I was taking a quick peek at Glenn Reynolds site when I saw a hilarious image from Iowntheworld:

I immediately tweeted it out which drew this response from RightWingWatchMA (The national Right Wing Watch is Norman Lear’s Group:

You’ll note I grabbed this from tweetdeck vs a basic tweet, it will become apparent later why.

One he mentioned me we started to exchange tweets until I asked the 64,000 question:

And that’s when the fun began, I asked it again

and again

and again

I pressed and pressed and finally he blocked me which is why you can’t see his replies in my timeline.

But by then it was time for supper so I tweeted out stuff about Romano’s Market and good meat since regardless of what side you are on everyone likes a good meal, so the final tweet of the exchange was…

Despite the happy ending I’m still blocked but this shows you how afraid our friends on the left are of this question…

….and they ought to be.

FYI: You will note that I didn’t say “Former Obama Administration Official Elizabeth Warren” in the tweet, this was due to the 140 character limit. And Kudos for Who Harmony for actually answering the question.

Update: the person from Right Wing Watch MA comments below saying he has no affiliation with the national group, I thought that statement should be in the main part of the post.

As for the rest I challenge people to read the tweets and the post and make up their own mind. If Right Wing Watch MA wants to call me racist for pointing out the double standards and the lefts fear over affirmative action, I don’t care as all the left seems to be able to do is cry “racist” or “sexist” when losing an argument.

I trust my the judgement of my readers, that’s why his comment is up and unedited.