I read with absolutely no surprise the ruling out of Boston on Gay Marriage. I can’t say the same for Moe Lane’s post on the Boston ruling. I like Moe but with all due respect I simply had to laugh:

I have what can be fairly called a cynical and perverse position on this issue. I favor SSM, as most of you know. I also think that DoMA is blatantly unconstitutional, given that it really is in flagrant violation of the Full Faith and Credit Clause. But it’s always been my opinion that if DoMA is completely thrown out then we’re going to see it promptly turned into a Constitutional amendment and ratified with dizzying speed. And that’s the best case scenario. The worst case scenario? A Federal Marriage Amendment*. Which means that I’m stuck tacitly supporting a bad law because I’m more afraid of the alternative. Ach, this Fallen world!

Oh Moe Moe Moe, don’t you realize from the very moment that the very first court in Vermont ruled on civil unions (supporters insisted nobody was talking Gay Marriage) to the moment DOMA was proposed (and opponents insisted that there was no need for a constitutional amendment because nobody was talking about redefining marriage) until finally via a 4-3 ruling Gay Marriage was imposed on Massachusetts and then beyond the radical left has worked for this day.

Additionally the Democratic party has now wedded itself to Gay activists and the two biggest fans, Hollywood and the Media to the point where even the NAACP and powerful members of the Black Community are pressuring ministers to abandon the beliefs they have preached forever.

You really think that the folks bankrolling all this stuff aren’t prepared to face a constitutional amendment?

It takes 2/3 majorities in both houses to move a constitutional amendment to get it to the states. Moe thinks that the democrats can’t manage to find 145 votes to block this in the house or 34 votes to block it in the Senate he is out of his mind.

And furthermore Moe if you think the left can’t muster enough power in 13 states to keep this the amendment from passing if somehow it makes it pass congress you have attended one too many Kruiser Kabana.

The left may not work in fields where the people as a whole have a voice, but when they are dealing with a smaller group where money and power can make a difference, watch out!

More news from the Former Obama Administration official Elizabeth Warren front:

The state’s Democratic Party chairman, John Walsh, now predicts attorney Marisa DeFranco, who is challenging Warren for the nomination, “will get the needed votes, setting up a primary contest that few Democrats expected and some hoped to avoid.” That’s significant, as it heightens an already significant split in the state Democrat Party that may already weaken Warren in any head-on challenge of incumbent Republican Senator Scott Walker. A growing number of Massachusetts Democrats are making it known they want Warren to prove herself capable of meeting a challenge, not just slamming doors in the faces of a swirling media.

That’s Dan Riehl, Michael Patrick Leahy notes Move On is even more worried:

The Washington Examiner reports today that even the left wing group Moveon.org is admitting they may have to pull the plug on the Elizabeth Warren campaign.

Though the article quotes Moveon.org officials as placing their possible abandonment of Warren in the context of an overall decline in contributions, the guarded phrasing sounds on ominous tone for the beleaguered Massachusetts Democrat and candidate for U.S. Senate, who this weekend faces a grass-roots challenge from feisty immigration attorney Marisa DeFranco.

This is not even JUNE and Move On is cutting and running?

This was the race that the MSM was focusing on, this was the race that the left considered it’s best shot in the Senate and this is what we are seeing

Meanwhile today on the WCRN morning show with Hank Stolz & Sherman Whitman the conversation turned to this Globe story:

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren acknowledged for the first time late Wednesday night that she told Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania that she was Native American, but she continued to insist that race played no role in her recruitment.

“At some point after I was hired by them, I . . . provided that information to the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard,’’ she said in a statement issued by her campaign. “My Native American heritage is part of who I am, I’m proud of it and I have been open about it.’’

What Hank & Sherman pointed out was the movement of this story to the Globe meant that a segment of the population could no longer pretend it was not a story.

Now frankly I don’t fault Former Obama Administration Official Elizabeth Warren for believing what her mother told her, as I’ve said I’m told my wife’s family has Sioux Indian and I haven’t launched a forensic examination concerning it. What makes this story a story in my mind is two things:

1 Warren’s dodging of the issue

2. And the apparent misuse use of a program (affirmative action) meant to aid people who are disadvantaged

It’s very simple, if you believe

A) Former Obama Administration Official Elizabeth Warren is an ethnic minority


B) Affirmative action to give ethnic minorities an advantage in hiring etc is right.

Then you should have no problem with anything she did other than perhaps dodging the question and perhaps unchecking the box post 1995.

If you disbelieve either of these things however then there is a problem and I suspect a majority of the people in Massachusetts will doubt one or the other.

No matter what you think Former Obama Administration Official Elizabeth Warren’s ancestry is there is going to be only one winner in this Indian War and it won’t be the Democrats.

Update: How bad can it get for Liz Warren? This bad:

A group of protesters led by Cherokee Indians upset about Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren’s heritage claims are planning to protest outside the state Democratic Convention in Springfield on Saturday.

If it’s not time for the Warren campaign to begin panicking, it’s pretty damn close

Question: When can you tell when a poll report is trying to spin you?

Greg Yes I report what Media Matters says, it’s just a form of outsourcing Sargent. breathlessly reports that Wisconsin is a dead heat according to an automated poll, and reinforces his argument with an “internal” democratic poll by a using group calling Wisconsin a “dead heat”

In paragraph 7 he finally finds a poll that is worth questioning:

A public poll taken from May 17-22 by Saint Norbert College found Walker ahead 50-45, though that remained in the poll’s margin of error. Union officials questioned its sampling, and a pollster for Barrett argued to Chris Cillizza that some of the public polling had been taken before Barrett mounted his TV ad offensive against Walker.

So the poll that shows Walker ahead, consistent with report after report is questioned, in fact polling in general is called out in the last paragraph:

Indeed, even neutral Wisconsin political observers believe that public polling of this race may not be predictive, since turnout in a mid-year gubernatorial recall election is impossible to anticipate.

Yeah who believes these polls anyway?

The post gets updated with the results of the Marquette Law School poll with Walker up seven. Sargent notes it’s “just inside the margin of error” and quotes a different source saying Walkers lead is under a point. That source? Talking Points Memo!

Sargent’s piece whether a press release for TPM & Media Matters or an attempt to con one more bit of work or dollar from democrat loyalists who ignore any non MMFA approved source does have a glimmer of truth (as any good propaganda does), in questioning reliance of polls. I’m a big believer in watching actions instead so lets look at the actions:

Item: The National Democrat party has pulled money out of the race.

Item: We see Debbie Wassarman Schultz insisting that Wisconsin is all about Wisconsin with no national implications.

As although as I type this Joe Scarborough just asked Van Jones why the president wasn’t in Wisconsin, (Jones changed the subject at once) the MSM that was once all Wisconsin all the time suddenly doesn’t find the recall all that interesting.

Frankly Greg I would include your own post as more evidence of the point I’ve been making right along:

Ride Right Through them, they’re demoralized as Hell!

One year ago in March E.D. Kain was calling Wisconsin the GOP Waterloo. It was a joke then and 15 months later the only question left is this: Will the Unions be exiled to Elba or St. Helena?

…as soon as I began researching the background of last weekend’s incident I realized, Hey, there’s a legit news story here.

What’s more, there was a perfect opportunity to get ahead of the story, because the mainstream media had been initially reluctant to report it. Saturday afternoon, I checked Google News and there was zero, zilch, nada from major news organizations. Yet I anticipated (correctly) how the story would develop, and so began hoovering up every fact I could find online and aggregating every tidbit of information other bloggers were reporting.

Robert Stacy McCain Because I know what’s news on Anthony Weiner June 3rd 2011

Your enemies always get strong on what you leave behind

Michael Corleone Godfather III

Well it took almost a full week but the Swatting of a CNN contributor FINALLY made the national media

Unfortunately for CNN the national media was FOX News

Granted it took time for Fox to find a story ripe for the picking. The old Swatting incidents didn’t do it, the contributions of the elite left to Kimberlin didn’t do it, Stacy McCain’s forced flight, Patterico going public on his swatting & appearance on Beck didn’t do it, Herman Cain’s tweet didn’t do it, the liberal foundations denials didn’t do it, even Aaron Worthing’s brief arrest didn’t manage it.

But Erick Erickson by virtue of his status as a CNN contributor managed to push the story over the top for FOX, four days after the incident.

Now CNN is put in the unenviable position to be, at best, second on a story involving harassment of one of their own people. Cripes did they hire the same news director as that Newspaper in Norfolk that didn’t find the beating of their own reporters newsworthy?

None of this was necessary. In fact if CNN and the other media entities made the choice to report the news rather than serve as a filter for stories the left wanted killed, not only would it have ratings, but there would be no FOX or Drudge etc because there would have been no market for them.

Instead you have a network so pathetic that Donald Trump is making fun of CNN’s ratings on their own network. I don’t blame him, when a news organization becomes incapable of recognizing a story then that news organization will be a laughing-stock, and rightly so.

Clearly CNN needs a new News director, a person who can see a story and immediately recognize it as Newsworthy.

Lucky for CNN the right man for the job is available: Robert Stacy McCain. CNN should hire him right away…

…if they can only find him.

Update: Script error fixed and Instalanche! Thanks Glenn and it looks like this one has generated a lot more than 16 hits.

Update 2:
When Trump said CNN’s ratings were in the tank I wasn’t kidding:

After the cable news network delivered its lowest-rated month in total viewers in over a decade in April, May became CNN’s worst month in primetime among total viewers in over 20 years.

They can’t hire Stacy fast enough.

Lyla Rose and Live action have struck again exposing Planned parenthood’s for what it is, a business that simply makes its money on aborted children/a>:

The daily caller has reported on this too including a response from planned parenthood:

Planned Parenthood does not offer sex determination services; our ultrasound services are limited to medical purposes,” Planned Parenthood education vice president Leslie Kantor and Carolyn Westhoff, a senior medical adviser for Planned Parenthood, wrote. ”Gender bias is contrary to everything our organization works for daily in communities across the country. Planned Parenthood opposes racism and sexism in all forms, and we work to advance equity and human rights in the delivery of health care.”

“Planned Parenthood condemns sex selection motivated by gender bias, and urges leaders to challenge the underlying conditions that lead to these beliefs and practices, including addressing the social, legal, economic, and political conditions that promote gender bias and lead some to value one gender over the other,”

It is this statement that I find very interesting for two reasons:

Why does Planned Parenthood condemn sex selection motivated by gender bias? That implies that they don’t mind sex selection motivated by other reasons.

Can someone explain to me under what circumstance sex selection would NOT be gender bias?

Secondly since according to the defenders of abortion we are dealing with a clump of cells that don’t amount to a human life, the reason why someone has an abortion is no more relevant than why a person might get plastic surgery. How can you have “gender bias” against a “thing” not a person.

The very act of this argument by Planned parenthood concedes the humanity of the child they are aborting.

But we should not be surprised, when your very livelihood requires acts of unspeakable evil one becomes accustomed to jumping through convoluted logical hoops.

I tend to watch a lot of classic TV so when I saw this story:

China and Russia reaffirm support for Syria

China on Wednesday restated its opposition to military intervention in Syria, as Russia sought to halt fresh UN Security Council action after a massacre of civilians sparked global fury.

I thought for a second I might be watching MeTV

On a serious note to a person of my age or older this headline should not be any kind of surprise. With the Rise of Putin the old KGB man has gone fully back to its old Soviet days when it comes to foreign policy and China since it’s fall to communism has always done it’s best to protect the rights of dictators to slaughter their own people, as it’s a tactic they use themselves.

But to the young folks who have been taught that the Cold War was a fight between two equally questionable philosophies, to youth who have been taught that the US is an imperial power, to the occupods who believe that America represents the height of oppression and to the folks like Chris Hayes who don’t see our troops who stood against our cold war enemies as heroes it doesn’t compute.

There is and has been a simple reality that the US has been on the side of the angels for over 100 years and the rare times when we have looked the other way involved either fights against a greater evil (the Nazis, the Cold war) or exceptions, while for our communist friends in China since the 48 and the Soviets and the Putin era Russians, supported consistently by the left, have not. No amount of “cool” people wearing Che T-Shirts will change this.

One can debate if the US should or should not intervene in Syria, that’s legit, but the reality that Russia and China will always do their best to protect any nation that chooses to slaughter their own people can’t be debated. It is a simple fact.

There is an old saying that the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.

Aaron Worthing is a Yale trained Lawyer but apparently he didn’t remember this rule during the hearing today:

And Walker pissed him off. So did Kimberlin, but Walker identified himself as a Yale-trained lawyer, albeit one who was representing himself. Kimberlin made any number of allegations–essentially, everything that was said about his side–issuing death threats, harming business interests, summoning SWAT teams to the home–was said by Kimberlin to have been done by Walker’s side.

The pair went back and forth, back and forth, with Walker getting increasingly flustered, and the Judge finally asking, “what did they tell you in Yale Law School about interrupting a judge?” And later advising Walker to sit down, grip a pencil, and whenever he was tempted to speak over the Judge (or Kimberlin, but mostly over the Judge), to instead grip the pencil.

