I read with absolutely no surprise the ruling out of Boston on Gay Marriage. I can’t say the same for Moe Lane’s post on the Boston ruling. I like Moe but with all due respect I simply had to laugh:

I have what can be fairly called a cynical and perverse position on this issue. I favor SSM, as most of you know. I also think that DoMA is blatantly unconstitutional, given that it really is in flagrant violation of the Full Faith and Credit Clause. But it’s always been my opinion that if DoMA is completely thrown out then we’re going to see it promptly turned into a Constitutional amendment and ratified with dizzying speed. And that’s the best case scenario. The worst case scenario? A Federal Marriage Amendment*. Which means that I’m stuck tacitly supporting a bad law because I’m more afraid of the alternative. Ach, this Fallen world!

Oh Moe Moe Moe, don’t you realize from the very moment that the very first court in Vermont ruled on civil unions (supporters insisted nobody was talking Gay Marriage) to the moment DOMA was proposed (and opponents insisted that there was no need for a constitutional amendment because nobody was talking about redefining marriage) until finally via a 4-3 ruling Gay Marriage was imposed on Massachusetts and then beyond the radical left has worked for this day.

Additionally the Democratic party has now wedded itself to Gay activists and the two biggest fans, Hollywood and the Media to the point where even the NAACP and powerful members of the Black Community are pressuring ministers to abandon the beliefs they have preached forever.

You really think that the folks bankrolling all this stuff aren’t prepared to face a constitutional amendment?

It takes 2/3 majorities in both houses to move a constitutional amendment to get it to the states. Moe thinks that the democrats can’t manage to find 145 votes to block this in the house or 34 votes to block it in the Senate he is out of his mind.

And furthermore Moe if you think the left can’t muster enough power in 13 states to keep this the amendment from passing if somehow it makes it pass congress you have attended one too many Kruiser Kabana.

The left may not work in fields where the people as a whole have a voice, but when they are dealing with a smaller group where money and power can make a difference, watch out!

More news from the Former Obama Administration official Elizabeth Warren front:

The state’s Democratic Party chairman, John Walsh, now predicts attorney Marisa DeFranco, who is challenging Warren for the nomination, “will get the needed votes, setting up a primary contest that few Democrats expected and some hoped to avoid.” That’s significant, as it heightens an already significant split in the state Democrat Party that may already weaken Warren in any head-on challenge of incumbent Republican Senator Scott Walker. A growing number of Massachusetts Democrats are making it known they want Warren to prove herself capable of meeting a challenge, not just slamming doors in the faces of a swirling media.

That’s Dan Riehl, Michael Patrick Leahy notes Move On is even more worried:

The Washington Examiner reports today that even the left wing group Moveon.org is admitting they may have to pull the plug on the Elizabeth Warren campaign.

Though the article quotes Moveon.org officials as placing their possible abandonment of Warren in the context of an overall decline in contributions, the guarded phrasing sounds on ominous tone for the beleaguered Massachusetts Democrat and candidate for U.S. Senate, who this weekend faces a grass-roots challenge from feisty immigration attorney Marisa DeFranco.

This is not even JUNE and Move On is cutting and running?

This was the race that the MSM was focusing on, this was the race that the left considered it’s best shot in the Senate and this is what we are seeing

Meanwhile today on the WCRN morning show with Hank Stolz & Sherman Whitman the conversation turned to this Globe story:

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren acknowledged for the first time late Wednesday night that she told Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania that she was Native American, but she continued to insist that race played no role in her recruitment.

“At some point after I was hired by them, I . . . provided that information to the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard,’’ she said in a statement issued by her campaign. “My Native American heritage is part of who I am, I’m proud of it and I have been open about it.’’

What Hank & Sherman pointed out was the movement of this story to the Globe meant that a segment of the population could no longer pretend it was not a story.

