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Saturday’s show with Donna Cahill & Jeff Semon is now available, you can listen to it live here.

and I’ve just been notified that last week’s show thought as lost as a Patrick Troughton Dr. Who episode has also been found! This is our big Brett Kimberlin & Co Episode with Ali Akbar and Robert Stacy McCain. That is available here.

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Lt. Kaminsky Tora Tora Tora

On MSNBC I’ve heard the word “blogger” used as a pejorative to dismiss us as factually challenged.  How things change:

MSNBC aired footage today that inaccurately portrayed Mitt Romney’s remarks at a campaign stop in Pennsylvania.

When even Politico is coming down on you, that’s pretty bad,

The MSNBC clip feeds into the narrative, beloved by some on the left, that Romney is a 1950’s throwback. After the clip cut, Mitchell and MSNBC contributor Chris Cillizza broke out into laughter — which is understandable, given that they both had been led to believe that Romney was wowed by a simple machine. In fact, what Romney found so “amazing” was the discord between private sector innovation and public sector bureaucracy.

via Nice Deb Betsy’s Page notes what happened

Well, the joke is on them. It didn’t take the blogger at Sooper Mexican to find the entire video of Mitt Romney talking about the touch-pad ordering system at WaWa’s. And it turns out that he was making a point comparing the innovation of the private sector to come up with a faster and more efficient way to order the condiments on your sandwich with the over-regulation and lack of innovation in the public sector. He contrasts the innovation at WaWa with a doctor who told him he had to fill out a 33-page change-of-address form for getting Medicare payments.

What! you can find the real video on the internet?   I know Andrea Mitchell is a bit older than she looks but she has heard of the net hasn’t she?

It’s as if MSNBC had no idea that anyone else could find the video of the moment shot by some guy with a camera who was waiting to hand his book about hemp to Mitt Romney and then a blogger could figure out how they misleadingly edited the Romney video. They forgot that there are conservative bloggers out there who are capable of finding out their editing chicanery and that the internet can be used to distribute the proof of their dishonest reporting. Soon the real story goes from conservative blogs to Politico and now there are questions that MSNBC will have to answer. Just as NBC News had to fire a producer for editing the George Zimmerman tape of his 911 call, someone will probably have to lose his or her job for this if MSNBC cares at all about even the appearance of journalistic integrity. Perhaps not.

I suggest MSNBC long stopped worrying about journalism and turned to advocacy but just remember every time you hear someone go after “mere” bloggers remind them that this deception was done with a full squad of editors, producers and all the power of the NBC news team behind them.  As Ed Morrissey says:

Wow.  Thank goodness Andrea Mitchell is an honest-to-goodness journalist, instead of just a talk-show host on an occasionally-watched cable channel … or worse yet, just a blogger.  So, we can now assume that NBC News enforces no standards on truth or ethics on its own correspondents, and doesn’t just exempt the MSNBC opinion-show hosts, right?

Yeah their video is a lot slicker than say mine from the Nashua Federated Republican Women’s Conference , but you can trust my video, and if you have a problem with it, you can ask me directly.   How much of this do you think went on in the Bush (I), Reagan, Ford, Nixon et/al years before there was a net to “fact check your ***”?

Yesterday evening just after I finished talking to the IRS  I noted I had missed a call from Ali Akbar and gave him a ring.

Ali expressed concern about Ladd Ehlinger Post that I had retweeted late last night concerning him and Paul Lemmen.

Some background. I’ve known Ali since the Scott Brown race and he has treated me well, the very first press credential I had, came from Ali. I think Ali is a talented young man who has a future and I have a very high opinion of his mother who I met at the last Blogcon. Blogbash at CPAC.

We Sicilians tend to remember that kind of thing so when Ali asked me if I would interview him on this matter, although I frankly thing this entire post is ill advised, I agreed.

Before we began I told Ali about my own relationships with the others involved in this conversation. Paul Lemmen & Ladd Ehlinger.

I have regularly linked to Paul Lemmen (although we’ve never met or spoke) I became aware of him through Zilla. Our exchanges have been unexciting but have really been just about posts.

As for Ladd Ehlinger with the exception of Stacy McCain there is nobody I’m closer to on the net. We talk regularly on issues and what is going down. He has been particularly good to me and mine. Ladd has my unequivocal friendship and trust.

Ladd does not have a high opinion of Ali. I have friends such as Sunshine State Sarah who share Ladd’s view while Stacy McCain on the other end likes Ali a lot.

Anyways Ali & I talked for a while and he made the following points concerning this dispute which is now getting some pixels:
Continue reading “And now by request…I jump into the middle of it”

Yesterday I posted a bunch of photos and videos of the Nashua (NH) Federated Republican Women’s Club. The Keynote Speaker was Senator and potential VP nominee Kelly Ayotte.

At the end of her speech she spontaneously offered to take questions from the audience. I asked her one on Swatting

“I don’t agree with any effort to silence conservative bloggers or any bloggers.”

That sounds like a pretty straightforward defense of the 1st Amendment to me.

I also interviewed Congressman Charlie Bass after the event and during the interview asked him about the letter to the AG and asked him if he had seen the letter and if he was open to signing it.

“I have not seen that letter I’m certainly open to signing it. I certainly would condemn any law enforcement action of that nature as Senator Ayotte said when addressing that issue I don’t support that kind of effort to infringe upon individuals 1st Amendment rights”

I submit and suggest that every time this issue is brought before a sitting member of congress it brings it closer to the general public, and when the general public becomes informed on these events, things will start happening fast.

Again my message to the Swatter: STATES EVIDENCE NOW! Every day you wait increases the chances your allies will kick you to the curb while covering themselves.

I’m sure we will shortly see Mr. Kimberlin & Co getting Democrats on record about Swatting. After all it is natural to assume a man with the support of groups like Tides and Kerry’s foundation will have the ear of some in congress and if Mr. Kimberlin claims of being a Swatting victim are to be believed we should expect to see Democrats signing on to object to this kind of thing. Shouldn’t we?