At one point, when Walker again interrupted Kimberlin, an attorney who was “advising” Walker–i.e.,. sitting in the courtroom, but not actually at Walker’s table, signaled to the plaintiff that he ought to “zip it.”

and the Judge in the case seems to have no understanding of what the internet is:

Judge Vaughan had read up on the matter, knew Kimberlin’s history of felony convictions, but clearly was technically ignorant of even basic facts about what Twitter is, in one instance point saying “He Googled you 500,000 times” through the Tubes or whatever. The Judge had identified himself, earlier, as being “of the Royal Typewriter Generation,” and at another point, when confronted with the voluminous material from both sides, asked “don’t people have jobs, who reads this stuff?”

I must admit there are times when I ask the “don’t people have jobs” line too.

Ignorance by the judge and bad legal moves by Walker aside the bottom line: Convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin has managed to get a conservative blogger jailed for exercising his first Amendment rights.

Reaction has been dramatic:

Stacy McCain: (Still in hiding)

That Kimberlin is the plaintiff in such an action — claiming that a law-abiding attorney is somehow threatening the safety of a convicted violent felon — is deeply ironic. Federal prosecutors once hoped that Kimberlin would never again be able to “terrorize any other citizen,” yet he is now terrorizing them just as surely as he ever did during his infamous days as the Speedway Bomber.

Glenn Reynolds:

If I read this correctly, Aaron Walker is in trouble because Kimberlin claims that his blogging has somehow led to other people making death threats. That doesn’t seem to pass the First Amendment smell test. Only if Walker were inciting those threats in a way that passed Brandenburg scrutiny would that work, and I don’t believe that’s the case at all. At any rate, under this approach George Zimmerman ought to be able to jail any number of journalists. . . .

Pam Geller:

Freedom of speech is not under attack, it’s on life support, if that. Last week I blogged about terrorist Brett Kimberlin threatening bloggers here. This violent convicted terrorist Bomber is now a leftist darling and has been given millions by progressives.

Any number of Islamists are taking notes

Lee Stranahan:

As far as I can tell, Aaron Walker was arrested for writing.

I have seen no claim that Walker himself made any threats against Brett Kimberlin. Or that he contacted Brett Kimberlin. Walker was arrested because he wrote facts and opinions about Brett Kimberlin and other people supposedly made threats.

Gateway Pundit

The World Is Upside-Down

An Ex Con’s view

This appears to be a violation of the finding of the Supreme Court that finds bloggers are extended the same rights as other media and have the same protections.

Eugene Volokh

This seem like a finding that is both hard to understand and — from what I’ve heard about the story — hard to support, if it means that Walker had threatened Kimberlin with death. [UPDATE: Hans Bader (Open Market), who criticizes the injunction, suggests that it means that Walker’s posts didn’t themselves contain unprotected threats, but prompted some readers to threaten Kimberlin; but that can’t be a basis for the court’s enjoining or otherwise acting against Walker, at least unless there is evidence that Walker intentionally solicited such threats, or intentionally incited likely imminent threats, and I haven’t heard of such evidence.] Based on this finding, the order bars Walker from injuring or threatening Kimberlin (which would be illegal in any event), contacting or trying to contact Kimberlin, “harass[ing]” Kimberlin, and entering and perhaps approaching very near to Kimberlin’s residence and place of employment. The order may well be factually unfounded, but if it were factually well-founded, and if “harass” were limited to telephone calls, e-mails, and the like to Kimberlin personally, then it would likely be constitutionally permissible. (See generally Rowan v. United States Post Office Department (1970) and lower courts cases that have mostly upheld stop-talking-to-me orders.)

On the other hand, if the order were interpreted as banning Walker’s further speech about Kimberlin — other than constitutionally unprotected “true threats” of violence — then it would be unconstitutional.

Michelle Malkin:

The Brett Kimerlin Nightmare Continues


This is absolutely outrageous. In a positively Kafka-esque turn of events, a Maryland judge has ordered that Walker be taken into police custody while serial harasser, terrorist, and killer Kimberlin remains free.

Nice Deb:

Did Kimberlin produce evidence that Worthing was coordinating death threats and harassment? Note to the judge – a blogburst is not a death threat or harassment. All Aaron Worthing and others have been doing is exercising their right to free speech. How can a judge in Maryland take away that right?

The Lonely Conservative echoes me

I can’t believe this is happening in America.

More updates as time permits

Jedediah Tucker Ward: It’s not hypothetical to Dr. Pavel, he wrote it

Michael Grazier: So he says.

Jedediah Tucker Ward: So he says under oath

Class Action 1991

Yesterday in response to the rather ridiculous business concerning Brett Kimberlin’s wikipedia page I put up a post parodying the “balanced” approach:

not many people knew it, but the Führer was a terrific dancer…Hitler THERE was a painter! He could paint an entire apartment in one afternoon! TWO COATS! … Hitler was better looking than Churchill. He was a better dresser than Churchill. He had more hair! He told funnier jokes! And he could dance the PANTS off of Churchill!

People who enjoy comedy will recognize these line from the classic comedy “The Producers.”

I thought I was making a joke.

Yesterday Brett Kimberlin’s Wikipedia entry re-appeared and as Patterico notes there was an interesting line that appeared shortly afterwards.

Since October of 2010, conservatives have hounded Kimberlin about his bombing conviction…

The interesting thing is: this language originated with a fellow named Ron Brynaert.

Ron Brynaert you might recall a close associate of Mr. Kimberlin as Stacy McCain quoting Aaron Worthing said:

As I have shown before, Kimberlin has at least two people — Ron Brynaert and Neal Rauhauser — who at the very least have proven to be willing conduits for any information that Kimberlin wants to put out in the public sphere. For instance, in regards to Brynaert (a former editor of Raw Story), when Seth Allen was arrested, Brynaert knew of this within twenty-four hours, even though this had not appeared in any public record at the time . . .
Indeed, Brynaert is only one degree of separation from Brett Kimberlin. He has guest blogged at Brad Friedman’s “The Brad Blog” and Mr. Freidman is an admitted business partner of Mr. Kimberlin . . .
Turning my attention to Neal Rauhauser, whom Kimberlin has described in court as his “associate,” he has obviously served as a conduit for information only available to Brett Kimberlin. . . .

and Franz Liebkind Ron Brynaert is the fellow who by an odd coincidence has a voice quite similar to the person who Swatted Patterico, the incident that could have killed him:

Now I’m not a forensic voice identification expert but you know who is? Kent Gibson whose company Forensic audio has the FBI, the US Secret Service, LA Superior Court, LA County Sheriff, LA Public Defender’s Office, Pasadena PD Homicide Assaults, Santa Clara Sheriff’s Dept, Santa Rosa County, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department as regular clients.

He was hired by Patterico to compare Mr. Brynaert’s voice to that of the swatter above and he says the following:

CONCLUSION: Considering all of the evidence presented, it is my expert forensic examiner opinion that it is probable that all voice samples come from the same person. Deviation from the expected can be explained by small sample lengths (e.g. the Frey Swat call has only 9.8 seconds of pure speech) and intentional voice masking by the Swatter.

And to those whose reply is “so he says” let me point out there is a difference between an expert opinion…

14 I hereby declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California
15 that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and that this
16 Declaration was executed on the 25th day of February 2012

…and an expert opinion given “under penalty of perjury”

I wonder has anyone actually asked Franz Liebkind Ron Brynaert if he was the swatter? Has Ron Brynaert denied it? Would he care to do so “under penalty of perjury?”

I think these are really good questions, I think the answers might be interesting too.

another odd coincidence

Update 2: A reward has been offered:

I’m personally offering $1000 and my friend Brandon Darby kicked in $1000 and thanks to people who have committed in, the reward commitment is at $1225 $2550! Over $8000! I still need to add up everything, but BlogWorldExpo has committed $5000! (See below if you want to help.)

Per Erick Erickson’s situation I’m meeting with local authorities just to make sure we don’t see any swatting around here.

This weeks DaTechGuy on DaRadio with Authors Phillip Hines and Jack Mitchell is now available here:

Next week we welcome the Granite Grok Crowd along with GOP candidate for Governor Ovid Lamontagne Saturday 10 a.m.

Also available is today’s WCRN Morning News show where I guest hosted this Memorial Day. We had Stacy McCain as a guest for the full 6 a.m. hour and spoke of not only the Swattings but of Stacy’s and his families flight from their home.

Stacy’s bit comes one hour into the show, but all day we questioned the MSM’s response or lack thereof to this story even as one of their own Erick Erickson has become a target. Stacy later on asked this question:

Mark Singer recounts how National Public Radio reporter Nina Totenberg spoke to Kimberlin two or three times every day in late October and early November 1988.

So why, 24 years later, are Nina Totenberg and the rest of the elite media ignoring what their old friend’s been up to lately?

It’s a good question and reminds me of what the Archbishop said of the MSM concerning the Church’s suit against the Federal government:

The archbishop of Washington on Sunday accused the network news programs of having “missed the boat” by largely ignoring lawsuits filed this past week by Catholic institutions challenging the Obama administration’s so-called contraception mandate.

When the story of an American journalist forced to flee his home for exercising his 1st Amendment rights, it’s a problem, when the story of a CNN regular being SWATTED isn’t even newsworthy to CNN. That’s simply amazing.

This begs the question: One would normally expect the MSM to be in the tank of course but it seems totally illogical that they would be in the tank for minor players like Kimberlin & co, particularly considering the past record involved. By any normal standard these guys would have been thrown off the bus by now.

If the left is circling the wagons for Kimberlin & co to this point one must start asking what do they know that forces their allies in the MSM to keep this story at arm’s length?

I think that’s an excellent question and the answer is likely a bigger story than what we’ve already seen

Well CNN might not be covering the Brett Kimberlin story but we are right now on WCRN with Robert Stacy McCain.

you can listen live at WCRNradio.com

We will be talking about this subject all morning on WCRN along with the swatting of Patterico and Erick Erickson and the amazing disappearing Wikipedia entry of Brett Kimberlin

Update: Tweets on Kimberlin quoted at Twitchy, thanks.

As we hit Everybody Blog about Brett Kimberlin day +2 Patterico discovers that apparently if one can not have an article containing “positive attributes” of Brett Kimberlin on Wikipedia, you can’t have an article on Brett Kimberlin on Wikipedia at all.

Hello. My name is Patrick Frey and I operate a blog at patterico.com. I am interesting in knowing why you deleted the Wikipedia page on Brett Kimberlin. I have seen the deleted page and it was quite well sourced, with links to TIME Magazine and other news publications.

There was an entire book about this individual written by Mark Singer, a New Yorker writer. There is simply a wealth of reliable information out there about Kimberlin.

I read the reasoning for the deletion and did not understand it. I wonder if you could enlighten me. Thanks very much.

Patrick Frey

Symonds responded (emphasis mine):


I deleted the article back in September as a volunteer, because it served as an attack page. It was sourced, but was also unduly negative, and written by people who “had an axe to grind”. Although some of the facts were sourced, there was an undertone of maliciousness in the way that the article was written.

Mr Kimberlin was not a paragon of virtue, but the article as it stood simply painted him as a man with no positive qualities at all, which is obviously problematic in a neutral encyclopedia.

The exchange goes on much farther read the entire thing and simply marvel and the irony.

We remember this weekend those who died for our rights, yet not only, as we’ve already discussed an American reporter in America and his family have found it necessary to leave their home and the state where they reside due to the results of his reporting but the subject that has caused Stacy McCain to go into hiding is not only suggesting he will be sending the law against bloggers who dared to write about him, but Wikipedia, the supposed public encyclopedia has decided that the entry of this convicted bomber must be suppressed because of animus by bloggers on the right.

The irony overload is astounding, however I am pleased to say that although Wikipedia has decided to suppress Kimberlin’s entry and the MSM has decided the whole story is not newsworthy we will take a different view tomorrow as I interview Robert Stacy McCain on WCRN in the 6 a.m. hour.

You can listen live at TuneIn or at wcrnradio.com Maybe if Brett Kimberlin’s rich aunt can spare the time she can listen too.

Update: The conservatory is on it and per the new rules at Wikipedia I think we should consider making an edit to another entry that doesn’t have a lot of positive spin to it:

not many people knew it, but the Führer was a terrific dancer…Hitler THERE was a painter! He could paint an entire apartment in one afternoon! TWO COATS! … Hitler was better looking than Churchill. He was a better dresser than Churchill. He had more hair! He told funnier jokes! And he could dance the PANTS off of Churchill!

Can’t be too balanced can we?

Update 2: What a coincidence after Erik Erickson started writing about Brett Kimberlin and warned local police that he might become a target of “SWATTING” because of it, guess what happened?:

Luckily it was two sheriffs deputies who knew me and I had already, last week, advised the Sheriff’s Department to be on the look out for something like this.

Glenn Reynolds has also warned local police that this might happen, since I’ll be talking Kimberlin on the radio tomorrow I guess I should let the Sheriff & local police know it is a possibility.

I’m sure this is all a total coincidence of course.

