Hey remember when the left was big into speaking truth to power…

instead of suppressing speech?

At least one leftist does.

Et Tu Wikipedia?

Update 2: Stacy McCain and American Power figure it out. Racist Naomi Schaefer dreamed all her life of being a lady on a pre-civil ware southern plantation so she married a black man; Jason Riley so she could order him around for the rest of his life:

Naomi: Honey, will you take out the garbage?
Jason: Stop oppressing me, cracker!
Naomi: You left your dirty laundry on the bathroom floor again.
Jason: Orval Faubus! Bull Connor! Selma!
Naomi: Could you run to the store and get a gallon of milk?
Jason: “We shall overcome . . .”

Good thing the Chronicle of Higher Education saw through her little trick and fired her!