Bill Clinton can count

I think Bill knows exactly where this election is going, I think Bill knows there is no salvaging things, I think Bill understands that being linked to Obama even in 2016 is going to be the kiss of death for any Democrat.

DaTechGuy Blog June 7th

Today I got an e-mail from the Radio Patriot Andrea Shea King referring me to this post at the American Thinker concerning Bill Clinton and Barack Obama that is THE must read of the day.

I suspect that the Clintons and their allies are spreading the word that smart people are planning for life after Obama, that he is going nowhere, that there will be a reckoning. And that now is the time to distance oneself from what promises to destroy the party if not stopped. Perhaps the time has come to figure out some way to get Obama off the ticket. Somehow.

It would have to be a covert op. No Democrat who ever wants to carry a black precinct can be seen as slipping in the stiletto. It has to have the appearance of Obama voluntarily announcing that he will not be a candidate for re-election. Just as LBJ did on March 31, 1968. For the good of the country, his family, maybe his for his health. His medical records have never been released, after all.

I don’t think it’s possible at this late stage in the game for the Democrats to get Obama off the ticket, however it makes sense in one regard. No democrat would dare primary the first Black president, but if he for whatever reason suddenly choose not to run that’s a different story.

Do I think this is going on? There are a lot of Democrats who would like to Torricelli Obama but not a single one can be seen to do so. Even with the Black vote wavering any suspicion that a backroom deal was made to dump Obama might be the last straw, and the Democrat coalition has no room for error.

But in the end I think its all smoke, the Democrats will be the smart thing and take the hit now with Obama and rebuild counting on Romney’s lack of personality to bake the difference in 2016. Elections come and go and losing one is part of the game, but any effort that risks detaching the black vote from the Democrat party is simply a bridge too far.