An inconvenient round of applause

One of the things that has gotten scant attention has been this clip (via Breitbart)

This is significant (and un-reportable) by the MSM for two reasons:

1. President Obama’s whole position on Gay Marriage has been half pander half deceit

2. The NAACP’s official support of Gay Marriage (only two in the board objected) has produced reactions like this:

The Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP), headed by Rev. William Owens of Memphis, Tenn., said that the NAACP had abandoned its core mission by supporting same-sex marriage.

“This is supposed to be an organization for black people who were beaten, who were mistreated and who were enslaved,” Owens told The Huffington Post. “You’re advocating for something that’s not normal, that’s not natural. It’s still out of line, it’s against moral law.”

“Gay marriage is leading us down a bad path,” Owens added. “Our young people are already hurt. They’re already damaged.”

The media has to dodge this issue because it has the potential to create the same split between leadership and rank and file that we have seen in Unions and mainstream coverage of that applause would shatter that narrative.

But as I said this morning, the MSM coverage doesn’t matter. HERE is what matters:

1. Is the Romney Gay Marriage Clip is being played on Black Radio Stations?

2. What has been the listener reaction to it?

The answers to those questions could be earth shaking.