The Comedy Team of Kimberlin & Rauhauser Plan to Silence RS McCain

…continues with the same remarkable success as it has for weeks as today Stacy Devotes 2414 words to Mr. Rauhauser.

Neal Rauhauser is crazy and not nearly as smart as he thinks he is, and his boastful arrogance has been his downfall before. So it is again.

This combined with the 477 words late last night, 1165 words yesterday afternoon and 1593 words yesterday morning adds up to a further 5649 devoted to Brett Kimberlin & Co in slightly over 24 hours, not to mention tweets, re-tweets and re-re-tweets of various material.

And that’s just Stacy it doesn’t include the 1743 words on June 11th, 482 words on June 12th and 1041 words I tossed in yesterday. Nor the words that continue to come from Lee Stranaham, Patterico, Dan Collins, Paul Lemmen (who has a long & rather interesting e-mail exchange with Rauhauser prompted by his decision not to back Ali Akbar) and more other bloggers than I can name.

This collected piece of work is continues to reveal the piece of work Kimberlin & Company are and continue to be. Take a look at Stacy McCain’s latest, for those who don’t want to go through 2414 works here is the meat and potatoes.

By now the astute reader understands – and I don’t really have to point this out do I? — that Kimberlin and Rauhauser’s belief in an imaginary conspiracy of their enemies led them into creating an actual conspiracy of their own.

It’s all right there, you see: Presenting himself as an agent of Velvet Revolution, Rauhauser elicited assistance from members of Anonymous in a conspiracy that “put Breitbart & Co. square in their gunsights.” What did Rauhauser mean by that expression? What manner of activity did Anonymous agree to conduct against the target “in their gunsights”? We don’t know.

What we do know is that, once more, Rauhauser’s compulsive bragging has led to the exposure of one of his schemes.

And this is coming out sooner rather than later so to the Swatter I say again State’s evidence NOW!

Update (sort of): Technically this is not a “update” since I’m typing this before the post goes live but as I’m adding this to my scheduled post I’ll label it as such.

Ladd Ehliner noted the echance between Lemmen and Rauhauser and commented on two particular entries, one where Rauhauser asserted Weiner was framed by a congressman trying to extort Jews. Ladd’s reaction to these “bombshells“:

Worst. Detective. Evah. This is almost as bad as Brietbart Unmasked’s amazing discovery that Ace of Spades is actually a woman in disguise, or some such.

He is even more amused with Neal’s take on Kimberlin:

And then there is this, in regards to Brett Kimberlin, the Speedway Bomber:

More on Brett – locked up for bombing, freed early, received a massive false imprisonment settlement, details are sealed. The only evidence it was him was collected under hypnosis – not a valid source of evidence. They wanted it off the books and quickly, he was a convenient target.

No mention that you’re friends with Kimberlin and he’s your client, Neal? False imprisonment settlement with details sealed? In what bizzarro universe does this happen?

I’ve heard that when the Soviet Union fell apart, some writers for Pravda were totally clueless that their beloved communism was such a miserable failure. They wandered the streets, dazed zombies with no more brains to feed upon…

The danger for any propagandist is to fall prey to their own bullshit (don’t get high on your own supply). To do otherwise is to risk becoming both liar and lied-to. Yes, while the devil may indeed sprinkle bits of truth across the meals he prepares for potential victims, the arsenic renders the entire meal ultimately unpalatable.

The question becomes does Rauhauser actually believe this stuff or is he trying to play Paul or create a paper trail of deniability when this eventually gets to a court.

It will be fun to find out and trust me Stacy McCain will.

Update (sort of) 2: The Criminal case against Aaron Walker has been dropped in Maryland, waiting on the disposition of the peace order.

Dying to find out from Rauhauser how the Bavarian Illuminati managed that one.