No one will fight me!

Highlander 1986

Tonight my youngest son and I decided to visit the closest of the two Chick Fil-A in Massachusetts at the Burlington Mall.

We got there around 6 p.m.

When we arrived the first thing I noticed was the relative lack of customers at the other establishments compared to Chick-Fil-A

The second thing I noticed were three members of the local police department in the food court, specifically in front of the Chick-Fil-A (The Quiznois is next to it)

I approached them and asked if there had been any trouble, they answered that it was merely Friday night and it was routine to have police in the mall late on a Friday. I gave them my card and thanked them and headed to the counter when I spotted the owner of this Chick-Fil-A (he looked VERY young, or maybe I’m just old).

Although he choose not to be interviewed he did tell me that business had been generally up since the start of the protests.

My son and I then got in line to order at this point mall security approached me.

They informed me that members of the press were not allowed and that no interviews and pictures could be taken, I told them I had already taken three but I would of course respect their wishers as I was on private property. As a demonstration of good will I removed the batteries from my camera.

Unfortunately at this point the line at the Chick-Fil-A got much longer so we had to wait a bit to order. Both of us had the spicy chicken sandwich. I had the lemonade and he had Dr. Pepper. I ordered some food for the Radio show tomorrow (and a $10 gift card to give away!) and we sat down to eat.

I found the sandwich better than the last time, likely because unlike Nashua I ate the spicy sandwich at once but in fairness I still think the Wendy’s spicy Chicken slightly edges it on taste.

The Lemonade was however the best anywhere, the owner kindly brought me a re-fill as well and I noticed he took the time to talk to many customers. He seemed really on the ball.

I noticed a pair of ladies sitting three tables away, they were heavy tattooed and seemed to get more and more angry as the lines at the Chick-Fil-A continued to grow. As we ate I noticed a collection of people making a point to pass by observing, they were invariably pierced and seemed to grow nervous as they watched security and security watched them back.

Meanwhile as I finished my food and my son took off to Gamestop I ran into a fellow from Mass Resistance, we had a pleasant chat. He noted the place was absolutely mobbed on Wednesday. As he was not identified as media he was planning to stay. I also called Karen at the Lonely Conservative, Smitty and Bill Jacobson to report what I had seen so far.

Around 7:15 p.m. after my son got back security approached me again asking me to leave. They said I had carried myself as a gentlemen but they really couldn’t allow me to stay as I had finished my meal and other press had not been allowed. We shook hands and my son and I decided to do one lap in the mall. As we left the food court I noted two tables just outside the area. There were about 30 people in them and I noted they and security were keeping a close eye on each other. I surmised they were planning to launch their protest before or at 8. As we walked the mall I told my son:

“If I were them I’d have a small disturbance at the other end of the mall to draw away security and then make my move before the scheduled 8 p.m. time.”

As we completed our lap and neared the food court by the escalator that we came in from I noted a security guard leaving the area, it was about 7:45 when suddenly a chant came out: “Hey Hey , ho ho, Homophobia has got to go.” I also noted people with signs duct taped to their chest with a single with page calling Chick-Fil-A “hate chicken”. They were quickly surrounded by security at this point and continued chanting as they were escorted from the mall.

I had a dilemma, I had given my word to the mall folks not to take pictures (although the protesters were) so being the shy withdrawn type I lifted up my Chick-Fil-A bag with tomorrow’s food in it and started chanting back.

“Hey hey , ho ho, Christophobia has got to go.”

For some odd reason this expression of the same first amendment rights they were exercising didn’t sit will with them.

At this point my son and I started exiting the mall, I did a loop around the place to see if we could find where they had been booted out. As I didn’t spot them and had to be up early I started heading for 128.

And just as I was at a point where I was committed to the highway, my son spotted the protesters in the Barns and Noble across the street with a NECN truck.

Although tempted to do a Stacy McCain and attempt a U turn through traffic I hit the highway and looped back at around 80 or so. within 14 min (8:15) I arrived at the parking lot, got out of the car and while my son went to check Barnes and nobile I approached the protesters.

They were still not happy to see me.

In fact they attempted to block me from taking pictures.

Arrugh a fedora! Keep AWAY!

Oddly enough they seemed to have no problem giving interviews to others

This was passing strange, I was a single person, outnumbered at least 10-1. They had protested publicly and in fact were seeking attention yet for some reason they were unwilling to answer my questions.

I couldn’t understand, after all didn’t they believe in what they had said? Could it be in the state that fathered gay marriage the brave denouncers of “bigots” could not formulate an answer to any question not spoon fed?

I pondered the question;

YES: they had only drawn 30 people at a huge mall close to Boston in the state where Gay Marriage was supposedly the strongest.

YES: more people had eaten at Chick-Fil-A in 10 minutes than they had been able to draw.

YES: the weakness of their movement compared to the hundreds of thousands who showed up on Wednesday was apparent.

YES: they weren’t used to tough questions…

…but surely this could not be the reason why I scared them so Surely this alone could not cause these brave protesters to flee before a single blogger with a camera?

