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William Jacobson is a very fair-minded man. When writing about Marisa DeFranco getting her 15k signatures to challenge Elizabeth Warren. He said this about the next hurdle she would need to overcome:

As indicated in the video below, DeFranco would have to get 15% of the vote at the nominating convention on June 2 in order to make it to the ballot in September.

Three weeks ago, that prospect would have seemed dim.

He was challenged by Kevin Franck, Communications Director of the Massachusetts Democratic Party who asked:

Why would you think that here prospects of passing the 15% threshold were dim?

Bill, being a polite man called it a fair point, I don’t.

Let’s start with the fundraising numbers:

DeFranco collected $9,074 in campaign contributions during the first quarter of 2012, ending the period with $8,080 cash-on-hand, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Marsia Defranco raised $9,074 dollars in three months. to put that in perspective I need about $9500 to pay for a furnace and Asbestos removal before winter comes that I don’t have. Feel free to kick in:

I’ll wager if I shook the DaTipJar every single day for a quarter I’d be able to raise it from my readers.

Marsia DeFranco has been a candidate for the US Senate since last year and has been campaigning since then. Her fundraising has been so successful that her campaign couldn’t loan me the money to replace my furnace even if it wanted to.

But money isn’t everything what about press. Lets look at how much coverage she has generated:

I did an exact search for the Name “Marisa DeFranco” in Google news over the last year (5/16/11 – 5/16/12) sorted by date, I got 208 results shown via 6 pages

Of those six pages 8 of those stories had the words “Marisa” or “DeFranco” in the title and only one of those 8 was dated before the Warren Indian uprising (Feb 11th at a site called Masslive .com which of course is the first source anyone goes in the state for political news.)

Ironically there were 13 stories from that group with the words “Elizabeth Warren” or Warren” in the title.

So in other words since May of 2011 if you were a person interested in the Mass senate race and searched for “Marsia DeFranco” on google you were 62% more likely to find a story headlined by Elizabeth Warren than Defranco and none by a source other than Masslive until May 2nd of this year.

To put this is perspective the same search for the phrase “Elizabeth Warren” during the same period gave over 32,000 results.

So Marisa DeFranco is a candidate with no name recognition, no news coverage and almost no money who is only getting attention today because of the suddenly imploding Elizabeth Warren campaign. The one thing she has had going for her before then was tenacity.

The question Mr. Franck isn’t why Mr. Jacobson would presume Marisa DeFranco prospects were dim to get the required 15% of the delegates at the Democratic Convention to make the ballot, the question is why would YOU think they were not?

When is a public event at a London University not a public event? Apparently when Palestinian thugs holding it decide it is not:

In the act of snatching the rucksack my phone, glasses case, pens and voice recorder ended up all over the floor and under the seats in front of me. I had to kneel to pick everything up, but I’m still missing a pen.

The audience started to taunt me and slow hand clap. Bari Atwan remained silent throughout while Nebulsi had the nerve to accuse me of being disruptive. Bizarrely, she offered to escort me outside to retrieve my rucksack but I refused to leave until my stuff was returned. At no stage did anyone in the 40 strong audience come to my defence in any way:

May I humbly suggest that if a Palestinian protester at an Israeli event was treated the way Mr. Millett there would be outrage and charges of assault.

Via Hotair’s Green Room where we see what you can buy with $50 at a pro-Israel event:

In a similar vein, Israeli soldiers giving a presentation at UC-Davis in March 2012 were relentlessly heckled by Palestinian-activist students. One accused the Israelis of having turned “Palestine into a land of prostitutes, rapists, and child molesters.” He hollered at the soldiers (emphasis added):

“How many women have you raped? How many children have you raped? You are a child molester!” And he admitted freely: “I can embarrass myself all I want. I will stand here and I will heckle! My only purpose today is that this event is shut down!”

The joker in all this, however, is that the passionate heckler turned out to be a student who admitted to having been paid $50 to do the heckling, and who was given a script to follow for his performance. The authorities made no effort to quiet the hecklers during the event, or advise them that the invited guests had a right to be heard. Read the full CAMERA story; it’s a doozy.

And to be fair, Palestinians journalists who say things the Palestinian authority doesn’t like are treated just as bad if not worse.

Yousef Shayeb, 37, a Palestinian journalist from Ramallah, published an article in a Jordanian newspaper this year charging officials at the Palestinian diplomatic mission in Paris with corruption and espionage. In an interview here last week, he said that he had imagined people might thank him for his exposé. Instead, he spent eight days in a Palestinian Authority jail.

