DaTechGuy’s Field guide to Bloggers Tracy Bengston

This field guide actually starts with the return of one of my traveling fedoras from Cheryl Prater: And as the nature of life is, the return of one Fedora means the loaning of another: You can find the complete field guide here.

Voices of the Candidates Kevin Smith R-NH Running for Gov.

Kevin Smith candidate for Governor in NH speaks at the Nashua Republican City Committee event 4-28-12 His website is here.

Elizabeth Warren plays Colonization

It looks like the Senate Campaign in Massachusetts has a parallel with one of my favorite computer games is Sid Meier's Colonization. In Colonization there is a unit called the "converted native" This unit is generated by putting a Missionary into an Indian village and over time said missionary produces a converted native. (You can … Continue reading Elizabeth Warren plays Colonization

“If you don’t have freedom you don’t have anything”

While I was leaving the station after Saturday's Show I noticed a group of people across the street from the station: As I got closer it appeared they were flying South Vietnamese flags Sure enough it was a mix of Hmong and other vets: There was a wreath laying and Signs thanking the US for … Continue reading “If you don’t have freedom you don’t have anything”