And now a few NBC questions

Sunday and Monday I spent a lot of time and effort that I should have spent chasing down new advertisers on DaTechGuy on DaRadio on a long post concerning some infighting that I had very little interest in but was asked as a favor to check on.

As I look at the comments on that post and on twitter there seems to be some questions concerning the NBC.

It’s fair to say that the NBC and the whole concept of it is fairly new so I don’t expect every duck to be in a row on it,  that being said, I think there is nothing wrong with asking questions. After all we bloggers tend to ask questions of others so we shouldn’t flinch at receiving them.

So let me ask the questions that might seem relevant on the issue:

1. How exactly does one join the NBC?
2. Is there a website for it, what it the address, if not when is it expected to be up?
3. Who is on the board of the NBC and how is it selected?
4. Given that NBC was started by people who are conservative, is the membership limited to conservatives?
5. Is this organization strictly for political bloggers are there plans to expand beyond that?
6. Is this considered a formal organization with existing by-laws etc, if such bylaws do not exist are they in progress, or is it more informal association of bloggers & writers?
7. Is there a budget, how much has the organization raised?
8. As money is being raised to help the victims of Kimberlin & Co how have said funds been used in that regard?

Now the whole National Bloggers club as I’ve already said is brand new, and any person who has ever started a business or organization from scratch knows there is a lot of legwork involved in doing so. So I’m not going to be surprised if some or all of this stuff isn’t set in stone just yet, but the more answers people have the less suspicious they will be, sunlight and all that.

Full Disclosure: You might remember this post I did last week on the Domestic Energy & Job Act. I was informed of, given an invitation to, and included in that conference call through a club/blogbash e-mail.