I just walked though my door 10 minutes ago after 4 whole hours of being off the net, had a call from a local candidate looking for info on a bill and when I opened the browser I on Instapundit that Aaron has been swatted not 12 hours after a stay had been granted to the gag order against him.

I hate to admit it but, my first thought wasn’t, “Is Aaron and his family OK?” My first thought in my mind was, “Are these people REALLY THIS STUPID?

You have had a letter sent to the Attorney General concerning SWATTING signed by over 80 member of congress. One week ago today I asked Congressman Charlie Bass and Senator Kelly Ayotte about SWATTING at a public forum. The MSM has finally given it a little coverage so there is attention and now not even 24 hours after Walker has won a preliminary injunction these guys SWATT HIM?

I’m sorry this is unbelievably stupid, so mindbogglingly idiotic that I can’t wrap my head around it. Is there really a follower of Brett Kimberlin & Co that is foolish enough to do this?

There is now a reason for each of the conservatives who signed that letter to be called for comment, there is also a reason for every other member of congress who DIDN’T sign it to be called for comment. I am going to be very busy tomorrow.

I’m no longer advising the SWATTER to turn states evidence, there is apparently no point in wasting good advice on such a dunderhead. Assuming the SWATTER isn’t Kimberlin himself or Rauhauser this person has to be a cult follower of the Nth degree.

I suspect anyone with connections to these idiots are doing what Nixon should have done to the tapes, and if they haven’t done it yet you’d better be sure they are going to because as of this moment the idiots are no longer useful.

Update: At Breitbart Stranahan gives some details:

Walker told Breitbart News that he was home with his wife this evening at approximately 6:00pm when there was a “pretty insistent” knock at his door. Walker answered to find about six police cars in the street and two officers taking positions against the wall with M4 rifles. Since he was aware of the previous swattings of Patrick “Patterico” Frey, Erick Erickson, and Mike Stack, Mr. Walker asked the police if someone had called and claimed he had killed his wife, and police confirmed that that was the case.

In a statement to Breitbart News, Walker said, “This is obviously very upsetting but my wife and I are fine. Whoever did this had the intent to put our lives in danger.”

Update 2: Aaron Walker/Worthing gives his first hand report here and note the reaction of his wife:

My wife came out a bit later and she appeared to be okay and I gave her a hug. She later told me when the officer woke her up, she said, the same phrase, “let me guess, someone called and said my husband shot me…” She says the cop was surprised that she wasn’t surprised.

The Key Line:

This was an act of desperation; this was not the act of people who feel they are winning.

So my reaction is naturally this:

Ride Right Through them, they’re demoralized as Hell!

Kimberlin and the left, same demoralization and I think we should have the same reaction.

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The costs of Obama and his programs are becoming more apparent. via five feet of fury) those who oppose him:

Even if you add in all possible “indirect” jobs that could be attributed to this subsidy flurry, it still works out to $1.63 million in subsidies per job created, according to the report.

Just to be clear, this isn’t some taxpayers federation or Republican Party group writing this scathing review. This is the US government itself.

Consider that $1.63 million dollar figure. Imagine a WPA style program such as busy work/cleanup that a city might normally not do because of regular budget. Say 3 ten man crews at $30,000 each plus another $10K in side expenses and taxes. Add a chief to run each crew, say $50K each with taxes and one guy to supervise the supervisors, let’s make him expensive: $100,000 counting benefits and taxes on say an $80K pay.

$1.2 million (work Crew 39 men)
$ .15 million (Three crew chiefs)
$ .1 million The supervisor

That adds up to $1.45 Million dollars, employing 34 people vs $1.63 million for one.

But we can’t have that can we? After all none of those 34 people are in a position to kick back money to the campaign.

Those figures are no surprise to us who oppose him but to those who support him (via Glenn) there is a surprise awaiting them as well

William Jacobson (Cornell) blogs the tax consequences of the Obama campaign’s Dinner With Barack fundraising raffle. Three winners and their guests will receive:

Roundtrip airfare (valued at $1,200)
One night in a hotel ($200)
Dinner with President Obama ($200)

The rules state that “all federal, state and local taxes associated with the receipt or use of any prize are the sole responsibility of the winner.” The $1,600 is includible in each winner’s income under § 74 — at the 35% rate, that results in $560 of federal income tax.

Imagine you are a retired black person who was so proud to see the first black president elected and decides to give that $3 from her fixed income to get him re-elected, Just imagine her face after winning that dinner with Obama her getting that $560 tax bill.

That image is the Obama administration in a nutshell.