Now frankly I don’t fault Former Obama Administration Official Elizabeth Warren for believing what her mother told her, as I’ve said I’m told my wife’s family has Sioux Indian and I haven’t launched a forensic examination concerning it. What makes this story a story in my mind is two things:

1 Warren’s dodging of the issue

2. And the apparent misuse use of a program (affirmative action) meant to aid people who are disadvantaged

It’s very simple, if you believe

A) Former Obama Administration Official Elizabeth Warren is an ethnic minority


B) Affirmative action to give ethnic minorities an advantage in hiring etc is right.

Then you should have no problem with anything she did other than perhaps dodging the question and perhaps unchecking the box post 1995.

If you disbelieve either of these things however then there is a problem and I suspect a majority of the people in Massachusetts will doubt one or the other.

No matter what you think Former Obama Administration Official Elizabeth Warren’s ancestry is there is going to be only one winner in this Indian War and it won’t be the Democrats.

Update: How bad can it get for Liz Warren? This bad:

A group of protesters led by Cherokee Indians upset about Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren’s heritage claims are planning to protest outside the state Democratic Convention in Springfield on Saturday.

If it’s not time for the Warren campaign to begin panicking, it’s pretty damn close

Question: When can you tell when a poll report is trying to spin you?

Greg Yes I report what Media Matters says, it’s just a form of outsourcing Sargent. breathlessly reports that Wisconsin is a dead heat according to an automated poll, and reinforces his argument with an “internal” democratic poll by a using group calling Wisconsin a “dead heat”

In paragraph 7 he finally finds a poll that is worth questioning:

A public poll taken from May 17-22 by Saint Norbert College found Walker ahead 50-45, though that remained in the poll’s margin of error. Union officials questioned its sampling, and a pollster for Barrett argued to Chris Cillizza that some of the public polling had been taken before Barrett mounted his TV ad offensive against Walker.

So the poll that shows Walker ahead, consistent with report after report is questioned, in fact polling in general is called out in the last paragraph:

Indeed, even neutral Wisconsin political observers believe that public polling of this race may not be predictive, since turnout in a mid-year gubernatorial recall election is impossible to anticipate.

Yeah who believes these polls anyway?

The post gets updated with the results of the Marquette Law School poll with Walker up seven. Sargent notes it’s “just inside the margin of error” and quotes a different source saying Walkers lead is under a point. That source? Talking Points Memo!

Sargent’s piece whether a press release for TPM & Media Matters or an attempt to con one more bit of work or dollar from democrat loyalists who ignore any non MMFA approved source does have a glimmer of truth (as any good propaganda does), in questioning reliance of polls. I’m a big believer in watching actions instead so lets look at the actions:

Item: The National Democrat party has pulled money out of the race.

Item: We see Debbie Wassarman Schultz insisting that Wisconsin is all about Wisconsin with no national implications.

As although as I type this Joe Scarborough just asked Van Jones why the president wasn’t in Wisconsin, (Jones changed the subject at once) the MSM that was once all Wisconsin all the time suddenly doesn’t find the recall all that interesting.

Frankly Greg I would include your own post as more evidence of the point I’ve been making right along:

Ride Right Through them, they’re demoralized as Hell!

One year ago in March E.D. Kain was calling Wisconsin the GOP Waterloo. It was a joke then and 15 months later the only question left is this: Will the Unions be exiled to Elba or St. Helena?

…as soon as I began researching the background of last weekend’s incident I realized, Hey, there’s a legit news story here.

What’s more, there was a perfect opportunity to get ahead of the story, because the mainstream media had been initially reluctant to report it. Saturday afternoon, I checked Google News and there was zero, zilch, nada from major news organizations. Yet I anticipated (correctly) how the story would develop, and so began hoovering up every fact I could find online and aggregating every tidbit of information other bloggers were reporting.

