When even the editorial board of the Boston Globe …

By the authority granted to me by his Imperial Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm the Second I pronounce you man and wife – proceed with the execution.

The African Queen 1951

…is hitting the Mayor of Boston over his Chick-Fil-A stance

which part of the First Amendment does Menino not understand? A business owner’s political or religious beliefs should not be a test for the worthiness of his or her application for a business license.

you know this is trouble. Not for Menino, Boston is so liberal he is more likely to die of old age before being voted out. The globe understands the trouble this makes nationally in an election year.

Ironically, Menino is citing the specific location along the Freedom Trail as a reason to block Chick-fil-A. A city in which business owners must pass a political litmus test is the antithesis of what the Freedom Trail represents. History will render judgment on the views of Chick-fil-A executives. City Hall doesn’t have to.

That’s why they pen such a conservative editorial to wit, supporting the right of private institutions to make decisions

The situation was different when Northeastern University blocked a proposed Chick-fil-A amid student protests. In that case, a private institution made its own decision not to bring the company in as a vendor.

A lot of people angry at the Boy Scouts would be shocked at that sentence coming from the Boston Globe, but the editorial board knows how to count and they covered all those votes for Gay Marriage that lost so they understand what’s good for the goose…

But using the power of government to freeze the company out of a city sends a disturbing message to all businesses. If the mayor of a conservative town tried to keep out gay-friendly Starbucks or Apple, it would be an outrage.

…could come out and bite you.

This is why I’ve never understood liberals willingness to give government more power, (nor some conservatives) except in extreme emergencies. This principle SHOULD unite conservatives & liberals, political winds change you should never give coercive power to a government that will sooner or later be controlled by your political foes.

Via Allahpundit at HotAir who thinks Memino is grandstanding (he’s right) and bluntly says he hopes it increases traffic (I second the motion)

One more thing, back when Menino was elected I was very happy, he was the first Italian Mayor in Boston and I was all for him for that reason. His performance proves that one should be wary of supporting a leader based on the placement of vowels in his name, or pigmentation.

Update: Michael Graham (whose op-ed on this yesterday was awesome, retweeted this one this morning

Hey it’s apparently OK with Mayor Menino to call for the death of gays as long as you let them marry first. I have a much better twitter solution:


It just hit me, it won’t just hurt nationally, this won’t help Elizabeth Warren. If she is smart she will jump on this saying: “I support Gay Marriage but we can’t pushing business’ based on personal beliefs.”

Is she willing to say such a think that will win votes but anger her Hollywood money base?

Update 2:  Added African queen quote

Update 3:the Anchoress

The big deal is simply this: the press put aside context and decided to paint this company as some radically-religious-gay-hating-entity and then let the forces of anger, hate and spite have their way with it. The truth is, one can be a Christian and still be sympathetic to some parts of the so-called “gay agenda” without signing on in toto. One can disagree on the issue of gay marriage — based on scripture, or thousands of years of tradition, or on natural law — without actually hating anyone. But the right to principled opposition is being erased, quickly, and the press is doing all it can to help erase it. We are losing the right to say, “I don’t think the same way you do; my opinions are different.” That matters, a lot.

This is our mainstream press — the people charged with the public trust — and it has moved beyond advocacy and into “search and destroy” mode.

She is also right about the reasons:

And frankly, these are acts born out of insecurity, not security, in one’s own position. It is bringing a sledgehammer to a fight, because you cannot trust your own argument.

When people are afraid of an open argument that tell you a lot about the quality of their position.

Update 4: Legal insurrection notes the double standard isn’t restricted to a Mosque in Boston:. It extends to Chicago as well

Menino and Emanuel have selected evangelical Christians for their selective bullying knowing full well that in Boston and Chicago there will be no repercussions. Yet they will not take on more powerful groups who espouse far worse views on homosexuality and gay marriage.

This isn’t about anything but pandering.

Update 5: Glenn Reynolds

What I think is funny is that if you have the same view on gay marriage that Obama had when he was elected, now you’re an enemy of humanity or something.

Hey didn’t Mumbles Menino appear with Barack Obama in Boston before he had his epiphany on this issue?

Update 6: Drudge notes the double standard

Update 7: I put in the base tweet that Graham re-tweeted rather than the Graham Tweet. Corrected the write up.
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