Free Speech Palestinian style

When is a public event at a London University not a public event? Apparently when Palestinian thugs holding it decide it is not:

In the act of snatching the rucksack my phone, glasses case, pens and voice recorder ended up all over the floor and under the seats in front of me. I had to kneel to pick everything up, but I’m still missing a pen.

The audience started to taunt me and slow hand clap. Bari Atwan remained silent throughout while Nebulsi had the nerve to accuse me of being disruptive. Bizarrely, she offered to escort me outside to retrieve my rucksack but I refused to leave until my stuff was returned. At no stage did anyone in the 40 strong audience come to my defence in any way:

May I humbly suggest that if a Palestinian protester at an Israeli event was treated the way Mr. Millett there would be outrage and charges of assault.

Via Hotair’s Green Room where we see what you can buy with $50 at a pro-Israel event:

In a similar vein, Israeli soldiers giving a presentation at UC-Davis in March 2012 were relentlessly heckled by Palestinian-activist students. One accused the Israelis of having turned “Palestine into a land of prostitutes, rapists, and child molesters.” He hollered at the soldiers (emphasis added):

“How many women have you raped? How many children have you raped? You are a child molester!” And he admitted freely: “I can embarrass myself all I want. I will stand here and I will heckle! My only purpose today is that this event is shut down!”

The joker in all this, however, is that the passionate heckler turned out to be a student who admitted to having been paid $50 to do the heckling, and who was given a script to follow for his performance. The authorities made no effort to quiet the hecklers during the event, or advise them that the invited guests had a right to be heard. Read the full CAMERA story; it’s a doozy.

And to be fair, Palestinians journalists who say things the Palestinian authority doesn’t like are treated just as bad if not worse.

Yousef Shayeb, 37, a Palestinian journalist from Ramallah, published an article in a Jordanian newspaper this year charging officials at the Palestinian diplomatic mission in Paris with corruption and espionage. In an interview here last week, he said that he had imagined people might thank him for his exposé. Instead, he spent eight days in a Palestinian Authority jail.

As I said back in April I’m sure the MSM and the left and the international community will be all over these outrages against freedom of the press, right after Al Sharpton pledges his support to the George Zimmerman defense fund.