Robert Stacy McCain Because I know what’s news on Anthony Weiner June 3rd 2011

Your enemies always get strong on what you leave behind

Michael Corleone Godfather III

Well it took almost a full week but the Swatting of a CNN contributor FINALLY made the national media

Unfortunately for CNN the national media was FOX News

Granted it took time for Fox to find a story ripe for the picking. The old Swatting incidents didn’t do it, the contributions of the elite left to Kimberlin didn’t do it, Stacy McCain’s forced flight, Patterico going public on his swatting & appearance on Beck didn’t do it, Herman Cain’s tweet didn’t do it, the liberal foundations denials didn’t do it, even Aaron Worthing’s brief arrest didn’t manage it.

But Erick Erickson by virtue of his status as a CNN contributor managed to push the story over the top for FOX, four days after the incident.

Now CNN is put in the unenviable position to be, at best, second on a story involving harassment of one of their own people. Cripes did they hire the same news director as that Newspaper in Norfolk that didn’t find the beating of their own reporters newsworthy?

None of this was necessary. In fact if CNN and the other media entities made the choice to report the news rather than serve as a filter for stories the left wanted killed, not only would it have ratings, but there would be no FOX or Drudge etc because there would have been no market for them.

Instead you have a network so pathetic that Donald Trump is making fun of CNN’s ratings on their own network. I don’t blame him, when a news organization becomes incapable of recognizing a story then that news organization will be a laughing-stock, and rightly so.

Clearly CNN needs a new News director, a person who can see a story and immediately recognize it as Newsworthy.

Lucky for CNN the right man for the job is available: Robert Stacy McCain. CNN should hire him right away…

…if they can only find him.

Update: Script error fixed and Instalanche! Thanks Glenn and it looks like this one has generated a lot more than 16 hits.

Update 2:
When Trump said CNN’s ratings were in the tank I wasn’t kidding:

After the cable news network delivered its lowest-rated month in total viewers in over a decade in April, May became CNN’s worst month in primetime among total viewers in over 20 years.

They can’t hire Stacy fast enough.

Lyla Rose and Live action have struck again exposing Planned parenthood’s for what it is, a business that simply makes its money on aborted children/a>:

The daily caller has reported on this too including a response from planned parenthood:

Planned Parenthood does not offer sex determination services; our ultrasound services are limited to medical purposes,” Planned Parenthood education vice president Leslie Kantor and Carolyn Westhoff, a senior medical adviser for Planned Parenthood, wrote. ”Gender bias is contrary to everything our organization works for daily in communities across the country. Planned Parenthood opposes racism and sexism in all forms, and we work to advance equity and human rights in the delivery of health care.”

“Planned Parenthood condemns sex selection motivated by gender bias, and urges leaders to challenge the underlying conditions that lead to these beliefs and practices, including addressing the social, legal, economic, and political conditions that promote gender bias and lead some to value one gender over the other,”

It is this statement that I find very interesting for two reasons:

Why does Planned Parenthood condemn sex selection motivated by gender bias? That implies that they don’t mind sex selection motivated by other reasons.

Can someone explain to me under what circumstance sex selection would NOT be gender bias?

Secondly since according to the defenders of abortion we are dealing with a clump of cells that don’t amount to a human life, the reason why someone has an abortion is no more relevant than why a person might get plastic surgery. How can you have “gender bias” against a “thing” not a person.

The very act of this argument by Planned parenthood concedes the humanity of the child they are aborting.

But we should not be surprised, when your very livelihood requires acts of unspeakable evil one becomes accustomed to jumping through convoluted logical hoops.

I tend to watch a lot of classic TV so when I saw this story:

China and Russia reaffirm support for Syria

China on Wednesday restated its opposition to military intervention in Syria, as Russia sought to halt fresh UN Security Council action after a massacre of civilians sparked global fury.

I thought for a second I might be watching MeTV

On a serious note to a person of my age or older this headline should not be any kind of surprise. With the Rise of Putin the old KGB man has gone fully back to its old Soviet days when it comes to foreign policy and China since it’s fall to communism has always done it’s best to protect the rights of dictators to slaughter their own people, as it’s a tactic they use themselves.