Then it hit me. I remembered all the people i had seen that evening near the protesters. There WAS one unique difference between me and all the others. I was the only person in the entire area, both at the mall and at the parking lot who approached them in a Fedora!

As I left for home with my son and our Chick-Fil-A I felt sorry for these poor people. First the scourge of AIDS had decimated the gay community 30 years ago, and now a new malady had reared it’s ugly head, a malady confined to the brave protesters undaunted by their poor numbers and inability to get live media coverage in the mall. A malady called Fedoraphobia!

What a shame, if it hadn’t been for fedoraphobia, these brave protesters could have managed a 3 minute interview and had the chance to make their points and my work would have been done. Instead Fedora phobia caused them to run away like Sir Robin before the three headed giant.

Worse of all it had been caught on camera. And all those who would see it would think it cowardice when in reality they had been struck by a new and horrible illness of which there is no known cure.

Oh the AGONY!

Update: Instalanche. Thanks Glenn for taking steps to combat the dread disease of Fedoraphobia. BTW for comparative purposes here is a video from Wednesday of the line at Chick-Fil-A

Update 2: No signs of Fedoraphobia nationwide but it looks like the Chick-Fil-A protests nationally laid an egg, or at least would have if there were more people and not advocating a lifestyle that doesn’t produce eggs.

Via American Freedom by Barbara


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Remember if you’re a protester an on-camera interview is a terrible thing to waste!

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It is axiomatic that excessive regulation is not good for business as it increases the cost of goods for the people.

It’s also axiomatic that the general public has absolutely no idea how much they are actually being taxed and what it does to the cost of every good they buy.

Problem: How can we inform the country of the actual tax burden they are paying without putting an undue burden on industry, using
Marx Oxner has a creative solution:

When I’m elected to Congress, I’ll work with my colleagues to draft and introduce the Truth in Taxation Act. The Truth in Taxation Act will task a non-partisan agency (such as the Government Accounting Office) to calculate the entire federal tax burden that makes up the price of individual products. The legislation will then require that information to be printed upon the labels of those products or on sales receipts.

In exactly the same way that federal law now requires certain products to provide nutrition information, we should require those same products to be labeled with taxation information.

That way, taxpayers can see how much they pay in taxes every time they go to the store. It will make them mad. Every bill they receive – from utilities to carpet cleaning – will make then even madder.

So if the government raises taxes on business, the American people will instantly see where their costs on goods and services increase. No longer will progressives be able to cloak their tax increases on business from the ones who ultimately pay those taxes – the American consumer.

Now personally I think that eventually people would “tune out” said labels but the thought of such a thing should put the fear of God into those who have never seen a “tax or fee” increase they didn’t like.

It’s worth a shot.


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As regular readers and listeners know my goal is to make a viable business out of the radio show and blog earning money from advertisers and readers willing to pay for what I say.

There are however many who do this who have ambitions to becomes players in the MSM. For the benefit of those who have that goal,these three stories can tell you what the MSM is looking for.

#1 Harry Reid or “I’ve got a secret”

Forget any “journalism” class you might have taken. It is vital to get the Harry Reid accusations out there. So what you want to do is initially report the story, when the public critiques the I’ve been told by somebody business talk about how terrible the story is, then blame Michelle Bachmann for Harry Reid Tactics while deploring them.

But no matter how much deploring or breast beating you do, remember:

1.  Stress Reid’s charges

2.  And repeat that the best solution to these charges is to release the tax return.

Remember those two rules and you’ll be fine.


#2.  Black Pastors vs Obama or “You’ve got a secret”

Yeah I know these are black Ministers, yes I know the idea of African-Americans publicly calling Obama “Judas” sounds like news and yes I know you Really want to call these guys a bunch of racists but this is NOT a story to be reported.  Any suggestion that any black person not specifically marked by MSM as evil IE:  (Allen West, Clarence Thomas) might be racist would hurt Obama’s re-election chances and if we broadcast this and without calling them racist not only would upset the left Gay Audience but could convince some black voters it is OK to stay home or vote against Obama.  We PARTICULARLY can’t allow the repeat of the charge comparing keeping out Chick-Fil-A to keeping Blacks out of lunch counters.

Pass this one by  until the day before the election, that way it comes out too late to have an effect on voters plus you can say with a straight face you DID reported on the story.


#3.  Chick-Fil-A appreciation vs the kiss in or “Can’t keep this secret”

This is the toughest of the three.  We don’t want to overplay the massive turnout of the Chick-Fil-A appreciation day, too many people saw the photos online or saw the lines in passing where they live.  The trick is to report it on OUR terms.

The solution? Wait until the “Kiss-In” today and then report them as a point vs counterpoint.  Make sure you stress the equivalence of the two events, make sure you cover the “Kiss-In” in an area with a large gay population so you can count on at least one location with a big turn out and compare THAT location to a long line elsewhere Wednesday.  Under no circumstances do you report on the relative numbers.  You must make sure these events are perceived as drawing exactly the same while stressing Wednesday is about “Bigotry” vs “Rights” & “Inclusion”.

Follow these simple rules and you will signal to the MSM you are one of them and that’s the first step on your way to a MSM gig.


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