The Nashua Federated Republican Women’s Club Breakfast W/ Kelly Ayotte

This morning I attended the Nashua Federated Republican Women’s Club Breakfast at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Nashua NH

It is an annual event to honor women who have made a difference to the GOP

Senator Kelly Ayotte, Woman of the year Phyllis Woods and Congressman Charlie Bass

Both Rep Charlie Bass and Kelly Ayotte spoke, Senator Ayotte also took questions from the audience, I shot video of almost the entire event and will include all said video in order after the jump:

The first person I spoke to was Verity Swayne

and then Juanita Dangel

For a party with a “war on women” there certainly seemed to be a lot of them here.

Ovide Lamontagne was not present although his wife was there to represent him, his opponent in the GOP primary for governor Kevin Smith was there and spoke to me about the event.

Shortly thereafter things began with the Honorable Jeanine Notter Emceeing the event. She introduced GOP Vice Chairman Cliff Hurst who gave the opening prayer.

Followed by the pledge of Allegiance:

And there was an AWESOME rendition of the National Anthem by a group of young singers call ed the New Hampshire Patriettes who sang the first AND the last verse

(Their Youtube Channel is here BTW)

Distinguished guests were then recognized

Congressman Bass (who I was later told was an unexpected guest) was introduced and gave a brief speech

He was followed by Senator Ayotte. Her Keynote was very effective

I particularly liked her bill to pull congressional pay if there was no budget as she put it: “If we don’t pass a budget we shouldn’t get paid”

Senator Ayotte then announced spontaneously she would take questions from the audience she took one on Agenda 21:

One on Swatting

On the Administration’s executive order concerning immigration

and the White House exceeding presidential powers in general

How can you not be impressed by a pol who willingly takes questions without prompting. Quite a contrast isn’t it.

After the Senator presentations were made

Both Emilie Power & Mar Mar Rogers was honored as well. Mar Mar was ill she was not present to receive her flowers

But the woman of the hour was Phyllis Woods who talked about her work on the GOP national committee in her acceptance speech

Verity Swayne who I interviewed first gave the closing prayer:

After the end of the Event I interviewed Congressman Bass

And at the end of the day Senator Ayotte consented to a quick interview as she headed to her car for the airport:

It was a very nice event and I was treated very well. here is the full set of pictures I shot

And finally my best to Linda Twombly, and hopes for her speedy recovery