Worthing 1 Kimberlin 1 the tie breaker coming July 5th: Update on Federal case

Stacy McCain, Aaron Worthing and many others report that Judge Nelson W Rupp Jr. has granted a temporary stay to the gag order on Aaron Worthing from speaking/writing about Brett Kimberlin till the full hearing on July 5th.

Worthing and Patterico promise big updates and until that comes it’s all just feel good stuff, with one exception:

In a brief telephone interview, Walker said that Kimberlin filed a counter-motion that did not address the First Amendment legal issues at stake, but rather “made a bunch of new accusations” against Walker.

There is no word on how the judge approached that counter motion, but if the standard Kimberlin tactics are no longer effective, then Brett Kimberlin instantly becomes of no use to those who are funding him.

and THAT would be the big news of the day.

Update: Just got off the phone with Dan Backer from DB Capitol Strategies and RightSolutions. He commented that as the Maryland court has granted temporary relief that temporary request on the federal level will be dropped but the case will continue in order.

However “While we are happy” with Today’s ruling since that temporary relief doesn’t preclude Kimberlin from filing new such requests or using these tactics in other states. The federal case shall go on to protect bloggers from attempt to suppress their free speech rights.

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