A Million Thanks

Saturday on the air I reached a milestone as a blogger. Just after the start of the show I received my millionth hit since I began blogging. The original blog at Datechguy.wordpress.com which I still use as a backup/emergency platform has drawn over a half a million hits since I started it on November 29th … Continue reading A Million Thanks

Get yourself under the Fedora

over at the Minority Report and the Conservatory and find out just why the MSM absolutely hates guys like us: There was a time when such stories and columns would be consigned to the pages of magazines that would never been seen by the public. Unfortunately for our friends on the left, in the internet … Continue reading Get yourself under the Fedora

…and the Palin waves continue from Today

so reports Radar online: The former co-host of The View was on a panel with Palin, called Ask The Experts, during the second hour of Today. "Star could barely look at Sarah and insisted that she be seated on the opposite end from her," the source says. "Star is a lawyer, a former prosecutor and … Continue reading …and the Palin waves continue from Today