Demoralized as Hell: Pay no attention to the empty seats

Pseudolus: (to Hysterium) Calm yourself down! I’ll tell you when it’s time to panic!

Miles Gloriosus: (noticing the hourglass) I smell mischief here!

Pseudolus: It’s time.

A funny thing Happened on the way to the Forum 1966

Voters aren’t rejecting Obama because they don’t know him, they are rejecting him because they finally do.

DaTechGuy James Carvelle channels Pseudolus 9/13/11

Every political campaign has certain “set pieces”. They are as predictable as a Globetrotter victory, as choreographed as a Broadway dance number and as newsworthy as Red Sox sellout at Fenway Park.

Yesterday Barack Obama “officially” launched his re-election campaign. Everyone knew it was coming and the MSM headlines reflected this:

Politico: Obama kickoff: Hope, change and Mitt

The Hill: The gloves come off as President Obama launches reelection campaign

The New York Times: Obama Formally Kicks Off Campaign in Ohio and Virginia

CNN: Obama outlines case for re-election at first official campaign rally

There was actual news at that launch, Big news! But it took to report it:

Obama Launches Campaign in Empty Arena

Here is paragraph one:

Barack Obama launched his campaign in unspectacular fashion today at Ohio State University, the largest college in the crucial swing state. A photo posted to twitter by Mitt Romney’s campaign spokesman Ryan Williams reveals sparse attendance. The above image, according to Williams, was taken during the President’s first official campaign speech

And here is the photo: links to a Toledo Blade story noting lots of empty seats and one of the president’s own sites quotes the far left Think progress’ figure of 70% full.

Now that’s not an “empty stadium” but the president being unable to fill a 20,000 seat stadium when just 2 years before he drew 35,000 in the same state is News particularly for the opening day of a campaign. To put it in perspective, imagine A Red Sox home opener with empty bleachers in Fenway Park.

I guess Julia was busy yesterday.

The MSM decided this wasn’t worthy of a headline, where DID the MSM decide to bring this up. Let’s see:

Politico: Paragraph 9

If the carefully choreographed kick off was any indication, Obama will face some challenges in recapturing the 2008 magic — especially among young voters who weathered three years of souring job prospects and rising college costs.

The campaign was only able to muster 14,000 supporters at the first event in an arena designed to hold more than 18,000. Several thousand empty seats ringed its upper deck, mostly out of view from the cameras.

The Hill: Paragraph 12

But the arena was not a sell out. The 14,000 in attendence left empty sections in the upper deck of the 18,300 seat arena, a different image than four years ago when the president — then a fresh-faced senator who changed the political landscape — addressed sell out crowds across the country.

The New York Times: Paragraph 13

The atmosphere at both rallies was buoyant and the crowds were sizable, though in Columbus the turnout did not fill the Schottenstein Center’s 18,300 seats. David Plouffe, a senior adviser to the president, said he was happy with the crowds at this point noting that they dwarfed those that turned out for Mr. Romney.

CNN: Paragraph 14

The Ohio arena, which holds around 20,000 people, appeared to be around two-thirds to three-quarters full, with around half of the seating in the upper deck empty. The Columbus fire department estimated the crowd size at 14,000. While smaller in size than many Obama rallies during the 2008 campaign, the crowd dwarfed the size of any rally held this cycle by Romney.

The Obama campaign knew this day was coming for almost 3 years. They had forever to plan it. Yet in a strong union state, a swing state, the state where Issue 2 was one of the few Democratic success stories of 2011 Obama can’t fill a 20,000 person stadium!

What does it mean? It means the same thing I said six months ago when PPP called Obama “Way up in Ohio”:

Ride Right Through them, they’re demoralized as Hell!

I submit 30 years ago Pre-internet, Pre-fox, Pre-Rush this photo see the light of day, instead of Jake Tapper asking David Axelrod about the lack of a full stadium on national TV.

Why is anyone scared of these guys?

Update: Stacy suggests a new Hashtag for the campaign

Update 2: How scared is the left? They are arguing the photo but not the numbers. Details here.

Update 3: Stacy Links again and points out something important:

Look: I’ve known the guys on Team Mitt pretty well for a couple of years now. When I went up to Massachusetts to cover the Scott Brown campaign in January 2010, one of the first campaign staffers I met was Eric Ferhnstrom, one of Romney’s top advisers. If Ferhnstrom and the rest of the Romney guys were good enough to beat a Democrat for Ted Kennedy’s seat, they deserve a certain amount of confidence now that it’s their job to beat Obama. Let ‘em do their job.

Mitt’s staff has pitched a nearly perfect game (etch-sketch not withstanding) if they keep it up we’ll reach the point where the left is so scared they will be sprouting Neo Confederate Sex Panic again.