Update 3:Stacy Opines

It’s no secret that I sharply criticized Erickson during the 2012 presidential primary campaign, but last week he mentioned me in writing about the Kimberlin case, which was a gracious gesture. This situation is more important than individual personalities.

UPDATE II: Instapundit: “Really, if the goal is to keep people from writing about Brett Kimberlin, this doesn’t seem like the way to do it.”

Indeed, given that Erickson is a CNN contributor, this incident certainly should provide the mainstream media a solid reason to stop ignoring the Kimberlin case.

UPDATE III: Patterico: “Anyone else think CNN is going to talk about SWATting now?”

and its all over Memeorandum.

I have faith in the ability of the MSM to skip this story, even CNN.

Mark Steyn’s brilliant piece on the Arab spring contains a paragraph that is likely oft passed over but deserving to be highlighted.

Whatever one feels about the sharia-enforcing, Jew-hating, genital-mutilating enthusiasts of the Muslim Brotherhood, they do accurately reflect a significant slice — and perhaps a majority — of the Egyptian people. The problem with the old-school dictators was that in the end Mubarak, Ben Ali and Gaddafi didn’t represent anything other than their Swiss bank accounts.

This is the wild card, in Egypt, Libya, Syria and the rest of the Arab world. The axiomatic truth that people should have the right to govern themselves directly classes with the reality that what the people want doesn’t include what we would consider basic human rights.

Let us not forget that the reason why Japan is a country that respect these same rights, is because they were imposed by a victorious United States and allies.

Let us not forget that the slave trade internationally was suppressed by the might of the British Empire not by the altruism of Spain or their former colonies or the Arab world.

Let us not forget that the reason why India is the largest democratic nation in the world is because those democratic traditions came from their colonial masters and those same principles only have any bearing in many spots worldwide because the sun never set on that British Colonial empire.

The days of Kipling and colonialism are over. We are not going to invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity, nor should we, but that doesn’t mean we should be silent about the values that we believe in, assuming we actually DO believe in them nor give financial and material support based on those values.

It’s up to the Arab World if they want to live in the modern world or not, but if they choose to live in the middle ages, persecute Christians and treat their women like chattel, they should not expect our support or succor.

And if they choose to make war against Israel or support those who would kill us and do so as the will of their populace they should be prepared to meet the consequences of a free people’s free decisions.

Rights come with responsibilities, lets hope the leaders who rise from the Arab spring selected by the popular will choose to be responsible.

Their call.

There are certain movies that is you have cable are constantly on the set, the most common one that comes to mind is Harrison Ford’s the Fugitive but a close second is the action comedy True Lies from 1994 featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Arnold with a supporting cast that includes a young Eliza Dushku as their daughter, Tia Carrere and Art Malik as the bad guys, Bill Paxton as a sleazy used car salesman and Charlton Heston is a one scene cameo that he simply owns ” So far, this is not blowing my skirt up, gentlemen.

The basic plot is Harry Tasker (Arnold) works for the Ultimate US spy group Omega section, while his wife thinks he is a salesmen. He is so busy literally saving the world that he neglects his wife and family to the point where when used car salesman (Paxton) pretends to be a spy asking for help to get closer to his wife (Curtis) she responds.

Totally devastated he gets himself distracted from the huge case he is working on resulting in them both being kidnapped by Crimson Jihad each thinking the other is the target of the terrorists.

Can Arnold escape with his wife, stop the nuclear bomb from going off and save kidnapped daughter?

There are several memorable chase scenes including one with a horse and a motorcycle a great confrontation scene when Helen (Curtis) finally is told the truth. The performances are so strong up and down the cast, particularly Malik and Arnold (who should hope this is the only movie of his ever seen as he is simply PERFECT) whose monologue during the closing credits should not be missed.

This picture is both fun and funny and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

The film was rated R for violence and some suggestive situations. There is however no nudity, zip zero nada. There is an incredibly hot (and funny) “striptease” scene just before the terrorists get them, and a catfight between Curtis and Carrere but nothing that would get beyond a pg-13 today not even a single nipple…

…yet the movie has a TV-MA rating.

As a rule TV-MA on cable is reserved for movies with actual sex in them, or movies with disembowelments and the like, action movies like the Rambo series are all rated R, but not True lies.

I submit and suggest that there is only one reason for this…political correctness.

True lies has two factors that are totally missing from almost any movie of the same type made since it came out.

1. ALL the terrorists in the movie are unambiguously Muslim Jihadists

2. There is no mitigating factor or redeeming feature to their cause

I submit and suggest that if the villains in this movie were neo-Nazis or drug lords or white supremacists this movie would have an R rating with a greater chance that a younger person will see it and an older person will give it a shot.

Instead with TV MA means that if any sort of parental control is set it can’t and won’t be seen by anyone underage, ad an adult not familiar with the film will automatically assume that there is something that makes this movie other than just another action film and will pass it by.

Some forms of propaganda and censorship are right in front of you, others are subtle.

Is this a big deal in the long run? Likely not, Am I simply annoyed that I have to put in the block code to watch this movie? Slightly, but what does it say about us that in the age of 9/11 we have gone so deep into denial concerning Islamic terror that an action comedy with Muslim villains dangerous for the young to see?

Update: And here is something on the less light and less subtle:

Lady Gaga has canceled her sold-out show in Indonesia over security concerns after Muslim hard-liners threatened violence if the pop diva went ahead with her “Born This Way Ball,” promoters said Sunday.

The Islamic Defenders Front said Lady Gaga’s sexy clothes and provocative dance moves would corrupt youth in the world’s most populous Muslim country.

If you think that is going to stay on the other side of the world, you haven’t been paying attention.

Today Two Authors join us.

In the first Hour we talk to Phillip Hines Author of Mitt Romney in his Own Words t

In our second hour we are joined by local author Jack Mitchell Author of Fireside Chat a book about faith, morality and the left.

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…and the results are summarized best by this update at the Other McCain

UPDATE: As of 2 p.m. today, the top eight threads on the Memorandum blog aggregation site were:

Patterico: Convicted Bomber Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, Ron Brynaert, and Their Campaign of Political Terrorism
John Hawkins, Right Wing News: Interviewing Robert Stacy McCain About Brett Kimberlin
The Other McCain: KimberlinFiles.org
Matthew Vadum, Front Page Magazine: Brett Kimberlin and the Hall of Fame of Leftist Terrorists
Ladd Ehlinger, Jr., Film Ladd: Top Signs You’re Being Harassed By Brett Kimberlin
Mark Tapscott, Washington Examiner: How to kill the First Amendment

So I guess this whole “suppress the truth through intimidation” thing is working pretty good for Brett Kimberlin, eh?

And the icing on the cake comes from this post at Breitbart.com

A Breitbart News investigation has revealed that many of the funders of the Justice Through Music Project (JTMP), a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization of which convicted “Speedway bomber” Brett Kimberlin is a director, do not know about his criminal past. Those foundations and funds listed as donors that responded to request for comment also indicated that they had not been contacted by media other than Breitbart News.

I’m shocked SHOCKED!

Note that they were not questioned about his present, just his past. For those of you who missed the day and don’t know what it’s about, I refer you to Roxeanne DeLuca:

Shortly before his death, Andrew Breitbart began to expose Kimberlin and publicise the case. Patterico and several other bloggers took up the cause. Kimberlin’s whack job associates then began to terrorise and intimidate the few people who said anything about Kimberlin: they filed frivolous lawsuits against any individual they could find, filed ethics complaints with the state bar associations in an attempt to get lawyers disbarred; harassed family members; harassed people at work until their supervisors fired them out of fear that continued employment would be dangerous; and engaged in SWATting.

SWATting is when a murderous, psychopathic a-hole calls the police, pretending to be a person (like Patterico), claims to have just murdered someone, and gives the address of the victim. Then, a heavily armed SWAT team shows up, ready to shoot the victim of this particular brand of terrorism. Patterico found his house surrounded by armed cops, helicopters, fire trucks, and ambulances – in the dead of night. The police came in, guns drawn, arrested Patrick, cuffed him, threw him into a squad car, then woke up his wife, frisked her, and checked on the children. Now, bear in mind that this happened to a Deputy Prosecutor and his wife, who is also a prosecutor. These people are not unknown to the local police, not without their supporters in the community, and certainly not lacking in legal acumen. Yet, cuffed in the dead of night, arrested, searched, and frisked – because some whackadoodle thinks that this is a good way to scare people off from blogging about convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin.

Mind you there are people on the left who, unlike the foundations, who did know this was going on, yet it continued. It’s almost as if they has the utilitarian philosophy of Marxism isn’t it?

The real test will be what happens next. Will the MSM pick this up or will the blogs force it forward as we did a year ago with Weinergate? As for the rest of us Miss Attila has some suggestions

Update: Speaking of surprises

MAY 24, 2012 – JTMP has been a participant in the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Programfor 3 years now, where citizens from around the world involved in the arts get to come to America and visit to learn about the role of arts in the US.

Via Freedomworks & the Blaze. So for the last three years the Obama administration has been working with this guy? No wonder the MSM doesn’t want to touch this story.

Update 2: Massive Irony, just after I see the state department story I see via Glenn this link at Legal Insurrection.

Yeah a nobody that works with the Obama state department.

I guess to people like Kos Brett Kimberlin will soon be obsolete

and they will never have heard of him.

Update 3: Nobody ever heard of him, well people in Indiana have, as apparently has Time Magazine.

He can no longer serve the left, so to Kos he is obsolete

Update 4: Via Camp of the Saints, more updates that you should notice:

Could Kimberlin’s actions be violations of Federal Law?

18 USC 241 prohibits intimidation against Americans for exercising free speech rights. The statute says:

If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

Hmmm this sounds serious I’m sure Eric Holder will be on it right away

And it looks like Protein wisdom notes he is now a target

So when I read “Film at 11 as they say” coming from someone (potentially) with a demonstrable history of violent offenses, I take such dark tidings seriously. I won’t be bullied. And the quickest way to get me working actively against you is to try to assert your dominance over me.

It’s an American thing. A liberty thing. Those who pimp for progressivism wouldn’t understand.

And like a proper American doesn’t let a past dispute interfere with what is right

update: on Twitter just now, some of the cabal seems to be trying to use my complaints against Frey in the past to make equivalences that justify their behavior. My disputes with Patterico were public; and of course it doesn’t follow that simply because I believe Frey to have acted one way in a given instance, he must therefore always and inevitably act that way — and cannot therefore be a victim himself.

As I wrote the other day, regardless of our past disputes, on this I stand fully with Patrick and those others under assault.

And there are those who follow in Kimberlin’s footsteps

Update 5: And others who are outraged that we are even discussing this at blogs like the Moderate Voice:

Hart Williams, you want bi-partisanship with dogs and cats living together? Prove you can do it first.

And he can’t, look at his comment as The Moderate Voice:

It is disgusting and despicable to see The Moderate Voice turned into another “meetoo” zombie site for this Right Wing, coordinated attack with intent to destroy one person who allegedly caused Robert Stacy McCain to flee with his family in “fear” and raise a LOT of cash by screaming for donors to contribute.

The particulars do not matter. Only the psy-ops operation, scheduled for today and utterly dominating Memeorandum. And it is despicable to see the Moderate Voice acting as an unwitting accomplice. As to whether Mr. Esmay “knows” that is for him to declare

So, Hart Williams is fine with the tactics of SWATing a Blogger with differing opinions and also threatening a family member of a Blogger at her job.

Bipartisanship from the left, he’s no Dominic Nanni is he?

Final update: Stacy Reports Kimberlin will be in court on Tuesday, and Stacy will be on WCRN on Monday.

Abdul: What is your name?
Father O’Malley: William O’Malley.
Abdul: I did not call you.
Father O’Malley: You called for all the Jews. I’m Jewish, just like Jesus Christ. You take one, you gotta take us all.

Delta Force 1986

If you are at all aware of the existence of the Right Side of the Blogosphere you should know today has been dubbed: ” Everybody blog about Brett Kimberlin day

This was coined by Lee Stranahan in response to the forced repatriation of Robert Stacy McCain, writer for the American Spectator, Reporter for 30+ years, member of the Axis of Fedora, and lean mean blogging machine who say the story of the attempt to silence blogger Aaron Worthing, immediately recognized it as newsworthy and pursued it to the point where it has been necessary for Mr. McCain to relocate himself and his family out of his home and out of his state for their own protection.

With the aid of the Ray Kroc Memorial Media Centers nationwide Mr. McCain has continued to tell this story stressing that it is Mr. Kimberlin, his violent past, his lawfare against conservative writers and sites and the hundreds of thousands of dollars that left has showered him with that is the story.

Mr. Stranahan has helpfully provided excellent resources to research Mr. Kimberlin and I expect at least dozens if not hundreds of bloggers to participate. This is no small thing as the aforementioned Breitbart blogger Lee Stranahan has on his own site (but curiously not crossposted at Breitbart) noted the following:

In political blogging, we often toss around highly charged words with great abandon. We say politicians we don’t like are scary and crazy and dangerous.

Brett Kimberlin is actually dangerous.

