We’ve talked a bit of Tina Brown in the past and her nearly infinite capacity to lose people’s moment at a rate even faster than Obama can spend it.

The investors can expect to lose a crapload of cash in the process. The New Yorker reportedly lost $42 million in three years (1995-97) under Ms. Brown’s editorship. Talk lost an impressive $80 million during its two-year existence. Whatever else you might say about Tina Brown, she’s undeniably brilliant at convincing investors to lose money on her projects.

Even if some on the left didn’t even mind the loss

Does it not occur to you, my clever readers, that these are not merely business losses, but are in fact a sort of charitable endeavor to support the propagation of fashionable liberalism?

because it makes them part of the club:

when people invest in Tina Brown, their return is to be part of that “In” crowd. To be invited to the party, to be able to say to people: “Oh yes I was at that event with Tina, we met Bernard Henri-Levy and we had a marvelous time.”

It’s all about being a member, Invest in Tina Brown and you can hobnob with the great,

Until with losses of 10+ mil a year:

OK, if $30 million is an “excessive” estimate of their 2011 losses, but nobody’s arguing with estimates of $10 million of red ink a year, isn’t it a fair guess that Tina has pissed away at least $50 million in the past four years, including about a million a month since the merger?

people finally said enough:

After Tuesday’s announcement that the Harman family was pulling back from its “investment” (Sidney Harman bought Newsweek for $1 in 2010), this required some explanation from Barry Diller, whose IAC conglomerate holds the controlling interest in Tina Brown’s red ink empire.

But now something totally unexpected has happened, something that could shake the entire paradigm of the Tina Brown:”How to become rich and famous on other people dimes”™….

…An issue of Newsweek has, wait for it, made money!

The early read on sales suggests the issue could double Newsweek’s newsstand average, MagNet said. It’s also on track to land among the title’s top three newsstand sellers since 2010, according to MagNet data.

And not just on the newsstand, it was a MONSTER for downloads too.

“All reports indicate the August 27th issue was a strong performer both in print at the newsstand and on tablet,” the spokesman said.

IPad edition downloads on the issue’s first day were 4.3 times higher than usual, the spokesman said

And Tina Brown is, quite naturally, taking a bow.

“The Newsweek cover is a place for robust debate and that’s clearly what excites readers too,” Ms. Brown said Thursday in a statement provided by the spokesman.

There’s just one tinny tiny problem. The issue that made the profit had a cover with the title:

Hit the Road Barack, Why we need a new president now.

Mind you, the issue wasn’t all anti-Barack all the time, it was pretty much the cover and the cover-story, the rest of it was pretty much the same Newsweek pablum it always is.

But it matters not, the entire left side of Tina Brown’s universe was absolutely outraged by both the cover and the piece. The angels who have invested so much time and money for the sake of Newsweek’s ideological purity (that’s why Newsmax’s bid was rejected) are not likely to be willing to see more of this kind of thing.

But it made money, Tina Brown did something outside of her normal box, and it actually made money.

The question is What Now? History points to two paths

On January 5th 1971 the Washington Generals broke their eternal losing streak beating the Harlem Globetrotters 100-99 in overtime ending a losing streak of 2,495 games. They have not repeated that feat since.

Two centuries earlier and half a world away on April 1st 1572 a group of Dutch Pirates known as the “Sea Beggers” Captured the town of Briel in the then Spanish province of the Netherlands. Although “officially” they sailed under a letter of Marque from the Prince of Orange, they pretty much were pirates pretending to be patriots. They had never taken a town before and only tried because of a lack of provisions, (The English had banned them from their ports). The plan had been to take what they needed and go but with no port to operate of of William de la Marck consulted his captains for their opinion, it was unanimous as historian Marvin Albert put it in his 1957 book Broadsides & Boarders:

The taking of Briel had transformed them from pirates pretending to be patriots into real patriots, from wandering exiles to freedom fighters standing on their own soil for the first time in years.

Now imagine you are Tina Brown, you’ve got a rep as a part of the Global “In” crowd but you’ve never really managed to make a business work, you’ve succeeded in getting people to finance your lifestyle but as a publisher you’ve never actually “succeeded”…

…and then this happens.

It creates buzz, it creates controversy and it creates something you haven’t seen before PROFITS!

What if, just imagine, what if you could do this again, and again, and AGAIN? What if inverters didn’t decide to give you money because they wanted to use you to be cool, to advance their agenda, to prop you up for their own purposes, what if they decided they to invest in you because they believed in your ability to succeed?

And you KNOW if would work, you could have conservative covers on a regular basis, have one or two a month, keep the rest of the mag liberal and appeal to BOTH sides of the aisle, create buzz, maybe even turn the mag into a print & internet version of Crossfire with a regular feature of two of your writers going at it online.

Could you do it, could you really do it? Haven’t you, Tina Brown wondered deep inside if this is possible? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that sans all the angels, you could stand on your own two feet?

Or is it just too comfortable to take the money and not worry about success, after all it’s hard work and it never stops.

Before today, Tina Brown, this wasn’t a problem, but now you know what works, you’ve seen it work, you know it CAN work.

Who will you be Tina Brown? Will you be your own women or a kept woman for the left? Will you be the Dutch Sea Begger declaring your independence from your ideological chains, change from being a faux journalist to being a real one? Will you like the De la Marek declare your independence and hold the line against the inevitable counterattack …

…or will you be the Washington Generals, getting one win because nobody was paying attention and the next time dutifully and submissively never making that mistake again?

It’s up to you, may God grant you the wisdom & strength of Character to make the right choice.

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