Unfortunately I’m afraid Moe Lane is wrong

I read with absolutely no surprise the ruling out of Boston on Gay Marriage. I can’t say the same for Moe Lane’s post on the Boston ruling. I like Moe but with all due respect I simply had to laugh:

I have what can be fairly called a cynical and perverse position on this issue. I favor SSM, as most of you know. I also think that DoMA is blatantly unconstitutional, given that it really is in flagrant violation of the Full Faith and Credit Clause. But it’s always been my opinion that if DoMA is completely thrown out then we’re going to see it promptly turned into a Constitutional amendment and ratified with dizzying speed. And that’s the best case scenario. The worst case scenario? A Federal Marriage Amendment*. Which means that I’m stuck tacitly supporting a bad law because I’m more afraid of the alternative. Ach, this Fallen world!

Oh Moe Moe Moe, don’t you realize from the very moment that the very first court in Vermont ruled on civil unions (supporters insisted nobody was talking Gay Marriage) to the moment DOMA was proposed (and opponents insisted that there was no need for a constitutional amendment because nobody was talking about redefining marriage) until finally via a 4-3 ruling Gay Marriage was imposed on Massachusetts and then beyond the radical left has worked for this day.

Additionally the Democratic party has now wedded itself to Gay activists and the two biggest fans, Hollywood and the Media to the point where even the NAACP and powerful members of the Black Community are pressuring ministers to abandon the beliefs they have preached forever.

You really think that the folks bankrolling all this stuff aren’t prepared to face a constitutional amendment?

It takes 2/3 majorities in both houses to move a constitutional amendment to get it to the states. Moe thinks that the democrats can’t manage to find 145 votes to block this in the house or 34 votes to block it in the Senate he is out of his mind.

And furthermore Moe if you think the left can’t muster enough power in 13 states to keep this the amendment from passing if somehow it makes it pass congress you have attended one too many Kruiser Kabana.

The left may not work in fields where the people as a whole have a voice, but when they are dealing with a smaller group where money and power can make a difference, watch out!