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Stacy McCain, Aaron Worthing and many others report that Judge Nelson W Rupp Jr. has granted a temporary stay to the gag order on Aaron Worthing from speaking/writing about Brett Kimberlin till the full hearing on July 5th.

Worthing and Patterico promise big updates and until that comes it’s all just feel good stuff, with one exception:

In a brief telephone interview, Walker said that Kimberlin filed a counter-motion that did not address the First Amendment legal issues at stake, but rather “made a bunch of new accusations” against Walker.

There is no word on how the judge approached that counter motion, but if the standard Kimberlin tactics are no longer effective, then Brett Kimberlin instantly becomes of no use to those who are funding him.

and THAT would be the big news of the day.

Update: Just got off the phone with Dan Backer from DB Capitol Strategies and RightSolutions. He commented that as the Maryland court has granted temporary relief that temporary request on the federal level will be dropped but the case will continue in order.

However “While we are happy” with Today’s ruling since that temporary relief doesn’t preclude Kimberlin from filing new such requests or using these tactics in other states. The federal case shall go on to protect bloggers from attempt to suppress their free speech rights.

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…proves that unlike our friends of the left he understands that Communism is not a system to emulate

If Grayson is not reason enough to donate to Marx Oxner I’d like to know what is

One more thing about Grayson. He’s one of my favorite leftists in the sense that he doesn’t pretend to be what he isn’t. You get the full unabashed left that the rest of the crowd hides.

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Experience keeps a dear school, but Fools will learn in no other.

Ben Franklin 1743

I am the state, your majesty. Let us say it privately so that we never need to discuss it in public. I am France, Louis. I am the state.

Cardinal Richelieu The Three Musketeers 1948

A lot of people are rightly wringing their hands over the results in Egypt as the Muslim Brotherhood has won the presidential election.

An Islamist backed by the Muslim Brotherhood declared victory as Egypt’s first democratically elected president even as the country’s military rulers issued a decree that stripped the position of much of its power.

This entire situation brings conflicting thoughts. First of all you have the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists taking power. Pam Geller reminds us that this was the logical conclusion of all of this from the start and anyone not in denial could have seen this coming a year ago

January 2011 flashback to a Sandmonkey tweet that was retweeted by Mona Eltahawy, another Egyptian protest lover who was subsequently sexually attacked at one of these “freedom” protests. Of course, I disagreed with Sandmonkey and had my public falling out with him over my insistence that the Muslim Brotherhood was very much a major player in the overthrow of Mubarak and whatever freedom Egyptians had enjoyed under his government.

And Cogressman Allen West said the same last year:

and has called for our cutting of aid to Egypt today

Let’s get to Brass Tacks:

It is a basic truism that all people deserve self-determination, the problem with the middle east in general and Egypt in particular is the majority of the people wanted is the Muslim Brotherhood, what the people want is Sharia. And what the Muslim brotherhood wants is war with Israel and its destruction.

Now the Egyptian Military has stepped in, playing the role of Richelieu retaining many power but most significantly stripping the president of his war making power.

Egypt’s new president will have the power to declare war, but only “after the approval of the SCAF.

Why have they done this? Because the reality of Egypt is the military NOT Mubarak has been the true power for decades and remains the power today. The situation hasn’t changed and as I’ve said before:

The Military has become rich and fat with peace and US aid and has done it without getting slaughtered in wars with Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist’s in theory would love actual war with Israel and believe in it. They have been fed the propaganda for thirty years of victories that never happened, the military however knows differently but the reality is the military knows it is a war they will lose, badly.

And that doesn’t even consider how vulnerable a defeated Egypt will be to a Sudan or Libya that decides to make territorial claims.

That is the great contradiction. If Egypt is given proper democracy with the military subordinate to the will of the public you have a war that is going to destroy Egypt, yet the only way to stop such a war is for the Military to hold true power.

Yet the reality is that as long as the people are shielded from the consequences from their decisions they will continue to make bad ones.

The bottom line is THERE IS NO GOOD SOLUTION TO WHAT IS HAPPENING IN EGYPT, like Syira we only have a series of bad choices to choose from. The best we can do is to make sure that if the Egyptian people choose Sharia and War and oppression of minorities, we express our displeasure using the primary tool at our disposal, our aid and our expressions of displeasure.

We have to play it cool and smart, I wish we had an administration up to the task.

Update: The DaTechGuy Fundraiser is in progress, our goal is $3000 and we are $2950 away (that first $50 is always the hardest (Thanks Steve), for details click here for the progress check the thermometer to the right and to kick in hit DaTipJar” below.