The mainstream media has continued the walkback from its embarrassing positions on the Trayvon Martin case as fact after fact continues to come out.

Blogs on the right a talking about the failure Tom McGuire has practically owned it (Just go to his blog and keep scrolling) There is almost an attempt to pretend the case doesn’t exist anymore as the media outlets try to let the case fade but I’m not so sure.

I’ve seen two things that tell me a lot concerning this case. The first was this poll:

Black Americans and Americans of other ethnicities have widely-divergent views of the Trayvon Martin case, according to a new poll that shows the black community overwhelmingly believes he was murdered and that police let his killer get away due to racism.

“The average black American has strong views on the case, perceiving that Zimmerman is guilty of a crime and that race has played a major factor in the case,” Gallup reports in a survey of how “blacks [and] nonblacks” view the Martin case. “Nonblacks, by contrast, are much less likely to think Zimmerman is guilty and are substantially less likely to believe that race was a factor.”

This means a particular narrative has been built around this case within the black community. I would be very interested in knowing what is being said on predominantly Black Radio Stations on the subject. When the case first broke nationally I recall the folks at at MSNBC stating bluntly that it was driven to the mainstream by Black Radio that grabbed it and wouldn’t let it go.

I suggest that this narrative of the case within black radio in general and in the black community in particular has not changed and that the MSM sudden decision to walk away from the case as exculpatory facts continue to come up is deliberate in order to keep said narrative alive.

The second development is the John Derbyshire situation and the reaction to it;

As I’ve written Derbyshire “Talk” was a direct response to the idea of “the talk” that several Black Writers had discussed advising them to beware police when out of an Urban Area. Dreb’s piece was simply Jaw Dropping but not as jaw dropping as a reaction overwhelming enough to get him dismissed from the National Review during an Easter weekend. It even garnered attention in national media and international media, who while reporting on it referenced the Trayvon Martin case without having to reference the changing narrative of the MSM.

And it goes without saying that the online Easter Triduum outrage didn’t include certain important facts:

The disproportionate rate of black crime is assiduously kept out of the public eye, whether through deliberate press policies to conceal the race of individual crime suspects or through an informal practice of suppressing aggregate crime data. The Times article on stop-and-frisks in the 73rd Precinct did not mention that the per capita rate of shootings there is 81 times higher than in the mostly white 68th precinct, to choose just one local benchmark; not surprisingly, the stop rate in the 73rd precinct is 15 times higher than in the 68th. Blacks in New York City commit 80 percent of all shootings, whites 1.4 percent, though blacks are 23 percent of the population, and whites 35 percent. Police tactics are color-blind; they target crime, not race. But given the reality of wildly disproportionate racial crime rates, rational, data-driven police activity cannot help but have a disproportionate impact on black neighborhoods, because that is where the overwhelming amount of violent crime occurs and where the victims who most need police protection live.

I’ve already noted my outrage over both talks but perhaps we might be better served being outraged over a situation where 12.8% of the population that is black is committing more murders numerically than the 81% of the population of the White/Hispanic population, murders that are overwhelmingly targeting other blacks.

I look at these two stories and I can’t help but remember this:

Obama started African Americans for Obama. When blacks supposedly voted 95 percent for Obama in the last election, one has to question his motives in starting this group. The answer is that Obama’s poll numbers among blacks has fallen back to their lowest point, a clear sign that Obama is feeling the pressure. If Obama loses his street cred amongst blacks, he would likely be abandoned by other groups. Obama must have the “race” element in 2012, even though the black vote will be much less significant in 2012.

I submit and suggest that the administration determined to “never let a crisis go to waste” has taken this to heart and I believe the Trayvon Martin case will be the issue that liberal Black Radio users to push the administration over the finish line. I further suggest that the Derbyshire case will be used to discredit any person who tries to correct the narrative or change the target of the conversation. (Never mind that Derbyshire was not addressing the false narrative he will be played as the poster boy of the right).

In my opinion the closer we get to election day the more the Trayvon card will be played to motivate a Black Electorate who had hoped to see a change in their economic situation but has not.