This morning we talked about that National Journal article concerning House races as evidence of trouble for Obama. A sharp-eyed reader might note I didn’t cite the Nv-3 race as evidence of Obama’s weakness.

Ah HA! the left might say, You left that district out of your post, is it because there’s evidence in that race, a race named in the party’s Red to Blue program, that contradicts your premise?

Glad you asked.

As the article cited provided no evidence either way lets take a look at the two candidates web sites, their single biggest permanent public platform for clues.

We’ll start with the Incumbent Joe Heck His web site has a very prominent page labeled Issues page the very first item listed is Obamacare:


The Obama health care take over hurts patients and cuts $500 billion from Medicare. Joe Heck is fighting for a better alternative. Joe Heck’s solution supports Nevada’s families by protecting the patient-physician relationship and reducing health care costs. Joe Heck is working to protect Medicare for Nevada’s seniors and preserve it for future generations.

Although he also hits both energy and regulation, both key issues the very first mention in the very first attack is “Obama”.

His “News” page only has four entries but three of those four entries directly hit “Obama” or “Obamacare”

Clearly Dr. Heck is a congressman who has no problem going after President Obama.

Now lets take a look at his opponent John Oceguera.

He doesn’t have an “issues” page on his web site. So I dug into the site and found his: News and updates page. If you go back to May you can find a post called: What I stand for that includes support for Gay Marriage, pulling troops out of Afghanistan and joining in on the “War of Women” meme that was big a few months ago.

If you look at a series of statements here is what you find:

On Immigration:

Moving forward, we need to implement common-sense solutions that start with securing the border, and crack down on employers trafficking in undocumented immigrants.

and that’s what he says while backing this administrations policy.

On the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling he put out a statement saying it’s time “Washington Moved on”. When Congressman Heck voted for repeal he said:

Instead of focusing on getting our economy back on track and getting Nevadans back to work, Joe Heck and House Republicans voted for the 31st time to go back to a time when insurance companies dictated patient care decisions. I’m shocked, but not surprised.

Not a direct endorsement of Obamacare

That’s all interesting but the question remains: “Is there anything on this site that directly speaks to the National race? The answer lies not in what is easily found on his site, but what is not.

John Oceguera is running in a district with “a significant Hispanic population”, a demographic where Obama’s supposedly leads Romney better than 3-1 against a Tea Party opponent in one of the few states where the left one a close race during the “Big Red Wave” of 2010.

So in that environment in the last year of entries has John Oceguera, a man the Democrat party named to “a list of priority candidates” mention President Obama the party leader on his site?

Once on April 17th in an entry titled…

Reagan was right

I rest my case.

Oh BTW I gave the Oceguera campaign a call early this morning. I got a call back from a fellow named Adam Weiss who while a Yankee Fan gave me a bunch of time and was very forthcoming.

I asked him about the single Obama appearance on the web site. He said it was not by design and noted that the candidate had appeared at several Obama office openings (although not with the president himself). I asked if he was planning to go to the convention and he said the candidate would do better talking to voters and focusing on Congressman Heck’s record.

I also asked if his would support the repeal of Obamacare if elected. He said no but demurred on if Mr. Oceguera would have voted for Obamacare saying he is looking at the future not the past. Their focus is Congressman Heck and in a district that has a close split in terms of registration.

None of this suggests his campaign wrong in doing this, in fact If I was Adam I’d be doing the same thing. Focus on my opponent’s record, don’t nationalize the race, emphasis your own strengths.

But as a sign of where things are going for President Obama…be afraid Democrats, be VERY Afraid.

Update: I don’t know what I must have against the National Journal that I can’t tell them from the National Post or National review. Corrected. Thanks to reader J.M. Heinrich for the Catch.


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Nancy Pelosi isn’t releasing any of her tax returns anytime soon:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) pushed back hard Thursday against the notion that congressional leaders should release their tax returns, saying the standard applies only to presidential candidates.

“When I run for president of the United States, you can hold me to that standard,” Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol.

I seem to recall that Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house was 2nd in line for the white house right after the Vice President, and I also seem to recall that was true at the time when we had a VP with a bum heart.

Mrs. Romney has already said “We’ve given all you people need.” but if I’m Mitt I’d say the following.

I’ll release my tax returns when I’m 2nd in line for the Presidency or higher.

That is all.