Full stop. No metaphor. No exaggeration. Brett Kimberlin is dangerous. As in — he blew up bombs and police suspected he did it to cover up a murder. People in Indiana tell me that witnesses disappeared during the trial. Worse, Kimberlin has shown no remorse for the bombings and went to great lengths to make the lives of his victims miserable.

Please, do not lose sight of this. This isn’t a time for loose rhetoric. This is real. It’s real and it’s serious in a way that many ‘political stories’ frankly are not. In that sense, this story is way beyond politics.

And that doesn’t even take into account the legal/financial risks involved.

Yet bloggers are going to be writing about Mr. Kimberlin anyway declaring: “I am Breitbart“, “I am Robert Stacy McCain” and repeating those words of Fr. O’Malley: “You take one, you gotta take us all.

With all due deference to Stacy McCain and Lee I immediately recognize this as newsworthy and the bloggers inaction and the MSM’s inaction are the story today, much more than Brett Kimberlin himself. Think about it:

An American Reporter living in America has been forced to relocate himself and his family for their own safety and nobody wants to cover it except conservative bloggers despite great physical & financial risk.

It’s as if the entire right side of the blogosphere has become Pam Geller & Robert Spencer for a day.

To me this is story #1. It goes beyond political considerations. The Story of Stacy McCain’s flight, like the Molly Norris story, is a tale that has never failed to outrage the average American when I tell them face to face and would outrage the nation, yet thanks to the MSM inaction nobody has heard it.

To be sure there are other questions worth asking after today:

  • Will the organizations of the left that have funded Mr. Kimberlin continue to do so?
  • Will the online left back Mr. Kimberlin?
  • Will Brad Friedman of the Brad Blog continue to work with him?
  • And just how many bloggers will participate (and will there be any conspicuous by their absence)?


These stories are all newsworthy but none of them in my mind surpass what I am about to type:

At the start of the Memorial day weekend, when we celebrate and remember those who have died to protect our constitutional freedoms as elaborated in the Bill of Rights, an American Journalist and his family are in hiding for their own safety for daring to exercising those rights the men and women we honor died for.

That’s the bottom line.

A final irony. This Memorial Day weekend marks the anniversary of the breaking of the Anthony Weiner story, a story that Robert Stacy McCain immediately recognized as newsworthy but the mainstream media did not, instead along with the online left, they attempted to use it to attack Andrew Breitbart believing his lies right up until the point when he confessed them. As Stacy McCain said at the time:

This story is what we call “news.” No matter how unseemly or inconsequential the story may superficially appear to be, it is entirely legitimate and potentially significant, and it is therefore a dereliction of journalistic duty to ignore or dismiss it.

That decision to ignore this story by the MSM led to an op-ed in the NY Post and an appearance on Fox 25 for me. I wonder who will be the blogger that gets the same due to the MSM’s inaction this time?


Update:  Two important questions from yesterday Valley of the Shadow:

Why has the Major Media ignored this domestic Terrorist, Brett Kimberlin and the damage he has done to people? And why is KPFK still a 501c3 when they campaign for Progressives throughout most of the day?

and an Ex Con’s view:

Apathy or Courage? What you Choose Today Will Affect Our Nation

Your call.

Update 2: Via Michelle Malkin who has promoted her Wednesday post today the Washington Examiner has broken the MSM silence in an opinion piece:

Nowadays, Kimberlin targets conservative bloggers like Aaron Worthing and Robert Stacy McCain in Maryland, and Patrick Frey of Patterico’s Pontifications in California. Why? For publishing facts about Kimberlin’s criminal record.

Kimberlin harasses his targets by, among many other ways, filing false charges in courts that require expensive, time-consuming litigation, disrupting his targets’ workplaces, and dropping dark hints about spouses and kids.

The first leak in the dam.

Update 3: A lot of people are writing about Brett Kimberlin but one blogger in particular is telling a story that the others may not know:

In the last radio interview Andrew Breitbart ever gave, on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, Breitbart talked about a new ruthless tactic used by thugs against political opponents:

[O]ne of the things they’ve done to people who have worked with me in the past, including an L.A. prosecutor, is to “SWAT.” That means that they’re spoofing phones, pretending to be somebody else’s phone, calling 911, and saying “I killed somebody” and then the person’s home is met with the guns drawn, the SWAT and the helicopters, in a horrifying act. It’s happened twice: once in New Jersey, once in Los Angeles, with an L.A. County . . . prosecutor who [is] associated with me.”

I am that L.A. County prosecutor. And in this post, you’ll hear the hoax call that sent police to my house, pointing loaded guns at me.


This is the phony 911 call that caused it:

Read the whole thing and think about it for a second. We are talking an LA County prosecutor almost shot by police because of this call. And he is not the only one:

Listen to the voice on the calls, they sound the same Patterico again:

Although I am an L.A. County Deputy D.A., it is certain that I was “swatted” because of my blog and not because of my job. As Andrew Breitbart noted, this happened to two people within the course of a single week: a man in New Jersey and myself. Both of us had had contact with Andrew Breitbart. Both of us were writing about the same story. And both of us received email threats days before we were swatted. The threat to me said, in part: “Please think about your family. This story is not worth it. I can assure you that.”

Read his entire post and marvel. Those behind this and enabling this are simply evil, there is no other adjective to describe it.

This is happening to Americans in America. If we as Americans let this go on then we are dishonoring those who we remember this weekend who died to preserve our rights.

Which side are you on? It’s time to make your choice.

Update 4: One other point from the Patterico story that is worth repeating in case it wasn’t clear from the excepts above

I met personally with the nationwide experts on swatting in December 2011: the FBI office in Dallas, Texas. They told me that swatting is an extreme form of harassment — and that swatters typically combine swatting with other forms of harassment, including: complaining to the victim’s workplace, defaming the victim online, “Googlebombing” the victim, publishing the victim’s address online, filing phony reports of criminal activity by the victim, and so forth.

All of these things have happened to me and other critics of Brett Kimberlin since July 2011. The harassment has been relentless and has occurred almost every day. It would literally take a book to catalogue it all. What you read in this post, incredibly, is only part of it.

Why target me? Well, I first wrote about Brett Kimberlin in October 2010, after getting a call from Andrew Breitbart. Andrew told me that his site was going to publish a post about a domestic terrorist named Brett Kimberlin. The story sounded interesting, and I published a post about Kimberlin shortly after the Breitbart post (penned by Mandy Nagy aka Liberty Chick) was published.

Are we as Americans going to allow this?

Update 5: Smitty links and provides a hilarious Naked Gun reference and the Blaze writes about the story. Look at the comments from those on the left at the Blaze. To my readers on the left I ask: Are you going to stay silent on this or not?

Update 6: Here is an example of an “Everybody blog about Brett Kimberlin day” from: No one of Any Import:

I’m only making light of my own confusion. The way this guy likes to destroy lives is no laughing matter.

The details of how he came to be entangled with Patrick Frey (Patterico), Aaron Walker (Worthing), Mandy Nagy (Liberty Chick) and a dude named Socrates, well they are making my eyes swim. And I haven’t even gotten to Walker’s megapost yet!

So I’m going to defer to these people at these links, if you would like to see a bigger picture. I will stick to enumerating why I call Brett Kimberlin a Very Bad Actor. Then I’ll sit back and see if he tries to sue me or some such.

1. Bombing

2. Lying

3. Serial suing

4. Threatening

5. Making a living off progressive donations for bad music composition. Or maybe I should thank him for that.

Now as a military wife I think she is very important myself but a question. If She can find this with simple google searches etc, how is it the MSM or even the leftist trolls at the Blaze can’t? Is this willful ignorance, or deliberate silence?

Update 7: Stacy gives an important shoutout to the National Bloggers Club

The National Bloggers Club has been a valuable ally in supporting and defending bloggers targeted by harassment and intimidation. Today is “Everybody Blog Brett Kimberlin Day.” I join with National Bloggers Club president Ali Akbar in sincerely requesting that readers concerned about defending First Amendment rights online visit the club’s special site, KimberlinFiles.org, and please give generously. Fellow bloggers can help by including the image and link in their coverage of the Kimberlin case.

Meanwhile That Mr. G Guy, The Return of Cincinnatus, The Radio Patriot weigh in as does Barbara Espinosa who says this:

Why do I want to know?

He has threatened my friend Robert Stacy McCain “The Other McCain”. His latest target is Stacy McCain, who has abandoned his home and taken his family to a safe haven.
Andrew warned the world about this guy six months before he died on Hugh Hewitt.
Follow the money, The funding of Kimberlin’s projects — tens of thousands of dollars from the George Soros-connected Tides Foundation, as well as foundations associated with Barbra Streisand and Sen. John Kerry’s wife — thus supported all of Kimberlin’s activities, including his effort to have O’Keefe and Giles prosecuted for their ACORN takedown.

Barbara is not a Sicilian but although she lives in Arizona she remains a Texan. If Mr. Kimberlin chooses to go after any blogger the choice least conducive to his continued health and well being would be Barbara.

Update 8: Lady Liberty 1885 writes a letter to Babs:

I want to ask you a question. Do you know who Brett Kimberlin really is? Maybe you should find out and think about a little stricter vetting of you who give grants to.

BTW there are going to be a lot of bloggers that I don’t list simply due to time, that doesn’t change my admiration for you all.

Update 9: The Evil Blogger lady not only writes about Kimberlin but provides a reference list. and the Souper Mexican joins in.

Meanwhile Ladd Ehlinger who has been on this story from the start doesn’t mince words

I’m worried for Mike Stack (who was also swatted), because Brietbart.com is currently being run by a nutless wonder who has refused to cover this story. Stack has felt abandoned to fend for himself — and for some reason, now thinks Ron Brynaert is on his side.

I know it’s difficult for people in the media to understand how the subject of a story can feel abandoned. “Geez! We’re a news-media-expose place! We’re not friends!”

No, sorry. When regular people in flyover country are suddenly thrust into the spotlight because of stuff you do and write, and suddenly have their lives threatened because of your work, you and your news-media-outlet have a moral obligation to them to at least cover the story.

That means you cover the story if their lives have been threatened. “Swatting” is news-worthy even in an ivory tower, and there’s no excuse for being quiet on it. Unless you’re a nutless coward.

You hear me, Joel Pollack?

That’s gonna leave a mark.

Update 10:
Welcome to the Daily Gator & All American Blogger whose post includes this tweet from Andrew Breitbart circa Oct:

Better late than never.

Update 11: I’d like to give a special shoutout to a person not involved in “Everybody blog about Brett Kimberlin day a young man on the left named Dominic Nanni. Although we disagree on most things here is our exchange on this subject when I tweeted him the Patterico link:

I’m proud of this young man, he will make no friends with his fellows on the left for this tweet but he saw something wrong and will not support it.

Update 12: Glenn Beck is INTERVIEWING PATTERICO & Aaron in live RIGHT NOW! This changes everything, it also means that I won’t be breaking news on Monday during drive time. The PJ Tattler says this:

He deserves the notoriety. So do his financial backers: Barbra Streisand, George Soros and Teresa Heinz Kerry are among the left’s leaders who fund this convicted perjurer, convicted bomber and career criminal.

I wonder if the MSM will ask those questions before we do?

Update 13: The Lonely Conservative says this:

Kimberlin poked a bees nest, and the bees are really going to start swarming today. Just wait until he sees the next Google alert. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall for that?

Thanks to his liberal benefactors Kimberlin has the resources to take on a handful of bloggers. But what’s he going to do now that so many of us are weighing in? It’s like trying to take down an angry swarm of wasps with a fly swatter.

and Pundette channels the Right Wing Granny

Patterico’s chilling account of harassment

If you’ve ever wondered why I sacrifice credibility and validity by blogging under a silly pseudonym, well, it’s not only because I’d rather not embarrass my children with my [ahem] profound political and cultural observations.

If you don’t get why this is important, now hopefully you do.

Update 14: John Hawkins interviews Stacy McCain (I’ll have my chance in a few days on air) meanwhile Dan Riehl weighs in:

Memeorandum is fast filling up with links, headed up by a shocking story posted at Patterico’s blog. Yet, that’s only one chilling tale from Kimberlin’s long and still growing list of crimes and misdeeds, including felonies, from the record and rap sheet of Brett Kimberlin, a man embraced by some of the most powerful Progressives and their institutions in American politics.

Shame on them for embracing and empowering such a small, evil man, all this time ignoring his pathetic and pathological actions, only because he assisted them in moving their ideological and political objectives forward.

Will this be another huge story the MSM ignores and the left ducks on Memorial day weekend?

Update 15: Conservative hideout is in, and interestingly enough we have posts up at Mediate and Dave Weigel who says this:

Have the “Blog About Brett Kimberlin” brigades figured out the legal risks of the enterprise? Are dozens of tweeters and bloggers, with no support networks, going to start fighting off lawsuits? Right now their allies include The Washington Examiner’s op-ed page, Red State, Michelle Malkin, and the Breitbart network. So, we’ll see.

Breitbart network? I didn’t see a post there on the subject but it’s interesting to note Weigel’s post at Slate went up 3+ hours ago with only one comment.

