam to trigger account suspensions and renewing their abuse of the flag-spam feature when conservative accounts were reinstated.

You can usually tell spam when it comes, you look at the account, it 0-10 followers and tweets out the same link to different folks hoping you will click on it (they also as a rule have an image of an attractive lady but I digress) Our friends on the left after seeing conservatives on twitter beat them time and time again have decided to abuse the reporting system to shut down debate:

the Left has begun organizing stalker mobs to falsely report conservatives for “spam”/”abuse,” in order to silence the Right on Twitter. Why?

Silencing opposition is the Left’s only hope for success.

If conservatives are permitted a fair chance to critique the Left’s agenda, to expose the Left’s tactics and demonstrate the failure of the Left’s policies, the Left loses. Not content to dominate academia, public schools, the entertainment industry, book publishing and the mainstream news media — all of which cultural institutions are characterized by an overwhelming liberal hegemony — the Left is now determined to silence conservative opposition in the few bastions of freedom that remain: Talk radio, cable TV and the Internet.

Ed Morrissey notes the real winners will be the spammers:

Here’s the problem. There actually is a ton of spam on Twitter, usually triggered by key words picked up by autobot searches. In the ideal model — and one that had been working fairly well until now — legitimate Twitter users would report the spam, and Twitter would suspend the accounts. That keeps traffic moving smoothly (a performance level that Twitter occasionally fails to maintain anyway) and disincentivizes spammers, at least to some extent. Now that the Left is abusing the spam mechanism, Twitter will almost certainly have to suspend its use, which means the only people who will win this game are the spammers, and we’ll have no way to deal with the flood of annoying marketing messages.

Gee, thanks, progressive activists!

This has been picked up by the Washington times and is at the top of memorandum.

I find the most interesting that not a week earlier I was writing about low tactics being used against the Lonely Conservative and Zilla of the Resistance as well. What still amazes me is how these people are so willing to do this openly.

If Twitter is playing along with this nonsense it might even be actionable. I wonder what will happen if our sides lawyers start contacting Twitter and the people doing this. It would be….interesting.

As the truth of the left’s prospects in this election become more apparent expect more of this because the bottom line is our friends on the left can’t compete in the market place of ideas so they want to shut it down. These are the tactics of the Soviet Union, Cuba and Communists throughout history afraid of the voice of the people and the prospect of them hearing any message other than their own. It’s the tactic of fear and that means one thing:

Ride Right Through them, they’re demoralized as Hell!

Final thought, is this yet another example of the left acting like Fedual types? Can’t compete, instead of better arguments, send in the thugs.

Update: Just One Minute reminds us these tactics might seem familiar to pro-Clinton bloggers who had interesting google blog problems during their primary against a certain Illinois Senator in 2008.

Either we do nothing and run out of money or we do something…

…I’ll get attacks on this issue but that’s life.

Sean Bielat on fixing Social Security 4-26-12

One of the first rules of campaigning is you don’t promote your opponent but the quote above was the was the most telling line from a blogger conference call with Sean Bielat last Thursday.

Sarah Rumpf who you know better as Sunshine State Sarah said that on the call remarking that Sean Bielat has not been shy about answering questions, even uncomfortable questions on tough issue and made himself available to do so, both on the conference call and back at Blogcon:

On the other hand the only thing we know about Joe Kennedy is that he against low oil prices, which must be a shock to the senior Joe Kennedy whose energy company provides oil to those who can’t afford it.

When your website is so empty of substance that your political foes send people to it, and when you are even ducking MTV’s question that is quite a contrast to the Kennedy tradition:

or to put it another way:

JFK: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Joe Kennedy for congress: Ask not!

Now THAT’s a battle cry to inspire the voters!

Last night I took a skip up to Nashua New Hampshire for the Nashua Republican Committee fundraiser:

The Main event was Howie Carr,

Best line: “I always get to have a conversation with New Hampshire State representatives that I never get to have with Massachusetts state representatives. I get to ask them ‘What do you do for a living?’

Carr’s remarks were preceded by several others (that I will post over the next week) but when he came on stage he didn’t disappoint

He also took questions

On Romney chances in Massachusetts

From the Audience

Granite Grok as usual was there:

And interviewed Howie

Mr. Carr posed for many pictures

He also brought a bunch of books

And signed plenty

Carr was very well received you can certainly tell he talks for a living and does it well.

The full gallery follows below:

I’ll be posting other speeches and interviews from the night during the week.

Update: Granite Grok had a livestream and has three posts of the event:

Yesterday as I drove into the studio I noticed an oddity. As I reached the train station Rotary I noticed a large Ron Paul image on the side of the building that’s been bearing a Ron Paul for president sign for months. I thought it a little odd, the president race is all but over and the Massachusetts primary ended weeks ago with an overwhelming Romney win.

I didn’t think anything more of it at the time. Then after I wrapped up my show, interviewed a group of Vietnam vets and was preparing for my trip to NH to cover Howie Carr I got a call from a friend of mine who was at one of the Republican GOP caucus.

He told a that at his location the “Ron Paul people had taken over” and getting their people elected as GOP delegates to the national convention.

