Random Blogcon Charlotte Thoughts

Charlotte Reminded me of home while taking the bus from the airport it was very green, lot of trees.

$1.75 from the airport to the center of town two blocks from the Hotel is a really good deal.

One of the disadvantages of being without a car is you can’t scout around for a local diner to give a shot.

Charlotte was clean EXTREMELY clean, how much that has to do with the Democrat convention coming I can’t say.

When you are not quite sure where your hotel is seeing a group of bloggers walking toward you that you know is always a relief

A suitcase standing upright makes an acceptable laptop platform when hitting in a very high chair in a restaurant.

Running into Steve Eggleston always makes one relaxed.

It’s amazing how many bloggers at Blogcon are lawyers by trade.

The intelligent conversations alone are worth the trip

I seemed to be constantly near Doug Ross when we ate, at the hall, on the radio. This is a good thing.

It’s always a good when you see Lorie Byrd and I thank her for letting me bend her ear about some worries.

There is a simple joy in seeing friends Blogcon and events like it bring that out.

I know I’ve said this many times but Tabitha Hale has to be one of the hardest working people I’ve ever seen. The Franklin center is very lucky to have her…not as lucky of course as the young man who ends up with her.

Since I’ve just gone there I’ll say this, The conservative women of blogcon are not just intelligent, they are some of the most beautiful and intelligent women you will ever meet and for the guys at blogcon who grew up or still are geeks it is really something to be associated with them.

OK one more along those lines…there is beauty and there is Amelia Hamilton and Kemberlee Kayne beautiful.

Can someone explain to me why at the Irish Pub on Thursday night the only person willing to learn to Salsa dance with the people who were booked in the same room as us was the guy who wasn’t drinking?

The Charlotte Downtown shop area reminded me of Denver’s setup.

At the Pub I was in the back doing some work and looking out over the crowd thinking “this is one of the finest collections of writer and thinkers you will see…

…until we get together again.

It is odd to go to these things and not have Stacy McCain around, I really hope that changes next year.

Smitty was supposed to be here, but family obligation prevented it from happening.

There had been an outside chance of my wife coming, but that fell through, no matter how nice a hotel room is, or a convention is, I find it lonely without her.

I found it really odd that the Hotel charged for internet, I suppose if they didn’t’ they would have no prayer of selling movies at $5 a clip or porn at $16…

Of course blogcon attendees has a special password to get in but it didn’t work on my floor (16th) so I did a lot of my work in the bar downstairs and got to bed very late every night, sober but late.

You can always tell when bloggers are partying be the relative upload speeds of the Hotel Wi-fi for videos.

I’m an early riser so I watched all the hotel staff set up the breakfast areas for the three events (counting ours) that were taking place. These folks really work hard and rarely are recognized for it.

BTW ALWAYS make conversation with Hotel and event staff and always befriend them, not only are they invariably nice people but they tend to have great stories and know everything.

The Cannoli went over big

with people,


It’s amazing how many people make it down at the very last-minute for the start of a conference like this.

It might be tempting to skip a session or two that you’ve seen before but the questions people ask can be just as informative as the groups themselves

The Andrew Breitbart tribute was really something and generated a standing ovation

The portrait was cool too.

The box lunch, meh

without warning

of course unlike the occupods we pay for our meals

which leaves the wait staff smiling

I could eat fried chicken and ribs every day of my life

It must be a very strange thing to the other customers when bloggers take over a restaurant

there is no more enjoyable company than your fellow bloggers for dinner conversation

I seem to spend a lot of time with Nice Deb at these events, she is really good company.

I’ve never seen a barber cut hair with a straight razor and a comb before

It’s much faster to tweet out photos than to post them

It is quite apparent that national notoriety has not changed Dana Loesch one bit…

…and I envy her the presence of her spouse during these trips

The security guard at Blogcon and the wife of the barber are both bloggers

The problem with being on a lot of radio starting at 5 a.m. is you can’t even make a pro-forma appearance at the Kruiser Kabana

I suspect the number of men thinking “lucky bastard” after seeing Nice Deb photo of Steven and Pam Geller likely is not insignificant.

Not to mention this photo

and this one

I really regret missing my nephew who lives in Raleigh during my trip.

Sometimes it’s a very lonely thing being up first.

That remote equipment allowing me to turn a cell phone into a two microphone setup is the most useful piece of tech I’ve ever used

The line up for my Blogcon Charlotte show was incredible Karen Martin, Andrew Staroska Amelia Hamilton, Kemberlee Kayne, Doug Ross, Marquis “Motionn” Campbell Bruce McQuain Jim Geraghty and Katie Pavlich on ONE SHOW! how cool is that!

Only bad part, I missed all the morning sessions but boy my listeners got a treat!

You know I think Andrea Shea King is one of the most under appreciated people on the net

Melissa Clouther is a close second.

Who but bloggers would have a candy table at an event like this.

Any type of session with Pam Geller and James O’Keefe automatically consists of some of the bravest people on the net

There are few things more solemn than the return of DaFedora

other than the loaning out of another one

If you have a camera there is always an audience for a shot, even if they aren’t involved in Blogcon

Always go to church before going to the final big blogcon party, that way you don’t have to worry about needing to go to confession before

Who but bloggers would have a bowling and Pizza night?

Bit of advice, always pack a pair of non-suit pants if you plan on bowling and are afraid of ripping your suit paints.

Vodka pundit is a killer tenpin bowler and so is Jermone Hudson

Leave it to Stephen Krusier to manage to arrange a Barside Kruiser Kabana for the last day

And thanks to the hotel guys who made the deal

Yeah I know elevator shots like this are considered cliché by some but I like them.

It’s hard to keep a smile when you have to make sure hundreds of guests make it out to the airport on-time but he manages

and it’s never too late to record a field guide entry

BTW don’t take photos of taxi drivers while when you drive with Tony Katz, it makes him nervous

Total elapsed time from boarding plane to arrival in Boston under 2:15 minutes. Total elapsed time from picking up bags to bus, to subway, to train station to the stop at my home town 5 hours.