Like many bloggers I have an e-mail list and once or twice a week I send out a series of links to readers and a more frequent e-mail to fellow bloggers in obedience to rule 1

Today’s e-mail reads like a pretty good post on its own but before I share it with you, the stupidity list has grown:

A convicted perjurer and bomber, obsessed with his enemies, sees evidence of a threat by one of those long-time enemies. The threat is made on a blog post about the bomber, 9 days after the post is published. The bomber sees that threat 1-8 minutes after the threat is made. This occurs around midnight.

The threat is deleted, minutes later. But the perjurer already has the threat on his Internet browser.

Despite the evident importance of the threat, however, he waits at least 32 minutes to capture the screenshot.

Then the perjurer and bomber never refreshes the thread again in the next 19 days.

The perjurer and bomber says he’s not the guy who left the threat. And he doesn’t know who did. He just happened to see it, coincidentally, during that 8-minute window, 9 days after the post was published. And that was the last time he ever hit “refresh” on the post about himself.

Does this scenario make any sense at all?

And lets not just make that mistake, lets submit evident to a court that can be disproved by a blogger who knows enough to save the IP addresses of the comments.

Meanwhile Facebook on the heels of its disappointing IPO has followed up with their own stupid mistake:

Facebook just removed everyone’s email address from their profile and replaced it with an email address without asking you.

It’s easily fixed but when you have PR issues you don’t upset your customer base:

A Facebook spokesperson has responded to everyone’s questions on the subject, but they don’t have much to say—except that yes, they have given everyone a Facebook email address and rolled out a “new setting that gives people the choice to decide which addresses they want to show on their timelines.” They did not explain why (or even acknowledge) that all of these addresses were made default on people’s profiles.

Yeah nothing says, “have faith in us” then pushing your customers somewhere they don’t want to do.

If you interested in the other stupidity that you might have missed the e-mail I sent this morning is below the jump: Continue reading “Let’s review the stupidity outbreak of the week”

…Morning Joe not withstanding let’s remember even before Obama decided to hit the Red Sox in Massachustts he wasn’t as popular around here as you think after all I seem to recall he showed up around the weekend before the special election that Brown won, how did that work out for you?

You know when I went to bed I thought the Swatting of Aaron Worthing was the stupidest move I’d ever seen, Obama hitting the Red Sox in Massachusetts THAT’s dumber!

I hope Former Obama Administration official Elizabeth Warren brings Obama here every single day, you might recall the GOP in NH commented they wanted Obama to visit the state every day to remind voters what party the current governor belongs to. I want every single Congressman and State Rep with a D next to their name tied to Obama so tight you’d think they were a skydiving pair.

And you expect me to be afraid of these guys?

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