Watch for the comments at these sites, they should be revealing.

Update 16: Dana Loesch comes through at Breitbart!

The conservative blogosphere today launched a version of the Kony 2012 tactic, introducing readers to a man named Brett Kimberlin and his fellow far-leftists. The movement was sparked by several incidents, most recently the reported intimidation of Aaron Worthing and RS McCain, and the sensational story of the “SWATting” of Patterico.

Hank Stolz and Sherman Whitman of the WCRN Morning Show will be taking a well deserved day off on Memorial day so you will get DaTechGuy on DaRadio in DaMorning May 28th starting at 5 AM.

At 7 AM Brian Herr will be joining me and we will take the show to 9 a.m.

WCRN is 830 on your AM dial and our 50,000 watts reaches all over New England. You can listen live at WCRNradio.com or via the net or your smartphone via TuneIn.

You can tweet me using the hashtag #wcrn

You can join us at 508-438-0965 (I may have the 888-9-FEDORA line working too)

Hmmm Memorial Day, the day when we remember those who died to protect our right such as free speech & freedom of the press.

I wonder if there is a subject in the news that might come to mind?

Update: Stacy McCain will be joining us in the 6 a.m. hour

The Christian Science Monitor reports:

Hope for swift progress on a nuclear deal with Tehran faded dramatically today, as world powers presented Iran with a list of stringent demands to curb its uranium enrichment but offered little sanctions relief in return.

I don’t think we should worry if the talks are going slow, after all just this week an Iranian General was assuring the world of their peaceful intentions…

…that is to say, their intention to leave Israel in pieces:

Addressing a defense gathering here in Tehran on Sunday, General Firouzabadi said that nations should realize the threats and dangers posed by the Zionist regime of Israel.

He reiterated the Iranian nation and Supreme Leader’s emphasis on the necessity of support for the oppressed Palestinian nation and its causes, and noted, “The Iranian nation is standing for its cause that is the full annihilation of Israel.”

If you want to argue that what Iran does is not our business, fine. If you want to say Israel is a big boy and should be able to take care of themselves, make that argument. If you want to say that it is too dangerous for the US to get involved here, make your case.

But please don’t’ insult my intelligence and my literacy by claiming the Iranians are doing this nuclear business for peaceful purposes.

Looking at Robert Stacy McCain’s latest on the Brett Kimberlin he, good blogger/journalist that he is, leads with the most newsworthy question:

Today there is a massive Memeorandum aggregation about convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin, including one on an article by my filmmaker buddy Ladd Ehlinger Jr.:

What Did Barbara Streisand Know …
And When Did She Know It?

An excellent question: Why would Barbra Streisand’s “philanthropic” foundation donate money to a 501(c)3 whose director is a violent felon notorious for his dishonesty (a “top-flight con man“) to say nothing of the other heinous crimes Kimberlin has committed?

For me however when looking at this 9th post since May 17th Stacy has written on Kimberlin, posts that have forced him to relocated both himself and his family for their own safety there is a different line that jumps out at me:

Last Thursday morning, I was planning to go cover the G8 Summit at Camp David. Instead, I saw Aaron Worthing’s story, immediately recognized it as newsworthy…emphasis mine

That phrase, “immediately recognized it as newsworthy” is the story of Robert Stacy McCain

As you may or may not know although I was blogging for three years as a tech blogger for the support company I worked for (HiWired) and 14 months before I first met him I consider Robert Stacy McCain my blog mentor.

The week he lived with me during the Scott Brown special election taught me more about actual reporting than anything else. For example while I was inside listening to Bill Clinton giving a speech to a bunch of adoring faculty. Stacy McCain was outside interviewing people wearing SEIU shirts for Scott Brown.

More than 75 boosters of the GOP candidate turned out for the counter-rally, standing the sub-freezing weather to wave Brown signs and loudly sing (to the tune of “Battle Hymn of the Republic”), “Glory, Hallelujah . . . Send Scott Brown to D.C.!”

Among the Brown supporters were – believe it or not – rank-and-file members of the Service Employees International Union.

“We’re Americans – we have our free choice,” said one of the SEIU members, who identified herself only as Michelle and said she drove more than 60 miles from Western Massachusetts – “The stepchild of this state” – to show her support for Brown in Worcester.

This was rapidly picked up by state & national bloggers

“immediately recognized it as newsworthy”

And when you are capable of see what is news, you can also see when a newsworthy story that like the story of David Epstein the Huffpost blogger and Columbia University professor who apparently took time away from hitting Palin to um…spend more time with his daughter:

That ruling was on May 11 — two weeks ago — and yet I can find no news reports about Epstein’s conviction. You might think that at least the New York Times would find the disposition of this case newsworthy.

The alert reader who informed me of this previously unreported news also passed along the court documents to some members of the Columbia University faculty, resulting in this angry e-mail from Epstein’s lawyer

Stacy noted not only the NYT’s disinterest in the incest story in four widely linked posts and two Spectator stories noted an interesting defense by the Mr. Epstein’s lawyer

But he questioned why, if the alleged incest was consensual, why Epstein’s daughter had been treated by prosecutors as “somehow a victim here, when she can be best described as an accomplice.”

Moral relativism is easier if your relatives are immoral.

“immediately recognized it as newsworthy”

When the Newsmedia used Pamela Geller’s bustline to diminish her actions against the Ground Zero mosques the father of Rule 5 called them out:

The video is from August 2006 and out of all that Geller has done in the ensuing four years — including authoring The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America with her frequent collaborator, Robert Spencer — evidently nothing lends itself so easily to a feature lede as her bikini moment.

Geller laughed about this treatment when I spoke to her on the phone last week, and at her blog says, “It is comedy. It is to laugh. It is to cry.” Geller told me she was amazed at how she has been singled out as the instigator of controversy over The Lower Manhattan Islamic Cultural Center That the Associated Press Won’t Call the “Ground Zero Mosque” Anymore.

Yes Pamela Geller’s beauty is self evident but her work on Radical Islam is the real story. The MSM doesn’t see it, Stacy McCain does.

“immediately recognized it as newsworthy”

Stacy McCain spent weeks in Iowa covering the start of the campaign with the type of legwork that would make any major news organization proud and when the entire talk of the GOP was Rick Perry as savior he saw what was coming first:

There have been a few little things — including one source who says Perry has been on the wrong side of the eminent-domain issue — that lead me to think Perry is a lot less certain ultimately to win the nomination than some people seem to think. What I fear will happen is that Perry will spend several months sucking up media oxygen and burning through GOP donor cash, only to collapse early next year. This will have the effect of suffocating other conservative candidates, and thereby lead to … Romney 2012.

and recognized what did him in:

His fellow GOP candidates fired at the Texas governor all night, but it wasn’t until Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann said the phrase “innocent little 12-year-old girls” that he suffered any serious wound

“immediately recognized it as newsworthy”

When Deuce Bigalow Blogger Gigolo Will Folks graduated from Nikki Haley rumors to fake pro-life activists Stacy Called him on it:

And to return to my original question: “Who Is Elizabeth Reichert?” Read the Will Folks story and you’ll see he refers to her as a “pro-life activist,” but we have no reason to suppose that she is such an “activist,” if she even exists. Prior to Folks’s reporting of this mysterious flyer, there was no online record of her, certainly not in connection with any sort of pro-life activism.

“immediately recognized it as newsworthy”

And when the Weinergate story broke and the MSM & left alternated between ignoring the story

WeinerGate has been at the top of the Memeorandum aggregation for hours, and yet it appears that no traditional news organization finds it newsworthy.

and blaming Andrew Breitbart

Jesse LaGreca at Daily Kos is trying to turn this into a story about Andrew Breitbart, which is ridiculous. We seem to have actual facts here, facts which require some plausible explanation.

Stacy Asked the relevant questions on day 1

Very simple questions: Was Rep. Weiner exchanging online messages with Ms. Cordova? If so, why? If this is all just a misunderstanding — if Rep. Weiner was the victim of hackers — why was Ms. Cordova the recipient of that message? Why would a hacker randomly select a student journalist in Washington State to send that to?

The congressman’s office can either answer those questions — and answer them PDQ — or else wait until every political reporter on the West Coast is camped out in front of Ms. Cordova’s house.

and 55 posts later he reported on the resignation:

For the first 10 days, Weiner lied, lied, lied, and the liberals who believed Weiner were wrong, wrong, wrong, while conservatives were right, right, right. In the past 10 days, since Weiner’s June 6 press conference, liberals have tried to forget that their credulity in believing Weiner’s lies, and the idiotic conspiracy theories they proffered in his defense.

“immediately recognized it as newsworthy”

But there is one post in that series that perfectly encompass everything I’ve written here:

Few things annoy me more than having my news judgment questioned. Disagree on policy or doubt me on politics — we might argue, but such arguments do not call into question my competence as a professional journalist. And, by God, after 25 years in the news business, I know what’s news.

… as soon as I began researching the background of last weekend’s incident I realized, Hey, there’s a legit news story here.

What’s more, there was a perfect opportunity to get ahead of the story, because the mainstream media had been initially reluctant to report it. Saturday afternoon, I checked Google News and there was zero, zilch, nada from major news organizations. Yet I anticipated (correctly) how the story would develop, and so began hoovering up every fact I could find online and aggregating every tidbit of information other bloggers were reporting.

And that is what Robert Stacy McCain’s crime is to the left as a whole. Brett Kimberlin might have gone after Stacy for exposing him but for years he has covered the stories that the left would rather not see published and in a year when Barack Obama will be fighting for his political life it is vital that voices like Stacy McCain are muted.

That’s why the MSM will not be talking about Robert Stacy McCain’s story. That’s why the Tides foundation’s and Barbara Streisand’s contribution to Kimberlin’s 501(c)3 will not be pursued by the left. That’s why the Brad Blog and others on the left will be retaining Kimberlin and his services. While Andrew Breitbart was alive he was their primary target, now that he is no longer there to oppose them, those other voices that might speak out on stories they “immediately recognized it as newsworthy” must be silenced…

..at any cost.

Update: Right Wing Granny gets it:

When I began this blog, my children asked me not to connect my name and address with the blog. They feared that someone would get upset at what I wrote and choose to attack a little old lady. I thought they were being ridiculous, but I have generally respected their wishes. Something has been happening lately that shows the wisdom of their request.

This is EXACTLY What is desired. The Tea Party movement and the rise of the right that devastated the left in 2010 and the establishment GOP in primary after primary is fed by folks like Right Wing Granny. If they are stopped at the start it serves their purposes well.

Update 2: Lady Liberty 1885 notes Babs has interesting giving tastes:

So not only does Babs give to Kimberlin who gets money from Soros, but she also gives to Soros directly. It’s ring around the checkbook with these people. Discover the Networks profile for The Streisand Foundation also lists Tides as one of their recipients and is more up to date, although JTMP is not on the list.

I wonder if she knows what’s coming?

Update 3: Stacy links from an unknown location. As long as the internet exists you can’t keep him down.

Looking at the latest NBC/WSJ poll and there are some interesting small trends within that are worth examining. Let’s start with Presidential approval:

Ok there is only a 1 pt shift, nothing seemingly to write home about. How about commitment to the respective candidates:

Over the last month Romney voters are three to seven points more committed to their candidate, while Obama voters are one to three-points less committed. It’s noteworthy that the drop in commitment is much greater for the president among those actually registered to vote, still the primary season for the GOP just ended so perhaps Romney’s better numbers are not as big a deal. How about the view of congress. That shouldn’t be affected by who is the presidential candidate:

So a GOP controlled congress is one point less popular while a Democrat controlled congress is three points less popular. Interesting. Time to look at the race itself:

Romney remains unchanged at 43 while Obama drops two points from 49-47 leaving a 4 point spread in favor of the president.

So the numbers indicate a slight move away from the democrats and the president vs last month, not really dramatic news…until you look at the May polling sample:

Vs the April one

The May sample polls 3% less Republicans and 1% more democrats than April. A full 4% difference in the left’s favor and yet with an extra point of Democrats in the sample:

  • Obama’s approval is down a point
  • Preference for Democrat control of congress is down 2 points
  • Voters Definitely voting Obama is down 1-3 points
  • and Obama polls two points lower.

Meanwhile on the other side with a 3 point decline in the GOP sample

  • Preference for Republican control of congress is down 1 point
  • Voters Definitely voting Romney is Up 3-6 points
  • and Romney polls the same as before.

And you are telling me that the GOP is only now figuring out Romney Can win?

Top Republicans, long privately skeptical about their presidential prospects, are coming around to a surprising new view — that Mitt Romney may well win the White House this November.

Margin-of-error polling, fundraising parity last month, conservative consolidation around Romney and a still-sluggish economy has senior GOP officials increasingly bullish about a nominee many winced over during a difficult primary process.

Guys, I’ve been telling you for MONTHS that these people are scared. All their actions have suggested disaster for a long time. Cripes the whole Stacy McCain Brett Kimberlin business, Holder and Harvard and even the Dylan Ratigan and Tamron Hall shutting off the mike add up to just one thing.

