My friend Barbara Espinosa

Right now a lot of people are piling on my friend Barbara Espinosa over some ill chosen words concerning the president.

Hey that’s part of free speech, Barbara said what she said and if people want to hit her over it, she’s a big girl, and can take care of herself. (She is also an armed girl anyone making violent threats against her who are thinking for one second of carrying them out is announcing their candidacy for a Darwin award.)

Let me tell you about my friend Barbara Espinosa:

Barbara was one of the people who helped get me to CPAC for the first time.

When I ended up on the Tea Party Express she put me up for the night when I came knocking near 3 a.m.

She was one of the earliest supporters of my radio show.

I have stayed at her house, been on her radio show and she has been on mine (and will be again if she is willing).

I also remember her on blogger row sitting with Vernon Parker sitting next to her next to Black GOP candidate Vernon Parker Jerome Hudson listening to the CPAC keynote and working hard for his election and as Stacy McCain tweets she has strongly supported black GOP candidates.

Anyone who knows Barbara knows she is no racist.

Barbara was, is and will always be my friend, PERIOD! If anyone ANYONE thinks for one moment that is going to change or I am going to denounce her or jump on any kind of anti-Barbara bandwagon they are out of their minds.

Update: Talked to Barbara I was wrong it was Jerome Hudson not Vernon Parker who was there.

Oh and I’m sure to fit Barbara into the racist stereotype they have created in their mind the left will conclude that she like Naomi Schaefer before her, secretly dreamed all her life of having a person of color as a manservant so she came up with the cunning plan to marry the very Spanish Mr Espinosa and remained with him for thirty years till his death.

Simply diabolical.

Update 3: Barbara has sent me this e-mail

“When it comes to talk radio both the left and right can, unfortunately, employ a little too much free speech. It is a medium for inspiration and robust debate, not gratuitous insult. I apologize to anyone that was offended by my comments. It was a poor joke off the cuff that deserves apology not example. I am a proud supporter of numerous African-American republicans that have run for office and will continue to do so.”

I’m sure this apology will be accepted with all the speed that they accepted Rush’s. I expect they will go full tilt on this as it beats talking about Obama’s record or fast and furious.