But to the young folks who have been taught that the Cold War was a fight between two equally questionable philosophies, to youth who have been taught that the US is an imperial power, to the occupods who believe that America represents the height of oppression and to the folks like Chris Hayes who don’t see our troops who stood against our cold war enemies as heroes it doesn’t compute.

There is and has been a simple reality that the US has been on the side of the angels for over 100 years and the rare times when we have looked the other way involved either fights against a greater evil (the Nazis, the Cold war) or exceptions, while for our communist friends in China since the 48 and the Soviets and the Putin era Russians, supported consistently by the left, have not. No amount of “cool” people wearing Che T-Shirts will change this.

One can debate if the US should or should not intervene in Syria, that’s legit, but the reality that Russia and China will always do their best to protect any nation that chooses to slaughter their own people can’t be debated. It is a simple fact.

There is an old saying that the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.

Aaron Worthing is a Yale trained Lawyer but apparently he didn’t remember this rule during the hearing today:

And Walker pissed him off. So did Kimberlin, but Walker identified himself as a Yale-trained lawyer, albeit one who was representing himself. Kimberlin made any number of allegations–essentially, everything that was said about his side–issuing death threats, harming business interests, summoning SWAT teams to the home–was said by Kimberlin to have been done by Walker’s side.

The pair went back and forth, back and forth, with Walker getting increasingly flustered, and the Judge finally asking, “what did they tell you in Yale Law School about interrupting a judge?” And later advising Walker to sit down, grip a pencil, and whenever he was tempted to speak over the Judge (or Kimberlin, but mostly over the Judge), to instead grip the pencil.

At one point, when Walker again interrupted Kimberlin, an attorney who was “advising” Walker–i.e.,. sitting in the courtroom, but not actually at Walker’s table, signaled to the plaintiff that he ought to “zip it.”

and the Judge in the case seems to have no understanding of what the internet is:

Judge Vaughan had read up on the matter, knew Kimberlin’s history of felony convictions, but clearly was technically ignorant of even basic facts about what Twitter is, in one instance point saying “He Googled you 500,000 times” through the Tubes or whatever. The Judge had identified himself, earlier, as being “of the Royal Typewriter Generation,” and at another point, when confronted with the voluminous material from both sides, asked “don’t people have jobs, who reads this stuff?”

I must admit there are times when I ask the “don’t people have jobs” line too.

Ignorance by the judge and bad legal moves by Walker aside the bottom line: Convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin has managed to get a conservative blogger jailed for exercising his first Amendment rights.

Reaction has been dramatic:

Stacy McCain: (Still in hiding)

That Kimberlin is the plaintiff in such an action — claiming that a law-abiding attorney is somehow threatening the safety of a convicted violent felon — is deeply ironic. Federal prosecutors once hoped that Kimberlin would never again be able to “terrorize any other citizen,” yet he is now terrorizing them just as surely as he ever did during his infamous days as the Speedway Bomber.

Glenn Reynolds:

If I read this correctly, Aaron Walker is in trouble because Kimberlin claims that his blogging has somehow led to other people making death threats. That doesn’t seem to pass the First Amendment smell test. Only if Walker were inciting those threats in a way that passed Brandenburg scrutiny would that work, and I don’t believe that’s the case at all. At any rate, under this approach George Zimmerman ought to be able to jail any number of journalists. . . .

Pam Geller:

Freedom of speech is not under attack, it’s on life support, if that. Last week I blogged about terrorist Brett Kimberlin threatening bloggers here. This violent convicted terrorist Bomber is now a leftist darling and has been given millions by progressives.

Any number of Islamists are taking notes

Lee Stranahan:

As far as I can tell, Aaron Walker was arrested for writing.