I found it interesting and this morning I find that my friends experience was repeated in location after location across the state:

While all delegates are required to vote for Romney during the first round of the Tampa convention (but not during a second vote), district voters are allowed to choose whoever they want to fill those roles. Thus, there were two camps: the official Romney-approved slate, and the Ron Paul-allied Ronald Reagan Unity Liberty Slate.

and the result?

When votes were cast and counted (with witnesses from each slate), the total was: From the 193 ballots cast, Unity Liberty delegates Ronald Crochetiere (112 votes) and Marcel Burque (97 votes) won their spots. The third Ron Paul delegate, Joseph Cavallaro, lost in a close heat with a Romney delegate. However, the 13 provisional ballots may yield a clean sweep for the Ronald Reagan Unity Liberty Slate in a week’s time.

and apparently this is a process being repeated across the nation:

In just the last week, Paul locked up 49 delegates, including five in Pennsylvania and four in Rhode Island, two states thought to be firmly on Romney’s turf. In Minnesota, Paul won 20 of the 24 delegates awarded at last weekend’s district caucuses, an impressive sweep that guarantees that Paul will control a majority of the state’s delegation at the Republican National Convention.

And despite staunch opposition from the state Republican Party, Paul took 20 of the 40 delegates awarded in Missouri last weekend, according to campaign chairman Jesse Benton.

In at least five other states — Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Washington, and Maine — Paul has done remarkably well at county and district conventions, and his supporters are expected to win a big chunk of the RNC delegates at the state conventions later this spring.

Is this going to change the results of the convention? I doubt it but it will be interesting to see what the Ron Paul folks have in store for us in Florida.

Well surprise surprise it looks like Susan Komen and it’s affiliates are having fundraising problems:

Registered attendance or donations have declined by more than 25 percent at some of the group’s recent Race for the Cure events, according to interviews with officials at 10 of the national nonprofit’s local affiliates.

The Times and our friends on the left point to the planned parenthood controversy but being the Times and the left draw exactly the wrong conclusion.

Having failed to anticipate a backlash among affiliates and the public, Komen headquarters compounded the problem, local officials said, by acting too slowly to apologize and reverse course.

Ah the ignorance of the times. Komen’s problem was not a slow course reversal but the end of the public’s ignorance of their affiliation with the nation’s largest abortion mill.

Komen’s affiliation with Planned Parenthood was not something that was generally known to the general public. The media’s attack on Komen for daring to decide that perhaps funding the nation’s leading abortion provider doesn’t do much to cure breast cancer made it impossible to hide this truth and when in fear of MSM opprobrium they reversed course paying the Danegeld to Planned Parenthood every person knew what side Komen had chosen.

The Times doesn’t want to acknowledge is an awful lot of the charitable giving in the US comes not at the corporate level but at the individual level and a big chunk of those individual givers are religious. Consider this photo from last weeks Visitation House fundraiser:

This annual dinner which supports women in crisis pregnancy (you can donate here). It was so large that it had to be moved to this new venue. How many of these people do you suppose supported a Komen walk in some way in the past I’ll wager a lot. How many will in the future? I’ll wager a fraction, if any.

Or how about the Annual March for Life? It’s always the largest March in DC year after year, and similar marches take place all over the nation. Those people when they saw a pink ribbon in the past thought “breast cancer” but now that same ribbon produces a different image:

Mind you for pro-life individuals that image is on every product that carries the Komen ribbon, and like Lady Macbeth’s hands it will never be clean again.

How many church bulletins no longer carry announcements of Komen walks? How many religious groups no longer provide logistical support? How many of the thousands of Knights of Columbus chapters nationwide can no longer in good conscience support or sponsor Komen? Every month my own counsel receives fundraising requests from many different groups and I’m sure other Fraternal organizations do as well. How many of them on getting Komen’s appeal decided there are plenty of other requests that won’t cause a split among members and trustees?

And as the demographics of the Roe effect continue their long-term effect How many pols on the state or national level mindful of the controversy will now find they have a “scheduling conflict” when the Komen folks come calling?

There are enough blue states and rich liberals to keep Komen going but there are a lot of folks who when asked in the future for funds will get the answer I now give: “If Susan Komen has money to give to planned parenthood they don’t need any of mine.”

That is the elephant in the room that the NYT refuses to see.

This week’s Diner is Gabby’s Place in Gardner.

Gabby’s is one of the smallest diners you will see, only the 5th street Diner matches its size

The menu is also not large but it is tasty

I discovered the place by accident a few weeks ago, after dropping off my son at his college event I swung by, it was full for breakfast. I had the bacon and eggs, the eggs for fine and the bacon was VERY good. As was the service:

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, so I can’t give you a shot of the breakfast itself. These photos were taken when I came back to pick up my son:

You can find the place right across from Williams restaurant in Gardner. If coming from the East take the 1st Gardner rotary to the final exit, if coming from the west that the 2nd rotary and the first exit

View Larger Map

Fmr Ambassador to the Vatican and Boston Mayor Ray Flynn was the keynote speaker at the visitation House event in Worcester on Thursday. Here is his speech; part one:

And part two

Plus lets give you collection of photos from the event.

You can donate to Visitation House here.