Forty Shades of Grey

Nicky Larkin went to Israel to film a documentary. He had a preconceived notion, fueled by all those around him of the conflict between the Jews and Arabs he left with his preconceived notions in tatters His blog is here and it seems the feedback and attacks over his film have been almost as informative … Continue reading Forty Shades of Grey

Voices of the Party Cliff Hurst Vice Chairman NH GOP

Cliff Hurst the Vice Chairman of the NH GOP speaks to me at the Nashua Republican City Committee event 4-28-12

…and suppressing the news in Norfolk

It's amazing what doesn't pass for news anymore: Two weeks have passed since reporters Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami - friends to me and many others at the newspaper - were attacked on a Saturday night as they drove home from a show at the Attucks Theatre. They had stopped at a red light, in … Continue reading …and suppressing the news in Norfolk

Nothing to see in Cleveland move along

Yesterday while the press was focused on Obama in Afghanistan and the online community found the one job loss that mattered in America more details about the Cleveland Bomb plot have come out that really illustrates the mindset of the Occupiers who have been so embraced and supported by the MSM and the left. As … Continue reading Nothing to see in Cleveland move along