I have seen no claim that Walker himself made any threats against Brett Kimberlin. Or that he contacted Brett Kimberlin. Walker was arrested because he wrote facts and opinions about Brett Kimberlin and other people supposedly made threats.

Gateway Pundit

The World Is Upside-Down

An Ex Con’s view

This appears to be a violation of the finding of the Supreme Court that finds bloggers are extended the same rights as other media and have the same protections.

Eugene Volokh

This seem like a finding that is both hard to understand and — from what I’ve heard about the story — hard to support, if it means that Walker had threatened Kimberlin with death. [UPDATE: Hans Bader (Open Market), who criticizes the injunction, suggests that it means that Walker’s posts didn’t themselves contain unprotected threats, but prompted some readers to threaten Kimberlin; but that can’t be a basis for the court’s enjoining or otherwise acting against Walker, at least unless there is evidence that Walker intentionally solicited such threats, or intentionally incited likely imminent threats, and I haven’t heard of such evidence.] Based on this finding, the order bars Walker from injuring or threatening Kimberlin (which would be illegal in any event), contacting or trying to contact Kimberlin, “harass[ing]” Kimberlin, and entering and perhaps approaching very near to Kimberlin’s residence and place of employment. The order may well be factually unfounded, but if it were factually well-founded, and if “harass” were limited to telephone calls, e-mails, and the like to Kimberlin personally, then it would likely be constitutionally permissible. (See generally Rowan v. United States Post Office Department (1970) and lower courts cases that have mostly upheld stop-talking-to-me orders.)

On the other hand, if the order were interpreted as banning Walker’s further speech about Kimberlin — other than constitutionally unprotected “true threats” of violence — then it would be unconstitutional.

Michelle Malkin:

The Brett Kimerlin Nightmare Continues


This is absolutely outrageous. In a positively Kafka-esque turn of events, a Maryland judge has ordered that Walker be taken into police custody while serial harasser, terrorist, and killer Kimberlin remains free.

Nice Deb:

Did Kimberlin produce evidence that Worthing was coordinating death threats and harassment? Note to the judge – a blogburst is not a death threat or harassment. All Aaron Worthing and others have been doing is exercising their right to free speech. How can a judge in Maryland take away that right?

The Lonely Conservative echoes me

I can’t believe this is happening in America.

More updates as time permits

Jedediah Tucker Ward: It’s not hypothetical to Dr. Pavel, he wrote it

Michael Grazier: So he says.

Jedediah Tucker Ward: So he says under oath

Class Action 1991

Yesterday in response to the rather ridiculous business concerning Brett Kimberlin’s wikipedia page I put up a post parodying the “balanced” approach:

not many people knew it, but the Führer was a terrific dancer…Hitler THERE was a painter! He could paint an entire apartment in one afternoon! TWO COATS! … Hitler was better looking than Churchill. He was a better dresser than Churchill. He had more hair! He told funnier jokes! And he could dance the PANTS off of Churchill!

People who enjoy comedy will recognize these line from the classic comedy “The Producers.”

I thought I was making a joke.

Yesterday Brett Kimberlin’s Wikipedia entry re-appeared and as Patterico notes there was an interesting line that appeared shortly afterwards.

Since October of 2010, conservatives have hounded Kimberlin about his bombing conviction…

The interesting thing is: this language originated with a fellow named Ron Brynaert.

Ron Brynaert you might recall a close associate of Mr. Kimberlin as Stacy McCain quoting Aaron Worthing said:

As I have shown before, Kimberlin has at least two people — Ron Brynaert and Neal Rauhauser — who at the very least have proven to be willing conduits for any information that Kimberlin wants to put out in the public sphere. For instance, in regards to Brynaert (a former editor of Raw Story), when Seth Allen was arrested, Brynaert knew of this within twenty-four hours, even though this had not appeared in any public record at the time . . .
Indeed, Brynaert is only one degree of separation from Brett Kimberlin. He has guest blogged at Brad Friedman’s “The Brad Blog” and Mr. Freidman is an admitted business partner of Mr. Kimberlin . . .
Turning my attention to Neal Rauhauser, whom Kimberlin has described in court as his “associate,” he has obviously served as a conduit for information only available to Brett Kimberlin. . . .

