Although we had some issues with the phones in studio back in Worcester I got quite a bit of video in NH:

Here is a bit before we started

And here was Steve MacDonald from Granite Grok who joined me:

Mac at the mike

And New Hampshire Republicans were feeling pretty good about this:

Including the Vice Chairman of the party in NH

Cliff Hurst Vice Chairman NH GOP

Who must have been pleased by the young folks

Working the phones

Along with the old hands

Who gathered

Under the watch of the MSM

Our table was set up in a room with a large glass door, the good news was it cut down on background noise, the bad news, it meant to see what was going on I had to pop out during commercial breaks such as when I grabbed this clip of Tagg Romney speech.

Even when things were done there was a fair crowd doing the grunt work of campaigns, but there was still that same controlled atmosphere that I saw back in Concord during the primaries. They seemed organized to the last detail from who talks to how things are done. This is a crew that is not going to be making a lot of mistakes, so when small ones come expect the MSM to try to amplify them.

One oddity, Ovide Lamontagne was there but rather than stay he had to run and ended up calling into the show for the interview rather than sit down at the location.

My thought, if they can pack a room and keep people working in a day full of pouring rain it’s a good sign and these guys are disciplined. If they can keep this up through November they will be well rewarded.

Update Wanted to mention this concerning the Ovide Lamontagne interview, John Weston did most of it due to our phone issues and there were two real gems worth noting:

1. Lamontagne was practically begging the democrats to send Obama to campaign in NH. What does it say about this race when the GOP candidates down ticket want to see the top of the Democrat ticket on site?

2. When asked about creating jobs Ovid gave the perfect answer. He said that under a Lamontagne administration it will be the private sector not him that creates jobs. It’s his task to stay out of the way while creating an environment that lets them do so. That is conservatism in a nutshell.