Ride Right Through them, they’re demoralized as Hell!

I know you’re late to the party but I’m happy to have you aboard.

Looking at the commentary concerning Stacy McCain’s not so excellent adventure as his family continues to live on the run in fear of Convicted bomber, supported by liberal foundations, the most interesting thing about this story has been the great divide as mentioned by the title of this post at Goldfish and Clowns:

Silence Screams Louder Than Words

and notes some interesting omissions from those writing about this subject:

I mention this to discuss the stunning silence in which Brietbart’s minions and others have engaged in regard to this.

He has a large list of “Call outs” Including Breitbart, Hotair , Powerline, Right Wing News, The Daily Caller and RedState. Their silence it’s like watching the relatives at the start of the movie The Devi’s Disciple scurry away when their cousin is taken by the Brits.

One name that was on his list, Michelle Malkin, has come out in a big way this morning:

Over the past year, Aaron Walker (who blogged as “Aaron Worthing”), Patterico, Liberty Chick, and now Stacy McCain have been targeted by convicted Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin because they dared to mention his criminal past or assisted others who did. The late Andrew Breitbart warned about Kimberlin and company.

I have spoken directly with both Patterico and Aaron about their ongoing battles.

The mainstream press, not just the conservative blogosphere, needs to hear and report their stories. emphasis mine

That last sentence is the big bottom line. Robert Stacy McCain is not just a blogger he is a reporter, he has chosen to cover a story and because he has and his family are in hiding for their own safety.

Run that through your head MSM. This is an American JOURNALIST forced into hiding IN AMERICA for covering a story and you don’t find that newsworthy?

I’d like to say I’m surprised at this but remembering Molly Norris (who is STILL in hiding) but the MSM’s silence doesn’t surprise me.

I’m much more surprised at the silence of other conservative bloggers but most of all Breitbart.com.

Does anyone doubt that Andrew would be screaming at the top of his lungs pushing this if he were alive?

Yeah there are a lot of other issues to write about, yeah the election IS the issue this year, but who would have thought that the site that bears Andrew’s name would be the least worthy of the words “Breitbart is here” upon them?

This doesn’t of course apply to Lee Stranhan who has gone ALL in with this video

Meanwhile Stacy McCain still carries on posting away, Smitty no stranger to danger continues to write

As I’ve said before, courage is the first virtue, without it, nothing else is possible.

Exit question. If we cringe before this loser, what will we do when Holder and DOJ decide to try to shut us up later?

Update: Day by Day gets it:

Update 2: It is worth noting that Back in November of 2010 Liberty Chick at Breitbart.com wrote a long piece of Kimberlin and his connections to the left:

Update 3:
Leave it to a Film Director to find the right way to put it:

Journalist Forced to Flee Home by Streisand-Funded Domestic Terrorist Bomber!

Juicy headline, eh? Guaranteed to bring in the page views. I can’t imagine I’m the only one who’s thought of this angle to the story.

There was a time when this kind of headline would have had reporters running for their typewriters, but nothing trumps the need for the MSM to fight for those who protect Obama.

Update 4: Hotair is now on board. Captain Ed:

Stacy has had to take his family out of their house in order to protect them, at least for a while. It’s no blogospheric secret that Stacy and I have had our differences, but I still count Stacy as a friend and hope he does the same, and no one should have to leave their home in fear simply for engaging in political debate. I hit his tip jar yesterday to help in some small way to defray his travel expenses, and I’d encourage everyone else to do the same.

What else can we do? First, read all of Michelle’s post to get a sense of what the story and its impact actually is. Write about it or don’t, depending on how much focus you believe the story deserves, but try to post something about what these bloggers are enduring — if not on a blog, then on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media channels. At some point, we all need our friends to have our backs. I’ve already been there, and believe me, it’s a lonely place until they arrive.

How long with the MSM continue to ignore this?

Update 5: Yid with Lid is on it along with PopeHat and Ace invokes Kitty Genovese.

If you missed Robert Spencer and Sean Bielat on DaTechGuy on DaRadio, wait no longer, listen to it here now.

The Spencer interview literally had people stopping me telling me how incredible he was. I’m going to have to get him back again soon. You can get his book his book Did Muhammad Exist?: An Inquiry into Islam’s Obscure Origins

This weekend features a pair of authors: Phillip Hines Author of Mitt Romney in his Own Words for the first hour and Jack Mitchell Author of Fireside Chat in the 2nd.

Join us at 10 AM EST Saturday May 26th. You can listen live at Wcrnradio.com or via TuneIn

One of the hardest things in life is to realize not so much that you’ve been wrong, that we’ve been had, so how difficult must this letter been from the President of Notre Dame to send out:

Despite some positive indications, the Administration announced on January 20, 2012, that its interim rule would be adopted as final without change. After an outcry from across the political spectrum, President Obama announced on February 10 that his Administration would attempt to accommodate the concerns of religious organizations. We were encouraged by this announcement and have engaged in conversations with Administration officials to find an acceptable resolution. Although I do not question the good intentions and sincerity of all involved in these discussions, progress has not been encouraging and an announcement seeking comments on how to structure any accommodation (HHS Advanced Notification of Proposed Rule Making on preventative services policy, March 16, 2012) provides little in the way of a specific,

Read that letter carefully, you would not know from this letter how hard Fr. Jenkins played duck on Roxeanne Marino

“She did not realize, however, that several of these organizations also take a pro-choice position This is not her personal position….”

Dodge on the president’s beliefs:

Even MSNBC covered the 10 priests of the CSC objecting to Fr. Jenkins leaked statement suggesting that because President Obama is not Catholic these rules don’t apply is only going to make things worse.

and hide from actions already taken against other Catholic Colleges like Belmont Abby College

At first, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) found no evidence of gender discrimination by Belmont Abbey College… After a few weeks, the EEOC mysteriously reversed course and announced, in effect, that the college had better toe the Administration’s line, or else.

They are now demanding the school go against the very principles it exists to serve.

Yet as with redemption itself, it is not when it takes place but THAT it take place which makes all the difference:

“For if one Presidential Administration can override our religious purpose and use religious organizations to advance policies that undercut our values, then surely another Administration will do the same for another very different set of policies, each time invoking some concept of popular will or the public good, with the result these religious organizations become mere tools for the exercise of government power, morally subservient to the state, and not free from its infringement,” argued Jenkins. “If that happens, it will be the end of genuinely religious organizations in all but name.”

It seems that Father Jenkins knows well the writings of James Madison as well as St. Thomas More.

Of course you have 42 other institutions also in the suit so maybe the extra support helps but then again prayer is all about supporting people doing the right thing.

Two days ago I wrote about the risks of Free Speech and it’s costs. I mentioned Robert Stacy McCain’s multi-part series on the subject, asking how a person convicted of Bombings can draw hundreds of thousands of dollars of support from wealthy liberal organizations to go after conservatives, (strangely for Stacy he doesn’t ask why the conservatives fighting their fight are not worthy of the same support by conservative organizations but I digress).

Today Stacy and his wife & children are in an undisclosed location staying one step ahead of Mr. Kimberlin. As he puts it:

To people trying to guess my destination, good luck. Kimberlin loves to sue people to shut them up, but first he has to find the appropriate jurisdiction.

That’s a brave face and almost jovial face, but anyone who knows Stacy understands the bombs Kimberlin has set in the past and it is that knowledge more than any suit that is keeping him and his family moving.

To my friends on the left who are financing this fellow: Do you have any actual honor left? Have you become so secular, so utilitarian that you have reached this point? I have no problem with redemption and forgiveness, Christianity demands it but the person in question is not behaving in an honorable way, and if you are paying a man so he can force a reporter/blogger, his wife and children on the road to avoid him you have to ask yourself: Have you no decency? Have your totalitarian impulses becomes so strong that this is what its come to?

And Stacy, my suggestion is to re-locate to a concealed carry state or perhaps to the home of someone of Sicilian ancestry, for some odd reason such locations tend to be safer. I can’t imagine why.

Ladd Ehlinger is a much more worldly man than I

“This is crazy. Does Neal Rauhauser and all these other people really think they can associate with a guy like Kimberlin and ever hope to work in politics again? Not even a loopy Democrat would want to risk hiring someone who hangs around with a convicted domestic terrorist. What the hell are they thinking? Sure you can do dirty tricks – but this is way beyond that.”

True, but this is not politics as usual.

We like to think that in the U.S. of A., we can do politics without degenerating into third-world mayhem. We have political consultants and talking heads. It’s all about polls, the latest meme, marketing. Why, it’s nothing more than Coke vs. Pepsi.

People operate on that comfortable assumption.

But I think this election year is going to be different.

What if the Soros camp knows Kimberlin’s past and present and aren’t bothered by it? Look to the latest mayhem in Chicago; look to who funds the Occupy movement. I think you have your answer. I know I have mine.

Hard-core progressives believe that conservatives are pure evil. Evil! Evil, and must be destroyed. Long-winded intricate essays on Keynesian economics in the Weekly Standard is not going to change that.

And if your opposition thinks and feels that you are evil incarnate, then it will act that way, too.

I’m reading what Ladd has written thinking what is being done to my church and to Stacy and all I can think of is the line from Sahara when Frenchy is shot in the back after talking to the German commander under a flag of truce:

Capt. Jason: Frenchy was right, we don’t know the Nazis

If the left chooses to ignore this and decides to let this stand then all bets are off.

Update 2: Stacy updates the story here:

Convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin on Monday continued his effort to silence those who write about his criminal past by contacting my wife’s employer, claiming that I was “harassing” him. The resulting security concern required immediate relocation if I was to be able to continue writing about the case of Kimberlin, a violent felon, perjurer and admitted tax cheat who is employed as the director of a 501(c)3 non-profit that has collected $1.8 million in contributions since 2005.

Stacy Insists the story is not about him:

it is important to emphasize that this story is not about me.

This story is about Brett Kimberlin, a criminal of infamous reputation whose recent actions indicate that he fears widespread scrutiny. His attempts to suppress the truth have only generated more of the scrutiny Kimberlin had hoped to prevent, so that Monday for the first time his story merited a thread on the political news aggregation site Memeorandum.

Although I agree that Kimberlin is a big story, the primary story and additionally the willingness of “mainstream” left foundations to fund him is a pretty interesting tale…

…but for my money a reporter in America having to flee his home with his family for their safety because he dared to report on Mr. Kimberlin and the mainstream foundations that fund him is a hell of a story in itself, and the disinterest in the media in reporting it is even bigger.

I see Molly Norris all over again.

Update 4:
A whole lot of folks on the Net have discovered this, when will the MSM? Where is Fox? Where is Drudge?

Update 5: Remember spell check is not your friend thanks Calvin

I was at Romano’s Market Saturday and Josh was telling me that yet another expose has been driving business to the butcher shop:

An exposé by station WCVB in Boston reveals that the steaks we buy in supermarkets and restaurants aren’t necessarily all they’re cracked up to be. Which is not to say they aren’t “cracked up.”

According to cattle rancher Nigel Tudor, the expensive “fillet steaks” sold in many American food stores are actually made up of scraps of beef held together by the enzymetransglutaminase. Known in the industry as “meat glue,” this white powder is derived from the clotting agents in pigs’ and cows’ blood.

Now since you supposedly can’t taste the difference why worry? Oh I don’t know maybe this:

The U.S. federal government has ruled that meat glue is “generally recognized as safe,” but not all health experts are in agreement. Steve Steingart, of the Allegheny County Health Department in Pennsylvania, told WCVB that glued meat could pose a health risk if smaller pieces of meat that have been contaminated end up in the center of a steak served rare.

If you’ve see the words “formed” or “reformed” on a package at the store, you know it’s been “glued” but no such labeling is required at restaurants.

I’m reminded of the story my mother told me concerning the first restaurant the family opened. They kept an experienced waitress from the previous owner and was shocked to see her refilling beer bottles at closing to sell to patrons who have had a few late at night. On her way out permanently that night she turned to my mother remarking they would lose a lot of money.

Now consider, you are a restauranteur, all your costs are up, you are struggling to stay afloat and you have a product that allows you to turn stew meat into an filet that you can sell at a competitive price but tastes exactly the same as the expensive one and is completely legal and according to the government safe? What do you THINK they are going to do?

And as this video shows it’s not just steaks:

Hmmm those chicken nuggets and strips are looking a whole lot less appetizing aren’t they?

As I see it unless you want to raise your own meat or go vegetarian your choices are to cook all your food well done or go to Romano’s and watch Mike or his sons cut the stuff fresh.

I think that’s an easy choice.

Update: A thought: Would a restaurant even consider this type of thing if it wasn’t for the Obama Economy?

