As evidenced by this ad in NY-7

I got a kick out of the JFK picture on the wall, it reminded me of a conversation with a lady I know, Strong Catholic, Strong Anti-Abortion and still convinced that the Democrats are out for the little guy as if Kennedy was still in the White House.

The PAC that produced this ad notes the following:

And this year? Nydia raised $300,000 for her election, all from big Corporate PACs and special interests, but just 1 contribution from her own district – who does she really represent? Enough is enough – With 2 better candidates on June’s Primary ballot, you can make a change!

I spoke to Dan Backer about Innovation Pac. It is supporting People like Scott Brown (R) in Massachusetts and Mary Landreau (D) in Louisiana. Peter Walch (D) in VT and Martha Zoller (R) Georgia.

The Pac supports small business focusing on SBIR which has made Nydia Velazquez target #1

While Morning Joe was busy talking to Olympia Snowe explaining her retirement (somehow the threat of a two-way vs a three-way primary didn’t come up in conversation) There is big news out of another GOP primary:

a series of last-minute surveys shows Fischer surging despite her shoestring campaign and millions of dollars in ads that Bruning, Stenberg and their allies have aired. A survey released Monday by independent firm We Ask America showed Fischer pulling into first place, taking 39 percent to Bruning’s 34 and Stenberg’s 18.

How can that be? Bruning was supported by Jim DeMint of SC and the GOP Establishment. What could have possible happened in the last week to make such a change?

Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd, have endorsed Deb Fischer, providing the state Senator’s struggling bid emphasis mine to succeed retiring Sen. Ben Nelson (D) an adrenaline shot six days before the GOP primary.

Fischer sought the former Alaska governor’s support early in her campaign in “a note,” according to the Fischer campaign press release. Often in the 2010 cycle, candidates were surprised to receive a Palin endorsement. The Palin endorsement proved to be an effective tool for obscure candidates to gain footing in competitive primaries.

May 9th Deb Fischer had a “struggling bid”, Palin endorses and six days later she is surging and ahead on election day.

Now the voting is taking place today and anything can happen, but sooner or later the GOP is going to figure out that these Tea Party wins in GOP primaries are not aberrations.

Oh and you guys on the left who are thinking how happy they will be facing off against a Palin endorsed candidate. Remember we’ve seen this movie before:

Kelly Ayotte’s seen her appeal to moderate voters crumble in the wake of her endorsement by Sarah Palin

And that PPP article from 2010 had a lot of friends:

And what happened to Ayotte? She is now on the list of possible VP choices for Mitt Romney.

I get the funny feeling before she is through the left will wish they just let Sarah Palin go back to Alaska and govern. I’ll wager there are more than a few in the GOP establishment who wish the same thing.

Update: It looks like the GOP isn’t the only side trying to clean up their act:

Remember the words of Grover Cleveland: A Democratic Thief is just as bad as a republican one.

Update 2: I totally misread the paragraph above, DeMint supports Steinberg in this race.

Update 3: As of 11:06 PM with 65% of the voter in Fischer is up by 5,000 votes and 3 pts. If the tea party vote wasn’t divided it would be a slaughter.

I spent a lot of time in the last year attacking polls so skewed that it was amazing that people attempted to push them as reality:

Well it looks like, as it always does, reality has caught up with the CBS/Times poll:

According to the survey, conducted May 11-13, 46 percent of registered voters say they would vote for Romney, while 43 percent say they would opt for Mr. Obama. Romney’s slight advantage remains within the poll’s margin of error, which is plus or minus four percentage points

The big number within this poll however is this one:

Romney is up with Women? But…but we’ve been told that Romney Rush Limbaugh and the GOP HATE women! I mean Move on just released this ad…

Where is the gender gap? There’s supposed to be an earth shattering gender gap. And for that matter where are the comments on the MoveOn ad on YouTube? Oh sorry they aren’t allowing any.

On Morning Joe today I’ve never seen so many gloomy faces who are not really having an easy time spinning this, particularly when Joe pointed out the crosstabs:

You mean this poll has more democrats than republicans, In fact 70% of the poll (75% unweighted) respondents are not republicans and not only is Ronney leading but he is leading among women?

Chuck Todd as I type right now is on Morning Joe pooh poohing the poll saying he wants to see them shake the pot again. Joe Scarborough has just said people in Chicago is telling them to discount the CBS/NYT poll.

Why is the CBS/NYT embracing reality now? Well it could be to give a sense of urgency to democrats to work harder or it could be that they have decided to embrace reality to increase credibility (good thing I wasn’t drinking when I typed that one).

What I actually think is this move is strategic. It is going to be necessary to have a narrative of the Obama campaign “roaring back” or having momentum. By embracing reality today in August or September they can release a poll with a bigger skew and viola instant Democratic momentum to report!

That plan counts on the average person not paying attention to crosstabs (they’re right) and the situation not getting so far out of hand that Obama’s defeat is a given.

On THAT one I’d be a little worried if I was them.

I’d give the Romney people advice here but they have played their cards so well they certainly don’t need my advice, but for the rest of us who are still worried the message is the same:

Ride Right Through them, they’re demoralized as Hell!

Guys let’s take it to them on the State and Local level.

Update: Hotair says this:

The bombshell number, obviously, is Romney leading O by two among women. If that happens on election day, rest assured that the overall margin will be a lot wider than three points.

It’s going to be fun.