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My weekly “Under the Fedora” column Riding through,

The general reception to these repeated declarations of the weakness of the Obama message, the sight of democrat after democrat running from Obama and repeated electoral defeats for the left have been a level of disbelief and skepticism from my fellow conservatives tinged with a degree of fatalism so large that I thought I was talking with Red Sox Fans circa 2003.

Discount Porn

That’s how bad the Obama economy is, Porn shops have to diversify and On Demand Porno is discounting.

& Captain Kirk

Interviewing congressmen, senators, governors and the next president of the US that’s great, getting tweeted by Shatner, now THAT’s Cool.

As I said that day..Jonah Goldberg eat your heart out.

is now available at the Minority Report where you can find this story

A letter to the President, from a small business owner who did it on his own:

So, this morning was a salient example of why my father [the owner of a small family bakery] hates this Administration, especially after this weekend’s speech.

The Conservatory where you can also find this story

The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) June energy report says that energy-related carbon dioxide fell to 5,473 million metric tons (MMT) in 2011.

That’s down from a high of 6,020 MMT in 2007, and only a little above 1995′s level of 5,314 MMT.

Better yet, emissions in the first quarter of 2012 fell at an even faster rate — down 7.5% from the first quarter of 2011 and 8.5% from the same time in 2010. If the rest of 2012 follows its first-quarter trend, we may see total energy-related carbon dioxide emissions drop to early-1990s levels.

Wow. Victory for the enviro crowd, yes? Regulation has succeeded, right? The government has turned the tide?

Nope. In fact it has nothing to do with the enviro crowd, government or regulation.

Two dirty words: Hydraulic fracking. Two more for good measure: Natural gas. And the dirtiest word of all: Markets.

and Conservatively Speaking where you can find this story:

The top tax rate under Jimmy Carter was 70 percent. Obama says we need more money from the rich (increase taxes) so we can spur economic growth. Then why did we have the recession under Jimmy Carter (the top tax rate was 70 percent)?

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A congressman’s first duty is to get re-elected

Sam Rayburn

I’ve Always known how to count

Tip O’Neill

Yesterday in the National Journal review Josh Kraushaar looked at five congressional races in battle ground states that the GOP is defending. What he saw speaks loudly:

In Colorado’s 6th:

Coffman found his solidly Republican district redrawn into a suburban Denver battleground—and then proceeded to act as if his political fortunes hadn’t changed one bit.

In Florida 18th:

Thanks to redistricting, West moved to a new district that’s slightly more Republican but filled with the type of environmentally-minded moderates that bristle at his confrontational approach. Nonetheless, West has proven to be a national tea party star,

Iowa 3 features a race between two sitting members of congress:

In a sign of how the political winds have shifted, Boswell has distanced himself from the president, most recently siding with Republicans (and 17 Democrats) to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.

As does Ohio 16

Sutton’s playbook is similar to the Obama campaign’s against Romney—portray the Republican as a corporate type out-of-touch with the middle class, while using his support of the Ryan budget as a cudgel. But Renacci is betting that Sutton’s support for the administration’s policies on energy and health care are bigger vulnerabilities.

Take a look at the examples above, in every case the Republican when faced with a more left leaning district has not compromised or backed away. Meanwhile in Iowa the incumbent Democrat is moving away from the president.

Let’s be blunt: The people with something to lose see a downside to standing with the president and see no downside in opposing him. Why do you think Nancy Pelosi is telling her members to stay the hell away from the Democrat Convention?

So stop listening to a MSM that has no skin in the game and take up the cry

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

When I start seeing Democrats in these swing districts pivoting to Obama, then I’ll believe otherwise.

Update: If you won’t believe me will you believe Politico?

Since he won his seat in 1974, Waxman has never received less than 61 percent of the vote — in fact, his friends say, the last time he was seriously contested was in 1968, when he was elected to the California Assembly. Through the years, Waxman has used his deep well of campaign cash almost exclusively to aid fellow Democrats.

But in an interview, Waxman said he would be directing nearly all his money toward his own reelection this time around.

Waxman is worried? Think about the net effect. How many races in the last five decades got a boost from Waxman’s funds that won’t this time around?

Update 3: Dan Riehl says go get him!

Update 4: Should have said National Journal instead of Review, corrected

Update 5: Instalanche, thanks Glenn, speaking of House races these stats from Ma-3 might surprise you and check in this evening for a sequel post that I’m just finishing up now on NV-3.


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