Here is a headline that might have caught you by surprise:

Why I want all our children to read the King James Bible

Yes you read that right, Dawkins is supporting an effort by England’s Education secretary to send free King James Bibles to every school for its 400th anniversary, but don’t get your hopes up, it’s not a question of respect for the Word, but respect for the words

Ecclesiastes, in the 1611 translation, is one of the glories of English literature (I’m told it’s pretty good in the original Hebrew, too). The whole King James Bible is littered with literary allusions, almost as many as Shakespeare (to quote that distinguished authority Anon, the trouble with Hamlet is it’s so full of clichées). In The God Delusion I have a section called “Religious education as a part of literary culture” in which I list 129 biblical phrases which any cultivated English speaker will instantly recognise and many use without knowing their provenance: the salt of the earth; go the extra mile; I wash my hands of it; filthy lucre; through a glass darkly; wolf in sheep’s clothing; hide your light under a bushel; no peace for the wicked; how are the mighty fallen.

A native speaker of English who has never read a word of the King James Bible is verging on the barbarian.

As you might guess I’m not a huge fan of Richard Dawkins views on religion but Dawkins (like Chris Hitchens) is a well-educated man who got that education at a time before political correctness and identity politics turned education into a weapon. Dawkins continues in a less surprising vein:

European history, too, is incomprehensible without an understanding of the warring factions of Christianity and the book over whose subtleties of interpretation they were so ready to slaughter and torture each other.

Dawkins being Dawkins of course focuses only on wars over Christian Schisms, somehow William Wilburforce and the fight against the slave trade doesn’t make his cut but his general point is quite valid. One simply can’t understand Western Civilization without understanding the bible. Art, literature, History so much of western history is directly related to the Bible and its interpretation and to ignore it is to be willfully ignorant.

And Dawkins also has an ulterior motive:

Whatever else the Bible might be – and it really is a great work of literature – it is not a moral book and young people need to learn that important fact because they are very frequently told the opposite. The examples I have quoted are the tip of a very large and very nasty iceberg. Not a bad way to find out what’s in a book is to read it, so I say go to it.

BTW Dawkins for all my disagreement with him deserves respect for this argument, it would much easier to try to keep people away from scripture.

The guardian seems to believe that this isn’t going anywhere:

his support for Gove’s plan: opening the Bible is the surest way to put young minds off its contents. From this perspective, the Dawkins-Gove alliance looks dead before it started.

This is poppycock for two reasons:

1. For educational reasons alone the plan is justified for all the reasons above. Dawkins motivations are irrelevant to that purpose.

2. Christians if they have any faith should welcome Dawkins’ challenge for the young to read the bible. Inspired scripture has spoken to hundreds of millions for centuries, and any Christian worth his salt understands why in a way that Dawkins for all his education can’t comprehend.

So yes by all means let the young read the bible and let Dawkins make his best argument, I suspect it will not be a better one than the argument of the Holy Spirit.

…read the story of how what Brett Kimberlin terrorist (that is not hyperbole) did to Aaron Walker (Aaron Worthing) explained here.

I also learned by the end of the day that both my wife and I were being suspended from our jobs. It turned out that the President of the company and some of her receptionists were in such complete apprehension that Brett Kimberlin might commit an act of domestic terrorism on their building that they no longer wanted me or my wife to be there as a target. They told us we were suspended without pay until the situation was “resolved”—whatever the hell that meant.

And when your done there check out Stacy McCain’s series on the matter currently in six parts telling the Story of Mr. Kimberlin. Highlights include part 2 quoting Matthew Vadum

JTMP has received at least $70,000 in grants from the far-left Tides Foundation since 2006. The 2006 grant in the amount of $60,000 was for general operations which means JTMP could use the funds without restriction. The 2008 grant of $10,000 was also for general operations.

Another noteworthy donor is singer and liberal activist Barbra Streisand who has given JTMP at least $10,000 through her Barbra Streisand Foundation since 2006 ($5,000 in 2006 for general operations and $5,000 in 2008 for general operations).

Yet another is Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Sen. John Kerry (D-Massachusetts). Mrs. Kerry is CEO of the Heinz Family Foundation which has given JTMP at least $20,000 since 2006 (the grant was earmarked for general operations).

That’s over $100k

Part 3 where he notes Breitbart warned about this guy and here he links to the list of the Breitbart Crew

Now, it gets interesting: A site called “Breitbart Unmasked” has published a list of what it calls “The Breitbart Crew,” including everyone from Brent Bozell III to Dave Weigel of Slate.

Patterico and Worthing suspect “Breitbart Unmasked” and Brett Kimberlin are one and the same. On Twitter last night, @BreitbartUnmask denied being Brett Kimberlin, but it is curious to observe how people who tell the truth about Kimberlin become the subject of attacks from ”Breitbart Unmasked.”

In 1981, Kimberlin was sentenced to 50 years in federal prison. But that was before “truth-in-sentencing” became law. He only did 17 years for his heinous crimes. A convicted terrorist who has been known to plot the murders of his enemies, including a federal prosecutor . . .

Names on a list?:

Let the record show neither I nor Stacy made the list. Stacy because the left has heard from the deer in the woods how deadly his family can be and me because nobody puts Sicilians on lists.

Part 4 talks of targeting and Part 5 reveals that terrorism aside if you are effective voice for the left, it pays:

Federal tax forms filed by convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin’s tax-exempt non-profit Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) show that the 501(c)3 group collected $1.8 million in gifts, grants and other contributions during its first six years of operation.

Just a reminder that’s $300k a year, with that kind of money Annually you could keep Stacy, Me, and a half-dozen other bloggers writing up a storm full-time.

Today part six notes that the folks at Breitbart Unmasked are getting a bit edgy about this continuing series:

Oh, you are so frightened, aren’t you, Mr. Not Brett Kimberlin? Kind of externalizing and projecting your sociopathic habits on others, eh?

Horrified at the prospect of exposure, aren’t you? Trying to rally everybody around to protect your dishonest felonious self by conflating your own narrow interests with ”the institutional left,” and exaggerating Aaron Walker into an all-powerful Right-Wing Ringleader, whom you accuse of orchestrating “all out attack on everything that the left stands for” and “everything the left holds dear” — like blowing up innocent people with bombs, for example?

And apparently they should be afraid, because not only is Stacy McCain writing about this the Lonely Conservative is on her third post concerning the subject and blogs including Nice Deb, Riehl’s World View, Camp of the Saints, Bill Quick, I own the World, That Mr. G Guy and the Conservatory have all jumped in. The most telling comment came ironically from the blog An Ex Con’s View

I am now an honest citizen, striving hard to make amends, convert my life and fulfill my obligations as a citizen (one of the prime reasons this blog exists is in fulfillment of those obligations). I have thrown away several of my rights because of my criminal activities, but nothing suspends my obligations. Prime among these is to actively speak out in the public square about the direction our government is taking (in this regard I am a loudmouth). Folks like Brett Kimberlin make it damn near impossible for my words and opinions to be heard. They make an honest ex-criminal to be regarded as anyone to be associated with. As Stacy wrote in his blog: “You might call Brett Kimberlin a deviant criminal sociopath, or you could call him a “progressive activist,” but the one thing you can never call Brett Kimberlin is honest.”

So while I’ve taken a few days to play wiffleball, interviewing Robert Spencer and reading the latest addition to Caro’s Magnum Opus. STacy and the gang have been fighting the good fight at some risk to themselves.

A tip of my fedora to them all and remember the left is about power, if you are surprised by this, then you haven’t been paying attention..

Update 2: How I forgot Lady Liberty I can’t say particularly after seeing this:

There were a number of videos from MusiCares events as well. I checked their statements to see more about them and noted that under section B of their tax statement for 09/10 listed a large payment in the independent contractor list to Bounce Event Marketing for $948,205. Curious about such a large expenditure, I hit the Bounce Event Marketing site and checked their client list. One client popped out at me, The White House. Small world. Bounce was responsible for “The Motown Sound: In Performance at The White House“. They also did “Fiesta Latina“. Both were covered by PBS, also a client of Bounce. I can only wonder how much they cost given MusiCares dropped nearly a million in fees to Bounce in one year. By the way, Bounce EM is an affiliate of AEG worldwide, owned by the Anschutz Company, founded by Philip Anschutz, who recently acquired The Weekly Standard and who also owns The Washington Examiner. Seems like Anschutz is the opposite of Soros and just as well funded. I wonder if Obama knew he was lining the pockets of a conservative battling Hollywood when he used Bounce. Hmm. After following all those links, I feel like I’ve been in a house of mirrors.

Now I’m even more creeped out.

and Stacy now has part 7 up

They forgot to add: “Send money so we can pay a convicted terrorist to go around suing every blogger who says bad things about him, because – hey! – we’re all about democracy. Also, music.”

Update 3: American Power empathizes and opines

I suppose I was lucky in a sense. I was able to defend myself against the malicious attacks from this mob without too much personal cost, financially and emotionally. And of course my employment is safe. But make no mistake: The goal of these progressive cowards was to have me fired. And what’s so amazing is how seriously those contacted by my enemies took the lies and allegations against me. Carl Salonen even had an investigation at my college initiated upon the demand of California Attorney General Kamala Harris. See my full report, with the libelous allegations attached: “Carl Salonen Libelous Workplace Allegations of Child Pornography and Sexual Harassment at Long Beach City College.”

Remember this is about power and access to the public purse. If you think these people are going to care about crushing you for access to it you are deluding yourself.

Update 4: And he’s some more lawfare:

Brett Kimberlin Has Filed ANOTHER Peace Order Against Me

I guess he’s going to have to file a whole lot more.

I received Robert Caro’s volume The Years of Lyndon Johnson: The Passage of Power as a gift late Friday night and finished reading it at noon on Sunday. the following is the review I have submitted to Amazon.com. It has not yet appeared on their site: I reproduce it in its entirety here and will link it when it is up: Update: It’s up here.

Robert Caro’s 4th Volume on the life of Lyndon Johnson covering from 1958 to the transition in 1964 is yet another lesson concerning how political power is achieved and how it is applied.

Caro book is divided into five sections:

The first covers Johnson’s failed effort to obtain the presidential nomination in 1960. He focuses on strategic errors, in terms of solidifying support Johnson should have had without effort combined with a total misreading of the political gifts of JFK. While his inaction would seem strange for the man who said: “If you do everything you will win” it is clear from my reading of the volume that it was less a question of insecurity and fear as Caro suggests but of dedication to a strategic plan that was in fact based on an understandably flawed premise. The “inaction” was, in my opinion, simply Johnson using the disciple he thought necessary for his strategy to work. The story of the vice presidential offer to was particularly revealing and the handling of his train tour during the campaign was something I was totally ignorant of.

The second section concerning the vice presidency is the least exciting in that it concerns not Johnson’s power but his weakness and inability to use his considerable talents to change that state. We also get a solid look at JFK’s understanding of how who holds presidential power within the Executive Branch branch.

Sections 3 & 4 are very short, 30 and 49 pages respectively. They deal with the events of Dallas up to the end of the procession in DC. It chronicles the moment when the switch in Lyndon Johnson’s head turns from “off” to “on”. The transformation will be no surprise to anyone who read the previous books nor his willingness to use Jackie the blood still upon her dress to begin that consolidation. Excluded from this section are Johnson’s decisive actions to complete this consolidation among world leaders, and political leaders on the state and national level once back in DC. That is saved for the final section…

….Section 5 Where we see the difference between a romantic figure and a political master. We are taken back to his previous volume Master of the Senate where we see how a person who knows how to use power and understands how political power works operates. Most interesting to me is his forcing people like Hubert Humphrey to develop the skis that Johnson due to his new office can’t use in person. This was my favorite part of the story.

Several thoughts:

Caro is a master storyteller, The 600+ pages of this book turn as easily as Shelby Foote’s Civil War Trilogy did.

The meat of this book is the conflict between LBJ & RFK, it dominates the volume as the balance of power shifts between them.

I was taken aback by how Caro approached RFK’s anti-communism and dislike for the Soviet Block. It suggested a sympathy for the single most murderous ideology of the 20th century that is not inconsistent with 20th & 21st century liberalism.

Make sure you read the notes at the end of the book, they are filled with nuggets that should not be missed.

It seemed odd to me that Johnson would not give an opinion issue when JFK asked EXCEPT when Kennedy asked about passing a Civil Rights bill. That was totally inconsistent with everything that came before.

The single most important words of the book come on page 465. Russell played his cards till the end but he knew the game was lost before it even started because like his hero R. E. Lee he faced a foe who as Shelby Foote put it: “Knew how to whip him, and did.”

Finally there is one elephant in the room that needs to be addressed:

I took the liberty of reading the one star reviews. Most fault Caro for not linking Johnson to the assassination of Kennedy. Although Caro states emphatically he is aware of no evidence to support any such linkage to the crime, it is impossible to ignore the level of coincidence here. For thousands of pages every bit of Lyndon Johnson’s life is directed toward a single ultimate goal. Caro writes the day of the assassination Johnson’s world is about to crumble. The upcoming Life magazine stories on his wealth, the congressional testimony on the Baker case and the realization by the Kennedy campaign that he was no longer needed in 1964 combined with RFK’s ambitions suggest LBJ unquestionably was in fear for his political life.

Yet with two bullets his problems either disappear outright or he suddenly has the power to make them disappear.

