Demoralized as hell: the Obama Prevent Defense edition

I don’t think you’re escorting me I think I’m escorting you amigos.

Richard Sharpe Sharpe’s Rifles 1993

For the past week the Romney campaign has been under unrelenting attack concerning the Governor’s time at Bain Capital.

The Obama Campaign has unleashed ad after ad contending he was an outsourcer. The cable networks have talked and talked on the subject and the MSM has been divided between those who have said Mitt has to come clean and those who think the attacks are unfair but insist Mitt needs to answer them.

Either way, the MSM consensus is Mitt is playing prevent defense. As usual the MSM has it exactly BACKWARDS!

It isn’t the Mitt Romney team that is playing prevent defense, it is the OBAMA Campaign.

The Obama campaign knows what the score is. The Base is dissatisfied, Democrats pols have been running away from him for a year, black voters are hesitating over Gay Marriage, the Obamacare decision while painted as a victory has energized the tea party activists, and the once vaunted Obama money machine is so weak when they aren’t begging brides to be for their dowry they’re forced to travel to foreign lands for donations.

And while the public knows the state the economy they are living in, the campaign understands they are not paying attention to the political side of the coin…at least not yet.

And THAT’s why the Obama campaign is spending their meager war chest and going all in on Bain in the middle of Summer.

The Democrats and their allies in the media understand that if this election becomes about the president’s record, it will be over before the first debate begins. They also understand that while people aren’t paying attention they see in passing the magazine covers, the Newspaper headlines and the various media stories as they surf the channels or see the TV screens that are now impossible to avoid as you go to the bank, the airport or the local watering hole. If those screens are full of the economy the kids will be learning how to say “President Romney” on their 2nd day back to school and the willingness of even the truest believer to open up their pocketbooks for the home stretch will be gone.

They aren’t spending their money in the middle of summer in the hopes of defining Romney to an audience that isn’t paying attention, they are spending the money NOW to keep their poll numbers from collapsing prior to the fall campaign season. This isn’t about getting ahead, it’s about treading water long enough for something ANYTHING to come along and save them.

Robert Stacy McCain gets it:

it’s only July and if the Obama campaign is already burning through that cash at an unsustaintable pace . . .

Well, there’s a good reason they’re “freaked out,” you see.

If the polls start shifting toward Romney now, the scenes inside Obama HQ in Chicago will be Hitler-in-the-bunker Downfall parody stuff.

As does Jennifer Rubin:

So the Obama team has shot its wad. Its opponent has more ammo and more money now. Romney hasn’t been mortally wounded. And there isn’t money from Obama to keep up the 4-to-1 spending barrage. In fact without it, Obama might well have fallen behind in the race. So the Obama team pleads for money and turns up the volume of the attacks. (After calling Romney a criminal in July, what’s left for September and October?)

Obama is now committed to a strategy that isn’t working. He’s left to unleash his attack dogs and to pray for a miracle.

That’s why Obama’s campaign is doing what they are and why the media is baiting the Romney campaign in the hope they will bite. Even those media outlets that call out the attacks as the BS they are, are still aiding the overall strategy, keep the focus off of the President record and maintaining the bluff.

Unfortunately for the left and Obama they shall discover what each GOP contender has discovered before them while Romney lacks charisma, he has no shortage of patience and single mindeded courage when it comes to following through on a plan.

Obama’s only hope is to keep things close enough for Romney to make a fatal mistake, an Etch a Sketch moment times 20. It’s not much of a plan but it’s the best chance they have.

As for the GOP well the advice is the same it has always been:

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

The Obama Collapse has been evident for a long time, when it comes, it will be like the Berlin Wall coming down and people who have been doing this a lot longer than me who were talking about the unbeatable Obama re-election will be will talking about how inevitable his fall was.

But only a very few of us were willing to say it when it counted.

Update: Instalanche thanks Glenn. I’ve just put up a sequel to this post titled: Demoralized as Hell AH Squad Leader Edition. What does a classic Wargame from the 80’s have to do with the Obama Campaign’s tactics today? The answer is a click away.

Update 2: Race 2012 shows the graph and says.

Think of all the effort, time, money, and resources that Obama has been expending trying to destroy Romney. Yet take a gander at today’s Rasmussen poll and its trendline charts…

There hasn’t been any significant change in the numbers in two months. In fact, if you take away Mitt’s big May 11th bounce, there hasn’t been a significant change in the numbers since the poll began.


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