Do you believe “They’re Demoralized as Hell” Now?

Guys Since January 20th of 2010 I’ve been saying

Ride Right Through Them They’re Demoralized as Hell

In my under the Fedora column that will be going up later today at the Minority Report & The Conservatory I go through example after example after example to support this thesis.

It’s now 7:23 a.m. as I type this and I’m watching Morning Joe and I see Chuck Todd making excuses for the democrats and watching Mika go on about the exit polls supporting Obama’s strength in Wisconsin.

Donna Cahill: Who I had some clashes with during the primaries has it exactly right:


Watching the exercise of denial reminds me of the very first time I used the phrase: January 20th 2010:

I spent all yesterday asking if the Democrats …

by Datechguy | January 20th, 2010

…would take the right lesson or the wrong lesson from yesterday’s vote:

As I was driving home with Stacy after an errand I heard Rush reading this column in the Globe and I had my answer.

The sheer contempt for the electorate that the column and those who commented with approval of it drips of the bigotry I heard at the Obama rally combined with the arrogance of the Coakley campaign.

If the GOP doesn’t take advantage of this foolishness it’s only because they are not trying

Anyone who watched Rachel Maddow restate the history of the protests and the recall after midnight saw the very same attitude I just quoted above.

Guys it’s been over two years and THEY HAVEN”T LEARNED A THING, cripes even the Kimberlin stuff reeks of panic, people who are winning the argument just don’t do this kind of thing.

Just because the left remains in denial doesn’t mean we should be too. So now with the evidence of Wisconsin in front of you when I say:

Ride Right Through Them They’re Demoralized as Hell

You damn well ought to believe it!

Updated: Added the Rachel Maddow line.

Update 2: Under the Fedora is up at the Conservatory read it, it has example after example of what I’m talking about a peek:

The bottom line is the signs have been clear that the Democrats are crashing and burning for a long time but we on the right have been so tentative and no nervous that we haven’t wanted to believe it.

maybe it should say “dared” rather than wanted but guys believe it, we are winning!

Update 3: The Washington Post is still quoting the exit polls to say Obama is popular in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is on his way to victory in the state’s recall election tonight, but looking forward to the fall, the Obama campaign may have something positive to glean from the results.

While the totals have Walker ahead significantly, exit polls suggest he did it with a healthy dose of support from voters who are leaning toward President Obama in the fall.

In fact, exit polls show Walker winning 17 percent of Obama supporters — much higher than Democrat Tom Barrett’s 6 percent of Mitt Romney supporters. Overall, the electorate that turned out today is backing Obama by a significant margin: 52 percent to 43 percent.

If Obama was that popular don’t you think he might have showed up in Wisconsin to campaign against Walker, particularly to appease the Union folk?

Guys we are wandering into Kevin Bacon Territory:

And we are going to flatten them the same way.

Update 4: Instalanches all around, thanks Glenn: I disagree though, we SHOULD get cocky, we just shouldn’t get lazy.

and via Smitty and Nice Deb we have this video:

Keep up the scare.

Update 5: This Esquire piece is simply astounding

As the room grew steadily more rowdy, I fell into conversation with Ed Hannan, a lawyer from Greendale, who was glad-handing anyone who walked by, which showed considerable pluck, since one of his arms was in a sling. “I am surprised by the margin,” he said. “I expected large amounts of voter fraud, both in Milwaukee and in Dane County. That has had me concerned. Given the level of participation today, I can tell you, I voted at 7:30 this morning, I was number 78 at 7:15 in the morning. That has never been seen before.

“It means the restoration of integrity in government,” he continued. “It means an understanding of the role of government, the limitations of the role of government, and the return of power to the taxpayers, as opposed to union organizers. That is how important this is. Going forward, what we will then see is more legislation that is going to limit the role of government and, more than that, a repeal of laws. For instance, the Minimum Mark-Up Law, a limitation on the environmental laws. We need to have sunset laws on environmental restrictions and the employment-related laws. This election was never about collective bargaining. It was about legislation that removed the state as the collection agency for union dues.”

There was no point in arguing with the man. There didn’t seem even to be any sport in pointing out that the “restoration of integrity in government” that he saw in the results was on behalf of a guy who took to the podium last night three steps ahead of a sitting grand jury. The distance between what I saw and what Ed Hannan saw was too great. I might as well have been talking to him in Finnish.

Read this entire piece and compare it to the Globe piece I quoted above it’s all their, the same dripping contempt for the voters, the same level of denial and the expectation of entitlement.

This is what the left has become, although I suspect it was what was always there but in their anger and frustration they are unable to keep up the mask.