Neal Rauhauser: SUCKER

Although Stacy McCain hasn't been on the Neal Rauhauser / Brett Kimberlin kick exclusively anymore his large body of work has had an effect. We have a letter signed by over 80 members of congress, other candidates on both sides of the aisle questioned on the issue, federal suits in the works etc etc etc. … Continue reading Neal Rauhauser: SUCKER

I predict Tim Pawlenty will be Mitt Romney’s VP pick

I don't usually do this but I predict Gov Mitt Romney will select Gov Tim Pawlenty as his VP on the GOP ticket. Here is why it will not be Paul Ryan The only chance Obama has is a base election. He needs to depress an energized GOP base and energize the Democrat base, Paul … Continue reading I predict Tim Pawlenty will be Mitt Romney’s VP pick

Chick-Fil-A/Starbucks a sly move …

Today I woke up to the news that some LGBT activists have decided to launch a Starbucks Appreciation Day since their attempts at Chick-Fil-A protests were as the LA Times put it: "more subdued" as opposed to those who live in reality land that called it: "a dismal failure" Still a positive move is smarter … Continue reading Chick-Fil-A/Starbucks a sly move …

Demoralized as Hell: $$$ & High Risk Gambles Edition

He took long chances but he took them because he had to. If Grant had not had superior numbers, he might have taken chances as long as Lee took. Shelby Foote Ken Burns The Civil War 1990 Two pieces of news came out today that are related First comparative dollar amounts, let's start with Mitt … Continue reading Demoralized as Hell: $$$ & High Risk Gambles Edition