Johnson’s actions in the car to the airport certainly seem exculpatory and I’m certainly not going to accuse LBJ of complicity in a murder and coup nor re-write history based on coincidence, but one can not have read the previous nearly 3000 pages to the moment of crisis and not reflexively suspect Johnson of complicity due to his unwillingness to leave anything to chance and the principle of Cui Bono, even if such suspicion comes only for a moment and leaves just as fast.

This book like the volumes that preceded is simply spectacular even as a stand alone volume. It is informative, entertaining and applicable to the political situation that exists today. You should buy it.

I hope that Mr. Caro lives to complete the final volume and I look forward to reading it when he does.

This book is worth your money PERIOD!

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  • Should be posting but got Robert Caro's THE YEARS OF LYNDON JOHNSON, THE PASSAGE OF POWER for birthday, impossible to put down #book #
  • Any person who wishes to understand the use of political power needs to read all of Robert Caro's Lyndon Johnson books #
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  • How deep into this book Caro's book. (pp251) am I so deep that I'm loanin my laptop to my son to game on it #
  • Only critique of Caro's book comes from page 235 a page that covers the author with disgrace but given his age & views totally unsurprising #

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Today on WCRN’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio AM 830 on your radio dial we have a couple of first-rate guests.

at 10:15 Sean Bielat will join us to talk about the ma-4 campaign.

at 11:00 Robert Spencer joins us to talk about his book Did Muhammad Exist?: An Inquiry into Islam’s Obscure Origins

You can join the conversation at 508-438-0965 or 888-9-Fedora, you can tweet us at #wcrn You can also listen live using TuneIn

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So blogging will be light this morning.

You can listen to the game live 7-9 on wcrn AM 830 or online at wcrnradio.com or using tune-in.

See you at Commerce Bank Stadium chandler St. Worcester. I’ll be the guy in the fedora and the Vibram five finger toe shoes.

Update: Pictures. We’ve got PICTURES!

Update 2: Mr. Mercadante speaks

Your enemies always get strong on what you leave behind

Michael Corleone Godfather III 1990

Yesterday there was no story on the web bigger than that of the Image from Barack Obama’s Literary Agent.

As you doubtless already know by now from 1991 till just before he entered the presidential race the agency for Barack Obama’s book in their bio listed his place of birth as Kenya. The agent claims this was a simple oversight, however it would appear none of the other biographies on the site have such glaring errors. As Breitbart’s Big Government says:

The errant Obama biography in the Acton & Dystel booklet does not contradict the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate. Moreover, several contemporaneous accounts of Obama’s background describe Obama as having been born in Hawaii.

The biography does, however, fit a pattern in which Obama–or the people representing and supporting him–manipulate his public persona.

Left wing sites like Mediate are pooh poohing this:

Yes, this pamphlet to advertise a book that was never written, right alongside a New Kids On The Block book that was written, is obviously another piece in the Obama world-domination jigsaw puzzle. What better way to get your Obamaganda out there than a trade pamphlet that will be read by dozens?

Our friends on the left either don’t want to or don’t care to get the reason why this matters.

We are constantly dismissed as “just bloggers” yet with its “layers of fact checkers” and Corporate infrastructure behind it the MSM should have found and reported this 4 years ago but instead, a blog site with a staff the size of a baseball team did. That of course presumes the mainstream media did not find this and choose to ignore it.

Tim Stanley at the London Telegraph gets it both in terms of the agent’s story:

If we accept that Obama didn’t provide the biography, it would seem highly unlikely that he didn’t get a chance to vet it. Accepting that he didn’t do that either, it’s incredibly strange that the literary agent approached by Breitbart.com does not remember Obama calling the agency to register a complaint and make a correction. My mother spent a lot of her childhood in Grenada. If my literary agent told people I was born in the Caribbean, I’d at least pick up the phone to set the record straight.

and then about the media:

Look beyond the sordid details and the big story here is that this nugget wasn’t part of the wider discussion had back in 2008 about Obama’s background and credentials. And why not? The documents were easy to find – the one that showed that “born in Kenya” was still being used in 2007 was on the Internet.

Apparently not as easy to find as second-hand sources for quotes from dead people about Mitt Romney

Bottom line this “vetting series” isn’t about Obama being unfit or unqualified as president, (his record amply demonstrates this for him) it’s about the fitness of the media and left that spent a frantic weekend pouring over Sarah Palin’s e-mail that was, and still is more interested in electing (and re-electing) Obama than doing their jobs.

If the MSM actually acted like, you know reporters, and did the jobs they claim to do, than Rush, Fox News, Drudge, Breitbart and me wouldn’t have one.

That’s why it’s not surprising to see the left swinging at Breitbart, it beats acknowledging their own deliberate failures.

  • Any in Rio? | RT @JazzShaw: Too many meetings today. #sigh #
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  • How is the #wwe talking people out of $ with this report different than Da Oral Roberts being called home stuff? http://t.co/dtpGac3c #tcot #
  • @MGraham969 Well I could use the indulgence's bit, give to the #wwe & save the world so you can Jet to Rio guilt free http://t.co/dtpGac3c #
  • Why does .@morning_joe assume legal "hispanic" voters automatically support dems over illegal immigration but not da #gop over social issues #
  • .@MGraham969 .@WorcTeaParty Maybe we should be people to contribute to a fund to send us all to RIO to discuss it http://t.co/dtpGac3c #
  • @SussexAngelC I don't know, that Crab doesn't look like it has much experience in the cullinary field #
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  • @SissyWillis @morning_joe about 30 seconds of talk on the question concerning affirmative action, enough to say "we spoke about it" #
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  • .@BradMarston I've been screamming "Ride right through them they've demoralized as hell" for a year, people are finaly getting it .@rsmccain #
  • .@BradMarston .@rsmccain When Obama crashes & burns I claim a spot on a .@morning_joe panel to explain what I saw that everyone missed #tcot #
  • .@BradMarston .@rsmccain .@morning_joe …and why I saw it as far back as May of 2011 #tcot #
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  • Not in quality of Cannoli & Italiam Pizza I'll wager but you can't have everything |RT @ali: Texas is superior in every way. #
  • .@BulletsAndBBQ .@Viasmom .@StopRush Remember liberalism is a religion, it's a matter of faith that #Rush is failing evidence notwithsanding #
  • .@TomLavinNH I don't think that will be a problem but anything can happen that's why you actually have elections #
  • @memeorandum @GaltsGirl The Ex-Patriot Act is a gimmik but a rather appealing one, much easier than Oh dropping the Capital Gains tax #
  • just to make it clear .@RickCarusoLA am I to understand that Every Catholic Bishop, Cardinal and the Pope is also banned from .@TheGroveLA #
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Pam Geller has written about the Media embargo of 9/11 images often. If you wonder why that embargo is so important to the totalitarian left Jay Nordlinger discovers it at the Oslo Freedom Forum:

Manal al-Sharif, you have also met. She’s the young Saudi woman who broke the taboo against driving. She is a heroine throughout the Arab world (and beyond). Here’s something I did not know about her: She was once an Islamist, a supporter of al-Qaeda.

The “turning point” for her, she says, was 9/11. “I saw a man throwing himself from one of the towers. He was escaping the fire. That night, I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t get that man out of my mind. ‘Something is wrong here,’ I thought. ‘No religion on earth can accept such mercilessness and cruelty.’

“So, I saw that my heroes were nothing but bloody terrorists, and that was the turning point in my life.”

The atheist says that God doesn’t exist period, let alone exists in the hearts of men. This woman was an Islamist, a supporter of Al-Qaeda. She was brought up in a religion where the life of the unbeliever was without value and yet, seeing this image something changed inside her.

It’s good to know that even in this horrible event, the seeds of positive change can grow.

No I’m not talking about my furnace woes, I’m referring to Zilla of the Resistance friend’s 4 children now orphaned after a horrific Murder suicide:

Sherry’s children are now orphans, and they will have to live with the horror of what happened forever. The kids are being cared for by relatives now, and a trust fund has been set up to help them. What has happened to these kids is beyond what anyone should ever have to endure. The relatives who are grieving for Sherry are now the guardians of four severely traumatized kids and will be dealing with the consequences of this real life nightmare for many years to come; you can help to at least alleviate one burden for them – money – by contributing any amount you can spare to the address below:

The Hayes Children Trust

P.O. Box 644

North Bellmore NY 11710

Please lift this family up in your prayers along with all of Sherry’s friends who are mourning their beloved friend

If you can help it would be a good thing. It certainly beats helping fund a trip to RIO for bureaucrats.

Update: Totally forgot the link to the full story, now in

Do you remember Oral Roberts years ago saying he would be “called home”? I thought of that when I saw this story:

Humans are living outside their means, depleting natural resources like forests, air and water 50% faster than the planet can renew, according to the 2012 World Wildlife Fund’s “Living Planet Report” released this month.

If the trends aren’t reversed, by 2030 we’d need more than two Planet Earths to sustain human activity, according to the study.

National review snarks:

Mr. Loucks is certainly correct about one thing: at some point the earth’s going to poop out, but we just don’t know when. Since that’s a pretty scary thing to think about, why not pick a date out of your hat — oh, say, 2030? After all, fund-raising is ever so much more effective when the end is near.

Before you rush off and to buy indulgences from the WWF consider: the WWF comes out with a study saying we all need to live like Indonesians. In fact the story reports that next month’s United Nations conference on sustainable development will be working on reversing the trends in the study. So how are these environmentally conscience folk going to do this…

called the Rio +20, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

…by jetting off to RIO!

RIO by the Sea OH oh me oh oh my oh

If only the technology existed for people to have a meeting and share documents where they were, then it would not be necessary to jet all these international civil servants and NGO members, charities and of course their support staffs to RIO to eat and drink and opine on how to keep people from wasting the world resources.

If you can explain to me how contributors to these people are any different from those who sent their dollars to keep Oral Roberts alive, I’d really appreciate it.

Footnote 1: If we are supposed to live like Indonesians does that include the dog eating and pipe beating?)

Footnote 2: Slightly unrelated: On the Oral Roberts business can someone explain to me why being “called home” is bad to a Christian who preaches “one saved always saved?”

Update: Speaking of things this reminds me of

The 4th Doctor: …A Lost mine, A phoney map are people still falling for that old guff I mean are they?

Romana 1: You mean you didn’t believe his story?

The 4th Doctor:

Romana 1: But he had such an honest face?

The 4th Doctor: Romana, you can’t be a successful thief without an honest face can you?

or in the WWE’s case, a pretty web site and an epic report of doom.

Update: Coincidentally at PJ Media today it appears the Hockey stick is broken:

It was clear from the emails that Briffa had been telling one story publicly and another privately as to his reasons for not including the devastating data, but the tide finally turned last month, when the University of East Anglia was finally forced by the British Information Commissioner to at least tell McIntyre which data sets were used in its results.

They link and quote the blog Bishop Hill. PJ media finishes thus:

But at a minimum it should be the final blow to the hockey stick, and perhaps to the very notion that bristlecone pines and larches are accurate thermometers. It should also be a final blow to the credibility of many of the leading lights of climate “science,” but based on history, it probably won’t be, at least among the political class. What it really should be is the beginning of the major housecleaning necessary if the field is to have any scientific credibility, but that may have to await a general reformation of academia itself. It would help, though, if we get a new government next year that cuts off funding to such charlatans, and the institutions that whitewash their unscientific behavior.

Update 2: Hotair notes the study but misses the Rio Angle

BTW for those who aren’t familiar with the Mostel version here is one more modern.

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  • GOP being driven over a cliff by the #teaparty is anyone actually paying attention @morning_joe #
  • @ByronYork ….but not used by any other president in the past. #
  • @morning_joe playing the moveon"Romney hates women" ad again. I guess it'sl about trying to keep @msnbc's viewer in the fold, small target #
  • With Steve Schmidt on the .@morning_joe set the .@DebFischer2012 win in #nbsen thanks to .@sarahpalinusa apparently isn't on the table #tcot #
  • @ByronYork because then the question come about exactly when she first discovered the narraitive was false, that might be even worse. #
  • .@restoreusa100 .@TomTaylorBrown .@morning_joe .@msnbc In fairness to Obama his election team's strategy was also pretty good in 2008 #
  • .@TomTaylorBrown .@carbeye .@restoreusa100 .@morning_joe .@msnbc Bill Clinton's signed a sexual harassment law early how did that work out? #
  • The worst part of the medicial report/autoposy stuff, there is no way the special procecutor didn't know these things before charging murder #
  • Free speech at a #London university #Palestinian style http://t.co/Tq3DCQiB #cowards #totalitarian #israel #
  • question nobody will ask Amy Gutmann: how much of that 50K Penn cost is paid by the taxpayers? @morning_joe #
  • @tunkuv @theage @indiaeyeopener I'd bet America, China is going to fold like a wet blanket #
  • .@rsmccain .@anexconsview Better question why is the big win by the .@sarahpalinusa backed candidate in Nebraska apparently verboten on set? #
  • In Canton mass today to tape a few segments for #outwithjoe #
  • @kiradavis422 Well perhaps if career GOP politician's voted in a conservative way they would not have to shake in their boots #
  • Two idfferent flats/blowouts 7 hours and 50 miles appart, it's not been a good day #

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