Well “Everybody blog about Brett Kimberlin day” is over…

…and the results are summarized best by this update at the Other McCain

UPDATE: As of 2 p.m. today, the top eight threads on the Memorandum blog aggregation site were:

Patterico: Convicted Bomber Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, Ron Brynaert, and Their Campaign of Political Terrorism
John Hawkins, Right Wing News: Interviewing Robert Stacy McCain About Brett Kimberlin
The Other McCain: KimberlinFiles.org
Matthew Vadum, Front Page Magazine: Brett Kimberlin and the Hall of Fame of Leftist Terrorists
Ladd Ehlinger, Jr., Film Ladd: Top Signs You’re Being Harassed By Brett Kimberlin
Mark Tapscott, Washington Examiner: How to kill the First Amendment

So I guess this whole “suppress the truth through intimidation” thing is working pretty good for Brett Kimberlin, eh?

And the icing on the cake comes from this post at Breitbart.com

A Breitbart News investigation has revealed that many of the funders of the Justice Through Music Project (JTMP), a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization of which convicted “Speedway bomber” Brett Kimberlin is a director, do not know about his criminal past. Those foundations and funds listed as donors that responded to request for comment also indicated that they had not been contacted by media other than Breitbart News.

I’m shocked SHOCKED!

Note that they were not questioned about his present, just his past. For those of you who missed the day and don’t know what it’s about, I refer you to Roxeanne DeLuca:

Shortly before his death, Andrew Breitbart began to expose Kimberlin and publicise the case. Patterico and several other bloggers took up the cause. Kimberlin’s whack job associates then began to terrorise and intimidate the few people who said anything about Kimberlin: they filed frivolous lawsuits against any individual they could find, filed ethics complaints with the state bar associations in an attempt to get lawyers disbarred; harassed family members; harassed people at work until their supervisors fired them out of fear that continued employment would be dangerous; and engaged in SWATting.

SWATting is when a murderous, psychopathic a-hole calls the police, pretending to be a person (like Patterico), claims to have just murdered someone, and gives the address of the victim. Then, a heavily armed SWAT team shows up, ready to shoot the victim of this particular brand of terrorism. Patterico found his house surrounded by armed cops, helicopters, fire trucks, and ambulances – in the dead of night. The police came in, guns drawn, arrested Patrick, cuffed him, threw him into a squad car, then woke up his wife, frisked her, and checked on the children. Now, bear in mind that this happened to a Deputy Prosecutor and his wife, who is also a prosecutor. These people are not unknown to the local police, not without their supporters in the community, and certainly not lacking in legal acumen. Yet, cuffed in the dead of night, arrested, searched, and frisked – because some whackadoodle thinks that this is a good way to scare people off from blogging about convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin.

Mind you there are people on the left who, unlike the foundations, who did know this was going on, yet it continued. It’s almost as if they has the utilitarian philosophy of Marxism isn’t it?

The real test will be what happens next. Will the MSM pick this up or will the blogs force it forward as we did a year ago with Weinergate? As for the rest of us Miss Attila has some suggestions

Update: Speaking of surprises

MAY 24, 2012 – JTMP has been a participant in the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Programfor 3 years now, where citizens from around the world involved in the arts get to come to America and visit to learn about the role of arts in the US.

Via Freedomworks & the Blaze. So for the last three years the Obama administration has been working with this guy? No wonder the MSM doesn’t want to touch this story.

Update 2: Massive Irony, just after I see the state department story I see via Glenn this link at Legal Insurrection.

Yeah a nobody that works with the Obama state department.

I guess to people like Kos Brett Kimberlin will soon be obsolete

and they will never have heard of him.

Update 3: Nobody ever heard of him, well people in Indiana have, as apparently has Time Magazine.

He can no longer serve the left, so to Kos he is obsolete

Update 4: Via Camp of the Saints, more updates that you should notice:

Could Kimberlin’s actions be violations of Federal Law?

18 USC 241 prohibits intimidation against Americans for exercising free speech rights. The statute says:

If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

Hmmm this sounds serious I’m sure Eric Holder will be on it right away

And it looks like Protein wisdom notes he is now a target

So when I read “Film at 11 as they say” coming from someone (potentially) with a demonstrable history of violent offenses, I take such dark tidings seriously. I won’t be bullied. And the quickest way to get me working actively against you is to try to assert your dominance over me.

It’s an American thing. A liberty thing. Those who pimp for progressivism wouldn’t understand.

And like a proper American doesn’t let a past dispute interfere with what is right

update: on Twitter just now, some of the cabal seems to be trying to use my complaints against Frey in the past to make equivalences that justify their behavior. My disputes with Patterico were public; and of course it doesn’t follow that simply because I believe Frey to have acted one way in a given instance, he must therefore always and inevitably act that way — and cannot therefore be a victim himself.

As I wrote the other day, regardless of our past disputes, on this I stand fully with Patrick and those others under assault.

And there are those who follow in Kimberlin’s footsteps

Update 5: And others who are outraged that we are even discussing this at blogs like the Moderate Voice:

Hart Williams, you want bi-partisanship with dogs and cats living together? Prove you can do it first.

And he can’t, look at his comment as The Moderate Voice:

It is disgusting and despicable to see The Moderate Voice turned into another “meetoo” zombie site for this Right Wing, coordinated attack with intent to destroy one person who allegedly caused Robert Stacy McCain to flee with his family in “fear” and raise a LOT of cash by screaming for donors to contribute.

The particulars do not matter. Only the psy-ops operation, scheduled for today and utterly dominating Memeorandum. And it is despicable to see the Moderate Voice acting as an unwitting accomplice. As to whether Mr. Esmay “knows” that is for him to declare

So, Hart Williams is fine with the tactics of SWATing a Blogger with differing opinions and also threatening a family member of a Blogger at her job.

Bipartisanship from the left, he’s no Dominic Nanni is he?

Final update: Stacy Reports Kimberlin will be in court on Tuesday, and Stacy will be on WCRN on Monday.