As I said back in April I’m sure the MSM and the left and the international community will be all over these outrages against freedom of the press, right after Al Sharpton pledges his support to the George Zimmerman defense fund.

Yesterday was not a good day for the MSNBC narrative at Morning Joe.

Joe Scarborough, outnumbered around the table as usual, was the only one smiling as the Narrative of “Romney/GOP war on women” crumbled before the new polls results from CBS/NYT. That must have been enjoyable for Joe but there are three new changes to conventional wisdom that will not be so much fun for him:

1. ITEM: Sarah PALIN that’s who.

One week ago the Deb Fischer campaign was in tatters, one opponent was endorsed by the GOP establishment and the other by Jim DeMint a tea party favorite. On May 9th Sarah Palin endorsed her and her prospects suddenly changed. And last night she won the GOP primary with 41% of the vote and a 10,000 vote margin:

A state senator who had been stuck for weeks in third place in polls has won the GOP nomination for a U.S. Senate seat from Nebraska, continuing a pattern of challengers successfully taking on prominent Republicans in party primaries.

State Sen. Deb Fischer capped a remarkable surge by capturing the Senate nomination on Tuesday. She will face Democrat Bob Kerrey, a former Nebraska senator and governor, in the November election.

I guess the “Sarah Palin is irrelevant” narrative is going to be a tough play on MSNBC today.

2. Item: Broken nose, broken narrative

That’s the title of this post at Legal Insurrection linking to the ABC report revealing that George Zimmerman had a broken nose, black eyes etc etc etc according to the medical report:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Jacobson being a lawyer, he of course notes that this doesn’t PROVE that he didn’t act unlawfully but I seem to recall that the standard of a trial works under something called “innocent till proven guilty”

And if William Jacobson scored the touchdown then Tom McGuire kicks the extra point via this WFTV9 report that Trayvon Martin had “injuries on his knuckles according to his autopsy despite what the mortician had said:

Richard Kurtz, a black (IIRC) mortician who serves the black community, had the good sense to see nothing unusual about Martin when he prepared him for the funeral. Anyone who took that seriously is surprised by the current report. Since you ask, I expressed reservations about the mortician at the end of this old post.

Now considering the New Black Panthers involvement and the pressure from Sharpton etc I can see this guy Kurtz buckling under fear for his life or business but what is the excuse of Joe Scarborough who pushed the “We all know what’s going on” business or MSNBC’s Trayvon Martin outrage and Al Sharpton race baiting all over the place?

Worse of all there is NO WAY smiling Angela Corey the special prosecutor didn’t know this info from the autopsy, yet she charged 2nd degree murder anyway! This explains why she didn’t dare go to a grand jury. With this evidence they would have been more likely to indict a ham sandwich than George Zimmerman. All this person did was empower a lot of people who make their living on racial hate. In my opinion this woman should be disbarred and she and the state sued.

3. Item: Who loves Rush? Women love Rush!

Remember the boycott that the #stoprush crowd pushed by Media Matters, NOW and the MSM that was pushed over the “Slut” comment concerning activist Sandra Fluke? Well maybe the boycott has fizzled but the idea that Rush is “anti-woman” card kept being played by the left.

While Morning Joe & MSNBC kept suggesting GOP members should denounce Rush, Limbaugh fresh off of amassing 100k+ Twitter followers in 24 hours is back for another round forming a group called Rush Babes for America on facebook.

Te numbers it has produced has not been friendly to the MSM asLimbaugh reports:

Our Rush Babes for America Facebook page has over 62,000 female friends, almost two-and-a-half times the total membership at the NOW gang Facebook page

Do you mean to say that in less than ten days a Rush Limbaugh woman’s group is twice as popular as NOW, no newcomer to facebook? I wonder how Media Matters, NOW and MSNBC will spin that?


Exit question: Exactly how many memes that simply aren’t true can be pushed by the MSNBC crowd before they change direction?

Morning Joe didn’t find these topics newsworthy but others are trying to spin for them:

This is stupid. If the Republican establishment loses to a candidate backed by both Sarah Palin and Herman Cain, of course the Tea Party wins. What else could explain it?

He is referring to a story at The Hill, he has much more respect for Sarah Palin’s statement and Hot Air notes the polling in the general is looking good:

Aaron Blake at the Washington Post reports that Fischer already has a ten-point lead in polling over Kerrey

But…But Palin is supposed to be toxic in a general election.

I’m having too much fun with this.

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