“Democrats know how to throw a Convention?” REALLY?

I woke up a little later that normal today and DaWife who has really been pushing herself lately was asleep so I went downstairs before turning the TV just in time to see Mika say “Democrats know how to throw a convention.”

Really Mika, REALLY?

I checked the networks at 7 a.m. They went straight to the Clinton speech, Today lead with Clinton , CBS lead with Clinton and ABC lead with a Hurricane ad did CNN and of course MSNBC stuck with Clinton.

Now lets look at memeorandum this morning as of 6:55 EST today I have four screen shots:

#1 is long so you can see the time label Here is #2

Here is screen shot #3

Screen shot #4

15 Segments on the God stuff leading Memeorandum, and then three short Clinton things.

Morning Joe may want to pretend it didn’t happen, CNN, NBG, ABC and CBS might want to pretend the Clinton Speech is the news of the morning, but Memeorandum doesn’t like. The headline today is Still the God stuff.

That 3 min video will be shared across facebook, twitter and everywhere else, it’s short enough for people to see easily, If I’m the RNC or an independent expendature group, it’s an ad running in Ohio, Florida, Michigan, even NJ and at every black Church.

Mika says the Dems know how to throw a convention. Watch this video one more time.

And tell me why I’m wondering today if it’s possible to have a negative bounce from a convention.

Update: I missed Morning Joe saying it was no big deal, but Newsbusters was up before me

If Mark Halperin weren’t keenly aware that he was about to try to whitewash a huge vulnerability for the Democrats, why would he have prefaced his remark with the disclaimer that he and others weren’t showing liberal bias by claiming it was no big deal?

I’m with Podhordtz

Clinton did change the subject a bit from the catcalls at the inclusion of God and Jerusalem in the Democratic platform, and for that, he did his president and his party a considerable service.

Still, those lunatic boos are more likely to stick in the memory, and to pop up in ads, than will Clinton’s speech.

Update 2: Rob Eno from Red Mass Group e-mails about yesterday’s convention:

Elizabeth Warren gets better reception than God

Update 3: CBS asked the question

Yup nothing to see here, but at least they asked.

Update 4: To our friends on the left who INSIST yesterday at the DNC was a success

I offer this image from YouTube.

It doesn’t matter what Morning Joe or CNN or anyone else does, if this video from the DNC has over 106,000 views in under 17 hours this is HUGE trouble.

Update 5: Roger Simon says the boos were against the Jews not against God and remarks:

So we come again to the age-old question: Will Jews finally stop their slavish devotion to the Democratic Party and vote in their own interest? Cynics in my readership often wave this off as an impossibility. To them I say, we are at a significant moment in our nation’s history and your cynicism isn’t very useful. It is self-fulfilling prophecy and I don’t care if you are right. It’s time to put negativity aside, all of us, and do everything we can to wake up our friends, neighbors, and relatives. We have to do that without rancor or self-righteousness. For anyone to change the tradition of a lifetime is difficult and highly threatening. I know it was for me. But it also can be even more invigorating and renewing once you walk through that ominous wall.

As frightening as it could be in one sense, what happened at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday could be a gift, an opportunity to effectuate some change in the Jewish community. Even a small amount could have considerable significance in the obvious states. Make sure everyone you know sees the convention video. Email it everywhere. It’s appended above for your convenience. (By the way, mentioned not once in Bill Clinton’s speech? Israel. I wonder why.)

I didn’t pick up Clinton didn’t mention Israel advantage Simon!

Update 6: If Erick Erickson FINALLY gets it then I think the Democrats might have finally put the race beyond their ability to come back.