and Franz Liebkind Ron Brynaert is the fellow who by an odd coincidence has a voice quite similar to the person who Swatted Patterico, the incident that could have killed him:

Now I’m not a forensic voice identification expert but you know who is? Kent Gibson whose company Forensic audio has the FBI, the US Secret Service, LA Superior Court, LA County Sheriff, LA Public Defender’s Office, Pasadena PD Homicide Assaults, Santa Clara Sheriff’s Dept, Santa Rosa County, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department as regular clients.

He was hired by Patterico to compare Mr. Brynaert’s voice to that of the swatter above and he says the following:

CONCLUSION: Considering all of the evidence presented, it is my expert forensic examiner opinion that it is probable that all voice samples come from the same person. Deviation from the expected can be explained by small sample lengths (e.g. the Frey Swat call has only 9.8 seconds of pure speech) and intentional voice masking by the Swatter.

And to those whose reply is “so he says” let me point out there is a difference between an expert opinion…

14 I hereby declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California
15 that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and that this
16 Declaration was executed on the 25th day of February 2012

…and an expert opinion given “under penalty of perjury”

I wonder has anyone actually asked Franz Liebkind Ron Brynaert if he was the swatter? Has Ron Brynaert denied it? Would he care to do so “under penalty of perjury?”

I think these are really good questions, I think the answers might be interesting too.

another odd coincidence

Update 2: A reward has been offered:

I’m personally offering $1000 and my friend Brandon Darby kicked in $1000 and thanks to people who have committed in, the reward commitment is at $1225 $2550! Over $8000! I still need to add up everything, but BlogWorldExpo has committed $5000! (See below if you want to help.)

Per Erick Erickson’s situation I’m meeting with local authorities just to make sure we don’t see any swatting around here.

This weeks DaTechGuy on DaRadio with Authors Phillip Hines and Jack Mitchell is now available here:

Next week we welcome the Granite Grok Crowd along with GOP candidate for Governor Ovid Lamontagne Saturday 10 a.m.

Also available is today’s WCRN Morning News show where I guest hosted this Memorial Day. We had Stacy McCain as a guest for the full 6 a.m. hour and spoke of not only the Swattings but of Stacy’s and his families flight from their home.

Stacy’s bit comes one hour into the show, but all day we questioned the MSM’s response or lack thereof to this story even as one of their own Erick Erickson has become a target. Stacy later on asked this question:

Mark Singer recounts how National Public Radio reporter Nina Totenberg spoke to Kimberlin two or three times every day in late October and early November 1988.

So why, 24 years later, are Nina Totenberg and the rest of the elite media ignoring what their old friend’s been up to lately?

It’s a good question and reminds me of what the Archbishop said of the MSM concerning the Church’s suit against the Federal government:

The archbishop of Washington on Sunday accused the network news programs of having “missed the boat” by largely ignoring lawsuits filed this past week by Catholic institutions challenging the Obama administration’s so-called contraception mandate.

When the story of an American journalist forced to flee his home for exercising his 1st Amendment rights, it’s a problem, when the story of a CNN regular being SWATTED isn’t even newsworthy to CNN. That’s simply amazing.

This begs the question: One would normally expect the MSM to be in the tank of course but it seems totally illogical that they would be in the tank for minor players like Kimberlin & co, particularly considering the past record involved. By any normal standard these guys would have been thrown off the bus by now.

If the left is circling the wagons for Kimberlin & co to this point one must start asking what do they know that forces their allies in the MSM to keep this story at arm’s length?

I think that’s an excellent question and the answer is likely a bigger story than what we’ve already seen